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Medical Insurance Plans in Virginia

It has been many years since Americans or residents of Virginia to be particular expected their health insurance to be provided by their employers. More often than not, medical insurance plans came as standard addendum with most job offers. No wonder that most of the residents of Virginia never worried about paying their doctors and medical care bills.

But how the scene has changed? Why residents of Virginia are looking to buy medical insurance plans from private companies?

Though the reasons could be purely personal, yet there is a huge contribution made by the rising costs of healthcare, which has driven many companies to cut short their budget on providing medical insurance plans to their employees. Even companies that are offering medical coverage to its employees are limiting the budget to provide only basic coverage. It is obvious that not everybody would want only a basic medical coverage provided—lots of individuals and families in Virginia has to rely on comprehensive medical coverage.

So, what are the options? How one can get medical insurance in Virginia? What are the options? Let’s discuss the types of plans available in Virginia. Below is a list of medical insurance plans that residents of Virginia can avail:

  • Virginia Individual health plans
  • Virginia group health plans
  • Virginia business health plans
  • Virginia small term medical plans
  • Virginia health money off cards
  • Virginia dental plans
  • Virginia HSA

Now, choosing a medical insurance plan depends entirely on the need of medical coverage that an individual or a family has. It should be properly understood that a medical insurance plan does not have any value if it does not suffice to the required medical coverage.

When talking about types of medical plans available in Virginia, there are three main options. Let’s discuss about them briefly:

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO): these types of medical plans are the most familiar form of managed care plans. As a member, you will be required to pay a fixed dollar amount, usually monthly. In this scheme, you will be paying a predetermined fee for each hospital visit, doctor, or emergency room visit, and for prescription drugs. Unlike paying the provider in full and obtaining a portion of the reimbursement later, HMOs work in the reverse direction eliminating the needs of file claims.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO): These types of plans are medical plans that provide higher reimbursement if you go to a “preferred” or “participating” provider. As a member, you choose who will provide you health services, but you will be paying less in out-of-pocket expenses with a participating provider than with a non-participating provider.

Point of Service (POS): these types of medical plans offer HMO enrolees the option of receiving services outside the HMO’s network unlike conventional HMO plans. In a POS medical plan, as an insured member, you get to choose whether to receive care from a healthcare provider within the plan’s network or to go out of the network for services.

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