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Record Breaking Volunteers Of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta owing to a few border skirmishes at its border due to narcotics faced a very slight almost meager change in tourism. The beaches remained swarmed with people and generally people were enjoying a slightly festive atmosphere.

With the onslaught of the alleged Swine Flu, or the “Swine Flu Scare” that began, Puerto Vallarta changed over night. It became what it never was before, and that folks was “somber”. Businesses closed down, schools got shut, and cruises were stopped. And our Puerto Vallarta became quiet.

Now things are returning back to normal, however the cracks in the economy caused by the Swine Flu are still deep. The Packaging Food Party of Puerto Vallarta works diligently for the moral and economic uplift of those people who have lost their jobs due to the economic tumult. On 28th of July, 65 members of the packaging party came together and shared an important spiritual bonding with not only each other but also all of the deprived people of Vallarta. The fabulous packaging team completed a total number of 865 bags in a matter of 45 minutes. Isn’t that a remarkable accomplishment? People with high spirits and an agenda to help and support came forward from different places in order to provide aid to the needy. On such occasions one realizes how great Puerto Vallarta is and how helpful are its people.

All the volunteers headed into the PVRPV’s offices despite the sweltering weather on Tuesday, to package food for the DIF’s Child Protective Services Programs. Bags which each had 1 kg of beans, 1 kg of lentils, 1 kg of rice, 12 bullion cubes and 1 kg of soup pasta were packed. These food items were scattered all over the PVRPV office and it was the constant hard effort of all of the volunteers that made this drive a success. The volunteers constantly joked and helped each other and made sure the environment was jovial throughout.

All volunteers diligently packed, sorted and donated these packages amongst the people. Some of these volunteers are even engaged in other fundraising activities. Some volunteers were responsible for packaging while the others were responsible for tying the bags and the remaining were either tallying the bags or moving them. One of the volunteers even brought delicious cookies for the rest to enjoy. The most amazing part about this packaging party was the amount of harmony that could be seen in the volunteers. They constantly smiled while working quickly and efficiently. Their eyes were glowing because of their rare accomplishment and it was obvious that all of them realized what a noble and gifted cause they were all a part of.

After working hard the volunteers hit the street where after a mild rain shower, the temperature cooled down considerably. Now that a total of 865 bags are packaged, and that too miraculously in only 40 minutes, it almost seems as if the Food Drive is well on its way in providing solace and comfort to all the needy.

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