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How to Get Relief From Hemorrhoids, Piles Cure

One such cure is to use witch hazel. Chill it in the refrigerator and apply it on a cotton wool before dabbing on the hemorrhoid. It works well with external hemorrhoids, and apply it 3 times a day. Another method is to use ice packs to reduce swelling. Alternatively, apply aloe vera. Known for its medicinal properties, it can be applied directly onto the hemorrhoid to relieve itching.

Like any other inflammation, it is usually due to heat. This makes it really irritating and it is extremely tempting to itch. This is definitely something you don’t want to be doing. Instead, get a wet but cool cloth and clean and dampen the area to help to reduce the swelling. Do this for 5-10 minutes and then use another soft but dry cloth to dry the area.

People make the mistake of depending on medication and treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids. What a person needs to do is to develop habits that will help reduce the symptoms of the condition. One sure way of doing this is through hygiene. Taking a bath decreases the pain. Soak yourself in a tub of warm water for a long time, perhaps about 15 minutes, and you are sure to feel the pain alleviated somehow. An alternative to this is ice

How to get rid of hemorrhoids using apple cider vinegar? It is an excellent substance which is found in the nature that can bring relief to the complaint of hemorrhoids. Take 2 teaspoons daily along with each meal to get the desired results. This can also be used to wipe the area to prevent swelling and infection. Aloe Vera juice is also used for the same purpose.

The first thing you can do is take a warm bath. You can also take a shower – what can be very helpful is if you have a removable shower head, this way you can aim the warm water at the affected area. This will help sooth the pain. This way you have a constant flow of warm water rather than sitting in a bath where the water starts to cool.

Applying Emu oil on the affected area can reduce the pain and discomfort greatly. Aloe Vera can have a soothing effect. Vitamin E oil is also an effective pain reliever.Taking a Sitz Bath helps. Sitz baths: fill a small tub with hot water and sit for about 10-15 minutes at twice a day. If you can time it so that you take a Sitz bath after a bowel movement. Also the mineral magnesium can help the the muscles around the anus relax causing less strain. Take care of you digestive system.

There exist several home treatments for hemorrhoids. Home treatments for hemorrhoids might not be first in your list for treating your condition. But don’t worry, you should actually take a look at them because there are many that work really well. Garlic, tomato, and aloe vera are just some of the many ingredients you can use in some of the more successful home treatments. Crushed garlic with salt are useful when taking sitz baths.

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