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Confusion Continues In Puerto Vallarta

The latest press release issued by Jalisco State Governor’s office confirmed that there have been no cases of Swine Flu in Puerto Vallarta yet. Still however, the state is taking measures to avoid this outbreak. Puerto Vallarta is taking steps to save the residential areas, towns and cities around the state and other tourist spots.

The city has started with the basic steps by closing down all night clubs and bars especially in the Old Town until May 4-6. Some bars located north of Centro are open and all those having license are allowed to remain open. A number of events and shows have been postponed or cancelled.

Movie theatres have been closed down until further notice, Taco stalls and stands have also been closed to avoid crowded places. Restaurants are allowed to remain open, but they have to close down by midnight and are not allowed to serve more than 2 alcoholic drinks to customers. The May Day Parade which was supposed to be held on 1st May has been cancelled and the Political campaigns for the general election on July 6 have also been postponed. The much awaited match for the Beach Soccer Qualifier has also been canceled.

The Blueshire Trip Rave scheduled for May 2nd has been postponed. All other activities and festivals including those for the Cultural Department of Puerto Vallarta planned for May have been cancelled or postponed. The traditional Vallarta May Fiesta will now begin on May 9. The State is making a special effort to control visual screening of passengers at air ports and buses too are being cleaned with disinfectants and bleaches.

Drivers are provided with masks. Visits to prisons in Jalisco have also been suspended till May 6. All these rules and regulations have been issued for your safety, so try to follow up and check up on schedules if you were planning to attend any event.

There are doubts that the deaths caused by flu have not been caused by swine flu, instead by the regular flu which kills 36,000 people every year in the US alone. People are in a state of panic and researchers too are worried because this unknown strain has no cure or vaccine as yet. However, confusion continues as according to some reports there have been no deaths caused by swine flu.

Two Albertans have returned to Canada with a mild form of swine flu. This news has been confirmed by the officials however, they have not given out details of the age of the patients or which places they visited in Mexico. Canada fears many more cases now but so far only a few have been reported and no deaths as yet.

A travel advisory has been issued for Mexico, hence Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations have suspended operations to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel till June 1. The airlines say that flights to Mexico will continue. WestJet and WestJet Vacations too have suspended operation in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta till May 4 at least. This decision is definitely going to affect the passengers, however not the tourism industry of Mexico. As summer approaches, the high season for tourism also comes to an end. The number of tourists going to Mexico for a vacation decreases in number till Mid May, thus the tourism industry will not suffer much loss.

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