July 2021
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The Health Care Reform And Impacts

Americans are concerned with insurance and healthcare more than they ever have been. Statistics display that when deciding whether or not to accept a job the most vital factor that individuals consider is what if any type of policies benefits are offered. This is more important than how much the job pays, or how much vacation time is offered. The recession has forced some small corporations as well as some bigger corporations to make drastic cuts in expenses. They have to opt between laying off an employee, and dropping their health benefits.

Some small businesses owners have even had to drop their own benefits as well. However neither decision is a good one. One would even consider it like selecting between the lesser of the two evils. If a firm selects to lay off some of their employees go in order to cut expenses that will increase the work load of the remaining workers. Statistics indicate that increased work load will hire the stress lever, and lower the quality of work which increases the chance of getting hurt on the job.

However, if the agency drops the workers insurance, then the employee can either have to take their chances and hope never to get sick, or pay for their own personal coverage which is extremely expensive. With the new health reform, business and businesses are now being offer substantial tax breaks if they continue to pay for coverage coverage for their professionals. This has decreased the number of companies dropping their policies, and cutting jobs.

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