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Sports Insurance – For Every Active Life

Mainstream insurance companies can, frankly, be a little unfair. One is urged to lead an active life; to participate in sport; to stay off the booze and generally keep fit. This, one is told, will promote health, happiness and a long life. Which really ought to be all to the good, as far as insurance companies are concerned. So, when one gets told that one’s participation in said sports could actually void one’s life insurance/health insurance, one feels, perhaps, a little ticked off. Well, un-tick and listen up, because there’s good news at the end of this particular annoying tunnel. Sports insurance, thanks to the egalitarian nature of the World Wide Web, is now readily available even for the enthusiastic amateur – which means his or her slavering insurance company now has no choice but to pay up when payment is due. Hooray!

One can understand the position of the bog standard insurer, of course. If the clients are off throwing themselves down ice-covered slopes, or charging around in the mud with a lot of enormous men, for example, then it’s only logical that standard premiums might not do the trick any more. One can’t take out personal injury insurance and then dive into a boxing ring against a 19 stone Neanderthal: it just doesn’t work. The unfair bit comes when one considers that, without sports insurance, a personal injury policy may not pay out for the sports man or woman even when he or she is nowhere near the sport of his or her choice. Effectively, if he or she routinely does get in the ring with a 19 stone ape, then he or she may not be covered for, say, slipping on an icy pavement and rupturing a disc – even if the aforementioned gorilla is nowhere to be seen and there isn’t a pair of boxing gloves in sight.

Companies like Lockton Sports, who have made a very special name for themselves by brokering insurance deals for all sorts of sports, at all levels of competition and involvement, are now publically available for the average man or woman in the street. That means that sports insurance designed by professionals and negotiated by the top men and women in the game can be bought by anyone – and that, in turn, means that normal insurance policies have to pay out when they ought. No common or garden insurer, be he or she however so picky, can baulk at full cover against any eventuality for the sport a person is regularly involved in. The message is clear. If one’s private life (or professional life, for that matter) involves leaping into the squared circle and going 10 rounds with a chap who looks like a freight train – get the right sports insurance and protect the rest of one’s accident liability. Properly covered, a person can do anything without fear that his or her actions will nullify a normal insurance policy.

The only way to be properly covered, of course, is to go to a sports insurance provider that knows what it is about. Choose a professional company that routinely insures actual athletes as well as Sunday leaguers. That way, there’s no room for error: and, with insurance, that’s exactly the kind of margin a person needs.

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