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The Organic Piles Cure

What exactly is a hemorrhoid?

It’s the swelling and inflammation of the arteries within your rectal canal which in turn causes pain, burning, irritation and at times bleeding. It’s common name is piles.

What leads to a hemorrhoid problem?

Usually it is pressure on the blood vessels ınside your anal canal, but they could be a result of food allergies and constipation also.

Depending upon the specific situation you can find two types of hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoid and eternal hemorrhoid.

An external hemorrhoid is on the outside of the rectal opening and is black or brown in color. due to the fact that there are a lot of nerves within this location external hemorrhoids are typically extremely painful. An internal hemorrhoid is on the inside of the anal canal and it is covered by a mucous membrane layer. They are purple or red in color and quite often they are pain-free. On rare occasions, however, they can result in a throbbing ache within the lower abdominal region.

Hemorrhoid Cures

If you’re able to figure out the cause of your hemorrhoid, for instance constipation, you need to take care of the reason in addition to hemorrhoid or it will keep comning back. Next there are 2 ways of curing a hemorrhoid affliction. The first is by going to a family doctor who will probably suggest one of the following, if your problem is sever enough.

1) Cutting open the swollen blood vessels and draining them.

2) Giving a sclerosant injection into the hemorrhoid.

3) Placing a rubber band around the hemorrhoid to shut off its blood supply.

4) Performing Cryosurgery on the affected hemorrhoid.

5) Dilating your anus to relieve any constipation or stool irritation.

6) Surgically removing your hemorrhoid.

None of these are extremely pleasant. The second approach is one of utilizing natural herbs and diet to remedy the problem. A very good resource for this is the H Miracle ebook

After your hemorrhoid has been remedied you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables? Get at least 30 gr of food fibre daily and stay clear of a great deal of animal meat, prawns, and crabs. Eat at regular intervals and drink enough water. The more you can keep regular the better your affliction will be. If you get tempted to deviate from your routines simply look at the conventional hemorrhoid cure choices listed at the beginning of this article. It will convice you that a natural hemorrhoid cure is the best way to go.

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