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What To Do If You Lose Your Health Insurance, Georgia Resident

The state of Georgia has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States. That is a lot of people who are currently without regular full-time salary. This number of people may also no longer get their health insurance Georgia benefits through their place of employment.

COBRA law was put into effect in 1985 to require employers to allow employees to continue to receive health insurance benefits. However, employees have to pay for their own monthly premiums. And often, the group plan they were enrolled in, as part of their compensation package, is too expensive to pay out of pocket, when you are out of a job. Group health insurance Georgia plans are often more expensive than similar individual plans because the health insurance carrier has to accept every enrolled employee, regardless of their current health condition. Because insurance companies choose who they approve for individual coverage, health insurance Georgia individual plans are often more affordable than group plans.

Unemployed persons who are currently using COBRA to continue their group plan coverage may be better served by researching all the different health insurance Georgia products offered in the state. There are several large health insurance Georgia companies with products, specifically geared towards Georgia residents. These are very affordable options with low co-payments and low deductibles, and affordable, reasonable monthly premium. And often, they are at a lesser cost than what it would cost to continue making COBRA payments.

Health Insurance Georgia Plans Come in many Shapes and Sizes

For example, Coventry Healthcare has some of the most affordable health insurance Georgia plans in the state of Georgia. But United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield also have very reasonable health insurance Georgia plans. You can choose from a high deductible, low premium health insurance Georgia plan, if you hardly ever need to visit doctors, but want a health insurance Georgia policy in case of an unexpected illness or injury. If you have a young baby, you would probably want a low co-payment health insurance Georgia plan, even if the premium is higher, because you will be taking the baby for check-ups every few months.

Some of the health insurance Georgia companies have interactive tools to help you choose the best plan. Some of the companies have hundreds of health insurance Georgia policies and plans for you to look at. If that is too many, then use one of their interactive tools to help you narrow down the policies. Some of the interactive tools help you decide which health insurance Georgia plan is best for you by determining the stage of life you are in. Another option for narrowing down the health insurance Georgia plans is to speak to a customer service representative for a licensed, independent insurance broker in order that they do all of the research and then just show you the best four or five health insurance Georgia plan options. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to choose from four or five health insurance Georgia plans than to look at the hundreds of options out there. That can be a bit intimidating.

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