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Sitz Bath: Cure For Hemorrhoids Or Not?

The sitz bath is used to treat a variety of ailments but just for this article, I’d like to only discuss it’s use and effectiveness for treating hemorrhoids. I would never be so bold as to say that a sitz bath for hemorrhoids is not effective as a treatment, because anyone who has used one knows that it sooth the discomfort, but it certainly is no cure.

Let’s first look at what a sitz bath is. The phrase can mean both the actual bath tub and the process of using the tub. The sitz tub is a small bath just large enough for you to sit in. It is usually filled with hot water,the hotter the better provided you’re not scalding yourself and then you simply sit in the tub and soak your pelvic area for 20 minutes or so a couple times a day. The sitz bath can be used to treat a variety of problems such as helping to heal episiotomies and other female issues but is most known for treating hemorrhoids.

Trying to cure hemorrhoids through the use of a sitz bath is like trying to cure a bad back with pain killers. The symptoms may lessen but the underlying cause does not change. In the case of hemorrhoids, there can be many factors contributing to the condition and they must each be dealt with in their own way. If you want to soak your bottom to relieve the inflammation along the way, go right ahead; but do not think it will get rid of your problem unless your hemorrhoids are caused by a one time event, in which case it’s possible they may clear up on their own.

For the rest of you who suffer from the pain and embarrassment of chronic hemorrhoids, it may be time to look at some other options. Unlike most chronic diseases, hemorrhoids are more than likely a long term condition that has come about from lifestyle choices. That’s good news because that means that you can make adjustments that will reverse the condition. Many have permanently rid them selves of hemorrhoids already.

So what kind of changes might one expect to have to make? Many are quite easy, like stopping straining during physical activity and bowel movements. Others, like changes to your diet can be a bit more complicated, but still easy to manage. But you need to do something more than a sitz bath if you hope to cure this permanently. Treating the symptoms only, isn’t going to cure them.

Almost everyone can cure hemorrhoids themselves through natural methods that alleviate hard stools, constipation and difficult bowel movements. Methods that include things like a high fiber diet, but don’t include more ointments and stool softeners. Nobody wants any more of that. Just like no one wants to spend the rest of their life sitting in warm water every day. And you shouldn’t have to.

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