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Medigap Insurance a Must For Securing Health

For health insurance you can do a Medicare health insurance policy. But for making it better you can do with this simultaneously a medigap insurance plan. It is perhaps known to all that the Medicare Plans leaves behind several gaps and does not pay for all the health care services that you may be in need of. Therefore instead of having an original Medicare plan you may feel the need of a Medicare Supplement Plan to meet the medical costs that the original Medicare program does not cover. For the better it should be informed that the Medicare Supplement Plans are sold and administered by the private insurance companies. But by the law the insurance companies can only offer 12 standard Medicare supplement plans, which are named A through L. each of these plans has a different set of benefits.

In medigap insurance plans there are numbers of policies and plans so you have to be very careful and attentive that you might get misled and choose another options and offers instead. The main reason behind this is you simply get confused because of these similarities. All the twelve plans have some common basic things to offer but at the end of the day you can find some impressing differs among them. Some basic benefits are always will be different. And if you want to get a Medigap plan, you need to know exactly what the plan offers so that you may not lose the deal. Along with that it is also to be mentioned that all the plans under the same letter covers the same benefits. No matter which company sells the plan all the benefits of a plan should be same as provided by the other companies. However the amount of insurance premium can vary.

Along with these there is another thing that is to be kept in mind and it is that Medigap policy is not in any way related to Medicare advantage plan. Medicare Advantage Plans like HMO or PPO plans are different from Medicare supplement plans. And this is because it is not a way to get Medicare benefits. Moreover, if you switch over from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage Plan, you no longer can use Medigap policy to cover deductibles, co-payments, or coinsurance under the Medicare Advantage Plan. And if you already have Medicare Advantage Plan, then it would be illegal for any insurance company to sell you a Medigap policy unless you switch back to Medicare Original Plan. Therefore it can be said that the Medicare Supplement Plans are directly linked to Original Medicare plan.

Moreover, the Medicare Supplement Plans are solely sold and administered by the private insurance companies but they are only allowed to sell 12 standard Medigap plans under the letter cover A through L. Each of these Medigap plans has different policy coverage but the benefits and coverage of the plans are the same under the same letter cover irrespective of the insurance company selling it. But the amount of premium may differ.

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