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You Want Affordable Group Health Insurance?

Looking for great affordable group health insurance for your small business or company? You are a conscientious business owner, and you want to be wise with your money. You are also a considerate business owner, and you want to provide affordable group health insurance for the healthcare needs of your employees. You know how important it is for people to have affordable group health insurance in the event that an unexpected illness or injury occurs. You also feel that your small business is part of you, and your employees are part of your family. You want to help provide them with affordable group health insurance and medical care. However, you think that it may be impossible to find affordable group health insurance.

The costs of being a business owner are high. Workers’ compensation insurance needs to be paid. Business taxes are high. The economy is struggling. It is important to keep an eye on the bottom line, and not go overboard with expenses. An affordable group health insurance plan is a necessity. You are also aware that, although like most business owners, you would like to pay the monthly premium on affordable group health insurance for all of your employees’ and their families, it may not be feasible. However, you know that your employees are willing to pay a portion of their premiums themselves, if it’s an excellent affordable group health insurance plan. Your employees are educated and knowledgeable, and they know that having affordable group health insurance is an invaluable part of their employment and compensation package.

In fact, for some of your employees, who may have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently in poor health, it would be almost impossible for them to get an individual policy. Therefore, being able to enroll in an affordable group health insurance plan, as part of the company group, is the only way they could even get health insurance. This is the most significant advantage of a small business affordable group health insurance plan.

Can your small business qualify for affordable group health insurance rates?

Most large insurance carriers have departments or divisions that are specifically geared towards helping you, the small business owner, find affordable group health insurance. In fact, a business with two or more employees, even if they are related, qualifies as a small business and is able to get small business affordable group health insurance rates. So don’t think that you need to have a huge corporation in order to provide affordable group health insurance for you and your employees. And there are tax breaks when you do subsidize your employees’ premiums. Be sure to check with your tax consultant for ideas on deductions and itemizing business expenses.

So, do your research, investigate different plans and rates for affordable group health insurance. Discuss with your employees what portion of the premiums they are able to pay. Discuss with your accounting department to determine what portion of affordable group health insurance premiums you are able to subsidize. Many companies pay for the employees’ premium, and the employee is then responsible to pay for the premium for the additional family members that are also enrolling in the affordable group health insurance plan. This seems like a fair system.

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