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Hemorrhoids – Signs And Treatment

Hemorrhoids (piles) are irritated and inflamed veins situated in the anus. If the piles are permanently affected, such as in chronic constipation, they increase and are gradually pushed out of the anus. There are many people who faced the same problem as I had. And one common issue we have in common is that this is one problem that we feel embarrassed with. Sad to say, there aren’t many effective solutions out there in the market that can truly live up to their claims on effectively curing hemorrhoids. There are a couple of products which may be effective, but will likely burn a hole in your wallet.

So what exactly is hemorrhoids or piles? What are the symptoms attached to it? Simply put, hemorrhoids is a lump that hangs outside the rectum. This lump is commonly due to over-straining while passing bowels, or in some cases with women, after their pregnancy. There can be some other causes, but these two are the most common.

Hemorrhoids can be easily detected without the need for a doctor, or hospital visit. Most common signs of an internal hemorrhoid is bright red blood within your stool. You can see this on the toilet paper or within the toilet bowl. Other symptoms could include slight anal discomfort and/or a feeling of feeling full or bloated.

During a medical examination for hemorrhoids, the patient must lie down so that rectum can be easily reached by the doctor. Sometimes he asks the parties to lay down on the side and legs (Sims’ position). Or, the patient lies on his back and places his legs right and left. There is also a scenario, where the patient kneels on the examination table and stretches the buttocks in the air (knee-elbow position?. It is important that the posture is relaxed, so that the whole experience is not too unpleasant for the patient. Then, the doctor will feel and inspect the anal region. First, the physician examines the colon starting from the outside.

He will be looking for such signs as inflammation, skin irritation, tearing and greatly enlarged hemorrhoids. Most doctors will also use an endoscope, to see the intestines, and inspect for any abnormalities such as lumps or scarring. If the doctor can make no definite diagnosis, then one can also get a detailed endoscopic examination, which requires an empty the bowel. This will obviously require a day or maybe two of fasting where the patient usually takes before a laxative, or, if an enema.

For an endoscopy, the doctor can use various tools, depending on what he wants to see. Usually, they will use a proctoscope for the front areas of the anus. The device is a tube with a handle, 6-15 cm long. The opening of the front is beveled, sometimes located in the middle of a small window. Through the tube, the physician can push a lamp and other devices.

This allows a proctoscope to extract tissue samples or deserted hemorrhoids. If this proctoscopy and rectoscopy provide no cause for the symptoms, the doctor may do a sigmoidoscopy. In this method he is able to see the bottom of the large intestine by introducing a flexible endoscope. The doctor enters a colonoscopy within the intestine, looking at the entire large intestine for the transition into the small intestine. This is done by a flexible hose, which sits at the head of a miniature camera. Additional tests may exclude fungi and allergies, and other possible infections. Remember, Hemorrhoids can be at worst relieved and possibly cured altogether.

There are many treatments available, most of which only provide short term pain relief from the above symptoms but immediate attention must be made to your food intake and or diet plus an excercise campaign and this must be kept up with at all times because once you get rid of your hemorrhoids you do not want them to return. Always look for a natural solution and always take steps to prevent them happening in the first place.

Apart from surgery, a natural hemorrhoid cure that acts as an anti -inflammatory has been proven to be most successful over time to treat, cure and remove hemorrhoids once and for all. What this does is to naturally calm,soothe and reduce the strained and swollen veins back to normal size thus relieving the pain, discomfort and irritation.

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