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Valley Fever

Valley Fever is the accepted name for the disease called coccidioidomycosis caused by the fungus Coccidioides immitis.

The necessary things to understand when learning about this disease are its cause, what is being done to prevent and cure it, its prevalence, and risk factors. This paper has been assembled to address these issues regarding Valley Fever. This paper focuses on four main stakeholders in this Valley Fever epidemic, the medical industry, infected individuals and insurance companies, infected animals and construction companies.

Medical Industry

Valley Fever is a respiratory disease caused by airborne fungi spores from Coccidioides immitis that enter and grow inside the lungs and cause infections. About 60% of the people do not realize that they have this disease because it can cause no recognizable symptoms and can only be positively identified by a skin test. The 40% of the remaining population can secure collected to severe symptoms.

Once a body is infected, Valley Fever will point to up in one of three forms acute, chronic, or disseminated. Some of the forms are more rare then others. Depending on the perform that Valley Fever takes, the severity of the effects on the body and how hazardous it can be will vary.

With this accomplish, healthcare providers often watch ulcers and skin lesions, painful lesions in the skull and spine or bones, and painful, swollen joints. This is a life threatening perform and can cause death if not treated correctly. It can cause brain harm as well and can affect the brain/mental spot of the person.

Infected Individuals & Insurance Companies

The role of infected persons or those that acquire a fresh vulnerability to the disease is top priority on the decision-maker’s list. Each year, thousands of people are diagnosed with Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona alone.

According to the ADHS, the following are some of the most alarming facts that were discovered from the interviews:

* People missed an average of 1 month of work, for a total of 4,918 days

* People with Valley Fever could not fabricate daily activities for an average of 3 months or a total of 92 years

* People with the disease waited an average of 44 days before seeking healthcare

* Patients saw their doctors three times before they were tested for Valley Fever

* There were $86 million dollars in hospital charges for Valley Fever in 2007

Infected Animals

Valley Fever does not only affect people but it is now more commonly being found in animals. Animals are unbiased as likely to regain Valley Fever as humans are.

The treatments for Valley Fever for animals has become better and better over time. The come in technology has allowed for veterinarians to be able to detect Valley Fever at a less arrive stage. The early stage that Valley Fever is caught at allows for a better chance of survival of animals infected with the fungus.


Construction companies are required by residence and federal law to implement a diligent anguish to control dust pollution. If at any time violations are committed, these companies will be subject a fines and penalties. The main pickle is that construction companies have to follow strict regulations on their dust production.


There are a few steps that can be taken in order to lop the number of cases of Valley Fever. As well as promoting early detection, public awareness of the disease could also relieve crop the number of cases. Public awareness of Valley Fever would gash the number of cases by providing the people with knowledge of its causes and ways to avoid exposure to the Coccidioides immitis spores. The second step that should be taken is a national focus on research in vaccines and cures for this disease. From this case explore it is definite that contracting this disease could potentially be very costly. The financial burden will then be on either the infected individual themselves or on the position in some circumstances.

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