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Common Treatment For Syphilis- San Antonio

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is typically passed through sexual contact. However, it can be passed on by intravenous drug use (injecting drugs directly into the vein), blood transfusions and from an infected mother to her unborn child. Syphilis can also be spread through blood transfusions. In the UK, all blood transfusions are routinely screened (tested) for syphilis. Syphilis, while recognised early on as being a worldwide scourge, defies easy identification. Known as ‘the great imitator’, it mimics in all its stages, from the first genital lesion through its horrific later progress, many other conditions, which inhibits easy diagnosis.

Syphilis seemed to be better known; cutaneous and extracutaneous signs, the three stages were better described. Syphilis causes open sores on the genitals that allow the HIV infection to enter the body easily. Syphilis is generally more common in people who are also infected with HIV. Syphilis remains a major health problem. About 12 million new cases of syphilis occur every year.

Sores in the vagina and rectum may go undetected unless seen by a physician. Swelling and hardening of lymph nodes in the inner thighs and groin is also common and may cause tenderness. Sores also can occur on the lips and in the mouth. Transmission of the organism occurs during vaginal, anal, or oral sex.


Treatment with an antibiotic is usually successful. Some people choose to be retested after the course of treatment has been completed. Treatment hasn’t changed much over the years. The cause of syphilis is the T. Treatment will kill the syphilis bacterium and prevent further damage, but it will not repair damage already done.

Treatment can vary for many reasons. For more information about testing and treatment of infants, talk with your health care provider, or visit your local health department. Treatment for primary and secondary syphilis involves either a single antibiotic injection, a course of injections, antibiotic tablets or capsules.

Syphilis is easily treated with penicillin injections or tablets. The length of treatment will vary depending on the stage of infection. Syphilis is sexually transmitted, for instance, whereas yaws and endemic syphilis are tropical conditions that are spread by skin-to-skin or oral contact. Penicillin is the most common treatment, so tell your doctor if you’re allergic to penicillin.

Penicillin works by eradicating the bacterial organisms that caused the infection. The medication can also stop the progression of the disease as well as alleviate the signs and symptoms. Penicillin is the most effective medication in eliminating the bacteria that cause syphilis. There are other treatments available but not as effective.

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Astragalus Helps Fight the Herpes Virus – San Antonio

Astragalus membranaceus root blended with certain vitamins and minerals can possibly provide dependable, natural relief of the herpes virus. This is an effective herbal treatment agaist herpes virus 1 and 2. In China, this is recommended for herpes prevention.

ImmunaSure, vitamins and supplements that is widely circulated in the market today becomes more popular as Western medicine. Dr. John Sherman blends astragalus with lemon balm and de-odorized garlic to create a powerful support for the immune system.

Facts On Astralagus

Astragalus belongs to the legume family called Fabaceae and sub-family called Faboideae. Native to the Northern Hemisphere regions, astragalus is often called milk-vetch, goat’s-thorn, and locoweed. There are 2,000 species of herbs and shrubs in the Fabaceae family. The astragalus root comes from perennial plants that thrive in northern China as well as Mongolia. It has been used as a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries. Astragalus roots for medicine must be at least four years old and dried before they can be used as natural supplements.

Benefits of Astragalus

American researchers have found out that astragalus root can indeed help boost the immune system’s T-cells, even for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer.

Astragalus root has several components that are believed to help strengthen the immune system. These are flavonoids, saponins, polysaccharides, astragalosides, and triterpenes. The root is believed to ward off infections and works by helping the skin to eliminate toxins from the body.

Astragalus root can help reduce sweating and also acts as a mild diuretic. Astragalus contains probiotics to help boost the body’s good bacteria in the digestive tract. Another benefit is that astragalus root helps to protect the adrenal cortex, a hormone-producing gland that affects stress levels in the body. Saponins in the root can help prevent blood clots that may lead to stroke or a heart attack.

Uses for Astragalus

Astragalus root can be blended in a natural supplement or multivitamin and taken orally in capsule form. It can also be taken in powdered form as a tea or tincture. Astragalus in ointments can be used topically to help treat exterior wounds and other skin ailments.

Astragalus can react negatively to certain medications. If you have an auto-immune condition, are a transplant recipient, are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you are a hemophiliac, your doctor’s advice is needed before taking this herbal medicine.

With strengthening of the immune system, the body will better be able to fight against herpes virus 1 and 2. Though there is no definite cure for herpes, the unwanted cold sores and other herpes symptoms can possibly be lessened with this remarkable root as a natural supplement!

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