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You’re a Freelancer? Get Insured!

When you’re working as a freelancer, you’re not only thinking about the orders you have to manage y to do. There’s a question hitting your mind day by day: how in the world can I get health coverage? Of course, it will take some time and you will have to do some research in order to get yourself health coverage policy. As any other big decision, you will have to explore your options thoroughly, choosing the plan that fits best your and your family’s needs. However, freelancers may take one of several ways when trying to get insurance coverage for their health.

1. Refer to Independent Agents Seek and acquire health coverage quotes with the help of independent agents. You might wish to begin with agents from your local area, so that you might be sure of their abilities and probably even get answers to all of your questions in one meeting. You can use the Internet alternatively. Rate quotes are easily obtainable on the Internet. This option permits you to research lots of plans all together. One of the most comprehensive places to start your searches with for a provider is The National Association of Health Underwriters.

2. Consider Joining a Group If you join a writers’ guild or union, or an association of independent contractors, it will reveal some group insurance opportunities to you. For example, The National Writers Union proffers certain options (in Canada it’s The Writers Union of Canada). Another alternative is the National Association for the Self Employed that proffers free quotes to their members. Some also advise joining AvantGuild at Media Bistro. You can also consider the Author’s Guild – it offers reduced insurance for issued authors in chosen states.

3. Take a Look Inside High Risk Pools Lots of states are offering high risk health insurance policy pools for people not suitable for coverage via an employer, or can’t get their selves insurance anywhere else. This could also be an alternative for people that can’t acquire insurance because of their pre-existing conditions or other risks. In case you were acceptable for CONRA advantages via an employer, you might need to discharge that policy before you’re acceptable for state high risk pools. You can get more information about high risk insurances at the Health Insurance Resource Center.

4. Take your COBRA coverage in account COBRA is a federal warrant that demands your boss to proffer you supplementary coverage of the health, vision and dental care, which you acquired while hired with them at the collective rate that the boss obtained for you. COBRA coverage’s time period is 18 to 36 months depending on several factors. Though it’s sometimes costly, sometimes it might turn out a good deal and cost not as much as some other insurance plans. If you want to become a freelancer and are leaving your full-time position, it can be a good opportunity, so talk to your employer about this. By the way, as the American nation pays that great attention to health insurance coverage, there are some new and absolutely awesome developments for Independent Contractors and freelancers that look for insurance. So be certain to get yourself familiar with the new developments in COBRA coverage and group insurance coverage.

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