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Know The Medigap Insurance Plan Before Applying

After doing a Medicare you may have faced a problem and that is some medical expenses are not being covered by Medicare original policy. Now you can solve this problem with the help of an extraordinary and splendid plan. you can supplement your original Medicare insurance plan. And this plan is called medigap health insurance plan. It is very useful to have all the benefits of your Medicare plan. It will help you to get all the benefits of the previous plan. But you have to do the original first to claim all expenditures. It is called Medigap plan only because these plans cover up the gap between the Original Medicare policy coverage and the total bill payable therefore the name is like this. Now it should be told that all these types of medigap plans are administered by several private companies and sold by them only. No governmental body can handle this plan. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan then you will not get the benefits of a medigap health insurance plan.

In Medicare Advantage Plan the applicant will get much more benefits and have to pay lower co-payments than Medicare Part A and Part B. With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’re replacing your Medicare Part A and B coverage with coverage through a private insurance company. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, typically all of your Medicare-covered health care is provided through the Medicare Advantage Plan, and that may include coverage for prescription drugs. But if you do not have a Medicare Advantage Plan then you should take the advantages of a medigap insurance plan. The best time to buy Medigap insurance is during your Medigap open enrollment period, which is the six-month period that begins on the first day of the month in which you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part B. During this period, insurance companies cannot use medical underwriting, so they cannot refuse to sell you a Medigap policy, charge you more because of health problems or make you wait for coverage to start, except in some cases for pre-existing conditions. After the open enrollment period, Medigap insurance companies are generally allowed to use medical underwriting. Therefore, there is no guarantee they will sell you a policy.

There are total 12 plans which are available in market to cover your needs. According to the federal law, the companies can offer only 12 Medicare supplement insurance plans. And these plans are named from A through L and each plan provides different sets of benefits. In 2006 it has been clearly stated that the Medigap Plans H, I, and J, cannot be sold to people with prescription to drug benefits, although there is a lax of this rule for people who already have those plans and they can keep them.

You may consult with a medigap plan advisor and then request for a medigap plan. There is one option on which you can relay 100% and that is medigap California. This is such a medigap plan which is secured and worth of your money.

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