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Medicare Supplementary Plans Have Some Standard Rules to Follow

Original Medicare plans are beneficiary for your future and for your health purpose. These plans promise you your better health and thus life and that is with minimal spending. This gives you a tension free life after 60. But if you want to take more benefit to your home then it would be better to have Medicare and Medicare supplementary both. It is because Medicare supplement plans are the supplementary health insurance policies that are needed to bridge the gap between the original Medicare policy coverage and the total medical bill payable. The Original Medicare always leaves behind some gaps and leaves the beneficiary to pay for it from their own pocket. And when the times come, no we do pray for the time never comes, but if the time comes then we will find that it is a big problem and you find it difficult to solve the problem. And that is it is always better to have Medicare supplementary plans or Medigap plans in which name it is better known. These two combined will solve your problem and you will get the maximum profit and benefits.

But you should always remember that you have to have a original Medicare policy before enrolling for a Medigap plan. It is mandatory that you have a Medicare original plan first and then have a Medicare supplementary plan. Medigap plan is not independent to original Medicare plan. It can not be sold independently. Even if you switch over to any other plan like Medicare Advantage plan from the original Medicare then also you shall not be able to use the benefits of the Medicare supplement plans. So you better first look at the terms and conditions and then go for a medigap policy. But if you have already a Medicare original plan then it is very easy to enroll for it without any trouble. So it is the primary eligibility criterion.

There are twelve standardized Medicare supplementary plans and these plans are sold and completely administered by the private insurance companies. The Medicare Supplement Plans had originally been standardized in 1992. And since then the Medicare Supplement Plans had primarily been the same. Since the year 1992 there had been the twelve standard Medicare Supplement Plans A through L. But now the situation is going to change and two new plans M and N are going to be introduced by June 1, 2010. It is to be remembered that though these policies are sold and administered completely by the private health insurance companies but still there are some basic rules that these companies are bound to follow. Each and every plan named after English alphabets offers different kind of benefits but all the private companies offering these medigap policies should set their policy according to one specific rule and that is as for example plan B should offer benefits that will match all the other companies medigap plan’s plan B and its core benefits. And that is its rule. But along with that it should also be remembered that the premium rates for these policies may vary from company to company.

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