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Is Levitra the only solution to ED?

You might assume that overcoming erectile dysfunction is as easy as taking a pill and dancing with your lover around the bedroom in a few minutes. However, it is not that easy, and it can cost you a big buck. For instance, one blue pill costs around $15. Unfortunately, you won’t get insurance for such costs, even though most men, who reach 65 years of age undergo ED.

Around 30 millions of men in the US suffer ED. Almost one third of males in their 50s are undergoing it, and even more do when they get over 60.

If you think that taking Viagra two times a week is the best solution, you could end up spending about $1,500 per year. In case you are lucky enough to get the coverage for your medicines, you will have a bill with around $500 costs. And the most discouraging thing is that most of the ED drugs don’t work well for nearly half of men, who undergo it.

However, there are other medications for the dysfunction. Some of which can turn out being even more affordable then the widely known medicines. The fact is that there are no men, who can’t be helped with their erectile dysfunction.

At first, it’s necessary to visit a doctor that is specialized in ED and let him check your general health condition. In case your primary doctor can’t recommend you anything, you can always address the Sexual Medicine Society and inquire a medical referral.

Often, ED is the symptom of some problem like hypertension or diabetes. As a matter of fact, among younger males, erectile troubles are frequently the first signs of cardiovascular disorder. Young men can suffer erectile problems up to three years prior to a stroke or heart attack.

That is because blood-plate will begin to hinder the small penis arteries before the larger coronary arteries. The physician will try to define if your erectile dysfunction is the consequence of a psychological matter, in case of which they will advise you to refer to a specialist. In dependence with your policy, your underwriter might cover a particular number of visits. Thus, you would have to pay a closer attention to this issue.

When you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will be able to better your overall health and recover your erectile functioning.

In a recent research on ED and the risk of its development, Italian researchers concluded that the males might better their erectile abilities by losing their weight, bettering their diets, and doing more frequent physical exercises. After 2 years of perceptible changes in the lifestyle, 58% of men showed normal erectile abilities, in accordance to the research, which was posted in the January issues of Journal of Sexual Medicine.

However, changes in your lifestyle might be hard to make and might take months before taking effect. During this period, your physician will possibly prescribe a PDE-5 inhibitor, like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. These medicines improve the nitric oxide effects, which help to augment flow of blood to the penis. These three drugs work in the same manner, but distinguish in the periods they need for effect and how long it lasts.

This is, probably the best solution in such condition. You may consider to order Levitra online, which is not a bad decision at all, since when you want to buy cheap Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis, Internet is the best way to save on your costs and receive a quality product.

The significant thing you have to remember is that if these inhibitors don’t work for you, you shouldn’t give up. In 40% of cases, it is the patient’s mistake, which causes the medicine to fail in its effect. Carefully follow the doctor’s instructions and you will work all things out.

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