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Veterinary Pet Insurance | Dental Insurance | Petsecure | Angie Mitchell

With Petsecure pet health insurance, you can use any licensed veterinarian in Canada and can visit and claim at multiple veterinary clinics – the choice of who should care for your important pet is completely yours. Petsecure offers up to 80% coverage for all approved claims for dog insurance.

Petsecure is a wholly owned and operated Canadian veterinary pet insurance company which offers pet insurance in Canada. It is one of the largest and oldest companies in the field.

“My cat went in for a routine dentistry, mostly some plaque build up, nothing too serious. My vet had urged me to switch to the new Petsecure from Pet Plan so that the dental would be covered. I was hesitant, thinking they only covered accidents (which my plan didn’t cover, I was on the standard) but I made the switch to Secure 2 which gave me $400 towards dental. The clinic faxed the claim through for me last Monday evening and low and behold, a cheque for $400 came to my door last night!!!!! The total for the dentistry was $580, but my plan covered up to $400. I was thrilled! They didn’t even remove deductible from it. Sweet deal.” – RHS

Pets’ mouths are biologically similar to humans. Their teeth are susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up and bacterial infections. A significant bacterial infection growing under the gums can damage the structural tissues (gum and bone) that hold teeth in place. This is called periodontal disease, and the pet should receive the appropriate treatment from a veterinarian. If a tooth has been cracked or chipped, bacteria may migrate deeper into the surrounding tissues and cause inflammation or an abscess. In some cases, abscessed teeth require extraction.

There is a price to pay for overlooking a pet’s dental health—and it’s more than the high cost of a dental cleaning. Your pet’s mouth can be the gateway to more serious health issues: excessive tartar, tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral abscesses can lead to other major medical conditions involving the heart, liver and kidneys.

To prevent serious health problems, pet owners should have their pets’ oral and dental health evaluated by a veterinarian regularly. The most effective preventive treatment for dental disease is a professional teeth cleaning. Only with a professional cleaning is a veterinarian able to fully assess an animal’s dental health, take X-rays as needed, scale bacteria and tartar off of tooth surfaces as well as from under the gum line, polish and perform more advanced procedures if necessary. Having pet dental insurance is a wise choice in any situation.

I think that being a Canadian myself, it is comforting to find a Canadian owned and operated business that is able to provide veterinary pet insurance.


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