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Backpacking Travel Insurance Allows You to Have an Adventure Without Taking Unnecessary Risk

Nothing beats a backpacking trip to fulfill the sense of adventure. You get to see the great wide open from a unique perspective, up close and personal. Yes, back packers are a special breed. They like to travel on the cheap and don’t mind taking a risk or two during their holiday. Of course, you can take this too far as well. If you decide to forgo a sensible backpacking travel insurance policy then perhaps you are a bit fool hardy as well as adventuresome. Yes, it’s extremely tempting to skip the added vacation expense of backpackers travel insurance but when you consider just how inexpensive it can be it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

When you purchase backpacking travel insurance you are hedging your bets by removing a good deal of the risk out of foot travel. When you have backpacking travel insurance you are making sure that should the unthinkable happen and you take ill or fall victim to an accident you won’t suffer extreme financial consequences. This is particularly the case if you are traveling overseas. Even if you have your own personal medical insurance plan, the chances are this policy will not cover you if you are out of the country. Depending on to which country you are traveling, even a brief stay in the hospital can be quite costly. Imagine now that you have to be airlifted home. A trip like that can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

So you are convinced now that you need travel insurance for backpacking. What’s the next step? Well the first thing to do is to figure out where you will be going. If you are traveling domestically then perhaps your personal health policy will cover problems that arise. You definitely want to check out this provision of your health policy. You also need to decide if it makes sense to buy a policy that covers this one particular trip or if it would be more economical to purchase an annual multi-trip policy. This type of policy will be in force for all the trips you take within a particular time period, usually one year.

If you are traveling overseas then buying backpacking travel insurance is a must. Luckily it is also very easy. All you need to do is to conduct a quick Internet search. You’ll quickly see that you have a lot of choices. Once you have a number of quotes for cheap backpacking travel insurance and you are ready to do your comparison. Look hard at the medical coverage to make sure that it will cover the activities you think you might be engaged. Some policies exclude sports such as SCUBA diving that are considered to be too high risk. Winter sports are another area that may be excluded. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a policy that covers these activities but you do want to make sure that you don’t sign on the dotted line before checking exactly what is included.

While you’ve no doubt already peeked at the pricing, it’s a good idea to leave the price comparison until after you have a handful of policies that will cover all the things you really need. Sometimes the lowest price does not mean the best value.

Once you have gathered your cheap backpacking travel insurance quotes, compared the features and pricing you are ready to make your purchase. You can do that right online as well. Once everything is taken care of you can get back to the business of having fun and setting off on your adventure. The key thing is you now know that you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong.

About Author
Peter Jones is a consultant at 1Cover Travel Insurance. 1Cover provides some of the most comprehensive travel insurance cover available for backpackers. Our backpacker travel insurance covers you for long trips abroad, anywhere in the world.

Great Food for Your Next Camping Adventure

Millions of individuals and families will be out and about camping this summer. Of course one of the main things to consider, in advance, is what kinds of food you’re going to bring to eat. If you have a large family, or a few picky eaters, you may want to ask your children for suggestions. Suggestions will help to make sure that you have food that everyone will enjoy.


Whether you are cooking for your family or a large group of people, it may be a good idea to purchase your meats in bulk. Most supermarkets, in the United States, charge less for items purchased in large quantities. If you are unable to use all of the meat that you purchased, just freeze it to use on another occasion.


In addition to meat over the campfire or grill, it is also important to consider side dishes. Pre-made side dishes, such as macaroni salads and fruit salads, are available for sale at most supermarkets. The only problem that you may find is that pre-made side dishes tend to be more expensive, when compared to preparing them yourself. Therefore, if you are looking to save money or if you only need a small amount of food, you may want to consider preparing your own side dishes.


It’s always a good idea to have a fair amount of snacks on hand. On hand snacks are ideal for camping adventures, especially for those who are actively participating in a number of outdoor activities. Dry snacks are the best choice to have for many reasons. Mostly because dry snacks are easy to eat on the go and they rarely ever leave a mess. Be aware of your selections because a lot of dry snacks are unhealthy. Look for dry snacks that are low in sugar or low in fat. These items may include, but should not be limited to, fruits, vegetables, sugar free cookies and nuts.


One other very important thing that you must consider is having enough water. Water is critical to have, for obvious reasons, especially during the summertime. Water, unlike many caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks, is a great way to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, without water many children and adults become dehydrated. Dehydration is a dangerous problem. That is why it is important to have water and other beverages on hand. In addition to traditional water, you or your family may also enjoy the taste of flavored water. For many, flavored water is a healthy, but tasty alternative to traditional drinking water.


By keeping the above mentioned points and suggestions in mind, you and your family are sure to have a great time on your next camping adventure. Whatever the occasion calls for, there are a number of different foods that can help make your next camping trip one of the best.

About Author
R.S. Leger is the owner of TentsNgear, we specialize in vehicle integration tents. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, then take a look at our popular Vehicle Integration Tent or if you have a pickup truck, then perhaps our Pickup Truck Tent would meet your needs.

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