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How Long Does the Flu Last?

How long does the flu last is an open ended question. A bit like how long is a piece of string. It depends entirely on you and your circumstances. You are unique. You can’t compare yourself with anyone else.

But there are some contributing factors which will predispose you to flu.

Everyone has an achilles heel. For some it’s joints. This usually goes with heart. For some it’s accidents. You probably know people who are accident prone. For some it’s liver. And for some it’s the lungs and the respiratory system.

If you have never had a problem with colds, flus and your lungs, the chances are you never will. Your achilles heel may lie elsewhere.

But if you get colds and flus quite often, then your lungs are probably your achilles heel.

It’s quite normal to have only one area of weakness in your body. In normal life, you’ll generally not have more. Generally, when someone has more than one area of weakness, such as heart and lungs, you’re seriously ill.

So how long does the flu last, if you are prone to colds and flu? Again that comes down to you. If your nutrition is good, you eat plenty of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, get plenty of sun, plenty of exercise, plenty of fresh air and you’re a pretty optimistic type of person, then the chances of the flu lasting long is quite remote. If you contract it at all. It might just be a cold.

However, if your nutrition is poor, with little exercise, little exposure to the sun and fresh air and you’re a pessimistic type of person, your bout of flu is likely to be prolonged. Especially if you take medication for it, instead of just going to bed for the duration.

Illnesses have a way of making you do something. It may be that you just need to take time out for a few days. Bed rest could be all that is necessary.

On the other hand, it could mean that you have avoided your ill health for so long, this time you’ll not get away with it. This time, your body will insist on a prolonged rest. Possibly even a period in hospital, as that will make you rest.

I don’t know of any culture where you are educated about your health. About how to keep healthy and what to do if your health looks a bit wobbly.

In these days in being fearful of the sun, many people are not getting enough. Rickets is making a come back. The sun is a bit like water and salt. Too much can kill you. But so can too little.

If you allow your body to do what it wants to do (go to bed), without suppressing the symptoms with medication (if you’re not badly ill), you are likely to have a health spurt afterwards. A bit like a child’s growth spurt. You have evolved, or matured.

By your actions, and yours alone you, unconsciously or consciously, decide on how long the flu will last for you.

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