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The History And Origins of Health Insurance Georgia

In the 19th century, disability insurance came about, under the name of “accident insurance.” This is where health insurance Georgia policies came from. When modern medicine began, in the 1920s, hospitals and doctors started being able to reliably treat disease and illness. They then started charging more than most people could pay. This is how the need for health insurance Georgia plans came about. A hospital in Dallas created a system to help individuals cover the hospital costs. This primitive system became like what health insurance Georgia plans are now. Actually, the system created by the Dallas hospital became the Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance Georgia company. At that time, they were a nonprofit company.

Then, in the 1940s, private health insurance Georgia companies came around, during the war, to help businesses recruit employees by offering them health insurance Georgia plans, along with compensation. This led to a growth in health insurance policies. Before there was health insurance Georgia plans, people had to pay for every service out of their own pockets. This is called fee-for-service. During the first half of the 20th century, health insurance Georgia HMO plans were originated.

Georgia has fairly traditional health insurance Georgia policies like most other states in the United States of America. The significant exception is California. They have an office devoted to helping people get the best care possible. California is also one of the only states that has a government department to oversee and regulate health insurance plans. Approximately 82% of Georgia residents have health insurance Georgia plans. Approximately 87% of Californians have some form of health insurance.

California has been much more aggressive about health care reform, under Governor Schwarzenegger’s leadership. In the state of Georgia, there has not been as much of an emphasis on changing the current health insurance Georgia system. There has been a lot of work done about developing health insurance Georgia plans that will provide coverage to children under the age of 21. There are three health insurance Georgia companies that have plans for children that are subsidized by the government. There are committees in place, though, to try to reform the health insurance Georgia system. However, Georgia is one of only a few states that does not have a health insurance Georgia risk pool, which protects people who cannot get health insurance Georgia coverage at all due to chronic illness or poor health.

So Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the original health insurance carriers, and now they are one of the health insurance Georgia providers. They have been around since 1920s, as have many other of the health insurance Georgia plan carriers here in the state. Health insurance Georgia plans have been around for a long time, and will continue to be around, even though the manner in which they are presented may be reformed. At this time, most Americans still want health insurance Georgia plans to come from the private market, and not from the government. Some people believe that government health insurance would not be as affordable, convenient and efficient as the private health insurance Georgia plans we get from private market insurance companies.

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