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Is Your Health a Healthy Option?

If nobody is willing to take you on the insurance plan or you can’t get any type of coverage due to your health condition such as heart attacks, strokes, epilepsy or other serious illnesses you should not give up. Don’t think this is the end of the world and please do not feel left alone or useless. There is just some other variant waiting outside the door for you. But, as a matter of fact, before you get used to some other idea of “insurance” substitution you should know that if you stay for 63 days without any type of insurance it will be very problematic to get one afterwards. Here are some plans that you may use but please read carefully as there are not insurance!!! Plans with discounts: Insurances can hit your wallet with a wooden stick if you are not careful about them. That is why these so-called plans with discounts started to appear. You can get info on the plans with discounts of insurance company’s websites as they are known to satisfy needs of every client they have. Anybody will find something suitable for himself there.

Get your consultation daily on internet’s best websites dedicated to insurance and health. But let us introduce you to what is named: plan with discounts. This plan will never pay for hospital – so don’t even count on it. But you will receive your discount – from 20 to 60% off the original payment you are supposed to make for it. Some plans will even offer you a discount as big as 80% so that definitely helps. But don’t get happy before you find out more precisely about these discounts and how you can receive them. It is important to talk to your doctor about this plan. Healthcare institutions always have their own staff that is willing to help you with any of your questions so do not hesitate to ask anything you like. These insurance plans are not your regular insurance but they can substitute it good though won’t work together with a real insurance. Indemnity plans: These plans are to be paid at the event of an accident or some misfortune that happened to you. It doesn’t have to be something serious but regular illness and hospitalization may count as well. What one has to know about this insurance “substitution” is that there is a premium that you have to pay that will surely cover all of the members of your family.

If you suffered some case of sickness, you can file a claim and the company will compensate you, giving you the money back. Let’s view such an example – you were taken to hospital and it costs quite a lot. Let’s say it is 600 dollars per day but that is the treatment you need to receive. Most companies will do the following – they will show you the most they will pay for your treatment, giving you a chance to add to the sum from your own pocket. This is not good but that is the most they can do for you. Health insurance plans are always the best option but for those who cannot obtain such a plan there is always an alternative. What you must know is that it is easy to trip and fall into some trap with anything – whether it is health insurance, discount plan or indemnity plan. For you not to suffer a case like this please use resources or health insurance quotes to find out more. We wish you to stay healthy!

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