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Hemorrhoid Treatment: Options For Sufferers

If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, you already know what discomfort they cause and are likely interested in learning all about the different treatment options available to dealing with this discomfort. In order to know which treatments are available and best for you, however, you first need to determine what kind of hemorrhoids you have.

There are essentially two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. Both have similar symptoms, but external hemorrhoids can be felt externally. Their causes and symptoms are similar. Both external and internal hemorrhoids can be caused by factors such as constipation, pregnancy, a lack of fiber in one’s diet and a sedentary lifestyle. You will experience burning, itching and sometimes bleeding as a result of both types as well. However, external hemorrhoids are more amenable to treatments using creams, lotions and compresses, and internal hemorrhoids can be more difficult to treat.

There are both surgical and natural hemorrhoid treatment options available. If you have any questions about your condition, you should certainly consult with a physician. However, many hemorrhoids will not need surgical intervention – which can be both costly and painful.

Some popular natural hemorrhoid treatment include using sitz baths or warm baths to soak the region and relieve much of the swelling and discomfort. You can purchase an affordable sitz bath for your home online or in many convenience stores. These easy to use devices allow you to easily soak the affected area several times a day.

There are also many herbs and creams that can be used to treat hemorrhoids externally. Witch hazel is one very popular herbal treatment, and aloe vera can also bring considerable relief. There are, however, many different herbs and herbal remedies that can be used to treat hemorrhoids and it may be worthwhile learning both the wide range of herbs for hemorrhoids that are available as well as how to properly use them.

Some simple changes in clothing may help as well. Switching to loose fitting and cotton underwear will both minimize the accumulation of moisture and external pressure on the affected region.

If you find that natural treatments are not working for you, you may want to talk to your physician about medical and surgical procedures used to treat and even remove hemorrhoids completely. Some of the surgical options include rubber band litigation to cut off external protruding hemorrhoids and sclerotherapy. In very serious cases, laser surgery may be an option to eliminate hemorrhoids as well.

However, one of the best ways to deal with hemorrhoids is to make lifestyle changes that can eliminate many of the risk factors for developing hemorrhoids and also reduce the reappearance of them for those that already have them. This can include such practices as getting regular exercise and eating a fiber rich diet.

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