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To Puerto Vallarta, With Love

In spite of all the negative press that Puerto Vallarta is receiving because of the alleged “Swine Flu,” Puerto Vallarta is and remains one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. Even though the real estate market is suffering, but there are still some threads that are holding this industry tight. If you really wonder what is going on in Puerto Vallarta in terms of the real estate, than I shall brief you on the current real estate scenario.


Since Puerto Vallarta is at a tropical location, there is no better place to reside once you retire. Surely properties in Philadelphia are cheap but, here in Puerto Vallarta, you will get the opportunity to enjoy dazzling beaches, friendly environment and an amazing weather. Just buy a condo in Puerto Vallarta, and get the lifestyle that is a dream of many.


The relative prices for real estate in Puerto Vallarta are great. I mean if you are getting a nice, cozy place with two bedrooms and two baths on a beach for $399,000 USD, what more could you possibly want? Try getting that in California…you’re just lucky Puerto Vallarta exists!


I know the press is going all “Run for your lives, here comes Swine Flu,” in Vallarta, but the reality is totally different. Most of the people are re-booking, but just for the record, no case of the dreaded swine flu is in Puerto Vallarta or any neighboring states. The other scares, like the drug lords, do you really think that the stuff you watch in films can happen in real? The drug lords who are at the border do not drive a thousand miles, south to Puerto Vallarta for the sole purpose to hassle the tourists. So stop making excuses, Puerto Vallarta is a dream paradise and nothing less!


Excellent Medical and Dental facilities are available and that too at a very cheap price. But if you laugh and smile and just generally have a great time with your friends and family, you would not need the doctors at all.


 The beaches in Puerto Vallarta are great and the water is ideal for boogie boarding. Once you view the sun setting radiantly on the horizon, sitting on the beach with a chilled drink in your hand, you wonder how much of the press about the killer flu is based on the reality; because trust me it would seem like any other normal day on the beach. The bars are still open and people are still planning their parties and dinners. Why should you be left behind?


It is pretty much the same precautionary measures that you would take everywhere. Stay away from drugs, do not parade your money, be friendly to the people and just wash your hands. You will get all that you need here, so why the delay. You’re all set.


Get more information on Puerto Vallarta rentals, contact Pvrpv dot com at the following numbers.  Their Mexican office number is 322.222.0638.  In case you are calling from the USA or Canada, call on their local Vonage number 206.388.3703. You can email to Tim at his email address. For more details visit Pvrpv dot com which has been successfully servicing the tourists & local community for the past four years.  They have a qualified staff with years of experience and they may help you with rental properties in Puerto Vallarta.


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