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Obligatory Insurance Of A Civil Liability

Everyone, even the most skilled driver can get into unpleasant situation on road in which he becomes the originator of road accident or he will appear a victim of someone else’s careless actions. Besides, that the car can be damaged it still can cause a damage to the third parties, for example, to drive into the pedestrian or to bend other car. Therefore the motorist pursues also risk of arrival. Insurance of a civil liability cover this risk for the automobile owners before the third parties.

And civil liability car insurance happens in two types: obligatory and voluntary. Conditions (tariffs, responsibility limits, volumes of payments) obligatory insurance has been established by Ministry. In obligatory auto insurance the size of the insurance sum is limited.

The basic advantage of voluntary auto insurance is a possibility most to define the size of the insurance sum. If the automobile owner wishes to be insured from material claims of the potential victim for a great sum (in panic he is afraid to drive into “Mercedes” and those expenditure which will be caused by this arrival) he can come to the insurance company, buy the policy of auto insurance and it will calm him down. After all it promises to compensate an amount of damage to everyone who will get to the owner of the policy under wheels. However, it is necessary to consider one nuance that these payments are possible only in that case when the owner of the policy is the originator of road accident.

Obligatory insurance of a civil liability is an obligatory kind of insurance protection of your responsibility which provides monetary indemnification of the damage put by you to the third party established by the legislation. Provides compensation of the harm caused to a life, health or property of the third parties as a result of road accident at vehicle operation. All owners of vehicles are obliged to insure own civil-law responsibility before the third parties.

Having bought the policy of auto insurance of obligatory insurance of a civil liability, you within the insurance sum decline all responsibility for a material damage which can put to a life and health, and also property of victims. After Law coming into force about the obligatory insurance of a civil liability is the system which guarantees to all participants of road and transport movement compensation of the harm put to a life, to health and property.

It is necessary to remember that the risk is not boundless. There is a so-called limit of responsibility which is defined by Law as a sum of money in which frameworks the insurer is obliged to spend payment of insurance compensation according to auto insurance treaty provisions. The size of the insurance sum in which limits payments will be made, is established according to the current legislation of each particular country.

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