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CANI – A Perception for Perfection in Martial Arts

CANI or Constant and Never Ending Improvement is a concept needed to be applied in every walk of life, more particularly relating to martial arts or fitness training program. CANI should be applied to anything you do. Keep asking yourself – how can I improve my technique and knowledge, my confidence and skill – and you will be able to do better in every walk of life. You must have a passion of learning and improving and one day you will be the best of yourself.

Human beings are born to achieve and it is achievement only that differentiates a man from an animal. So be an achiever, a master in whatever is your area of activity. You can apply CANI in any area of your life. Achievers are those who are committed to never ending improvement. Improving is essential for survival; but for steady progress, as successful people do, a more dedicated approach to improvement is required. Improve in Small phases. Make small goals, achieve them on daily basis and keep trying to improve upon them, step by step. Write down your goals. Writing means committing. This will remind you of your commitment and empower you to achieve your goals. Keep reminding yourself “I am committed to unending improvement and nothing can stop me”… Here is a passage from a book on Personal Mastery which needs to be read, understood and followed. “Always will I strive to be greater than I am? I must SURPASS MYSELF. In each successive act, test, encounter, thought, I will be GREATER than in the one previous. I am what I am now, but in an hour I must be MORE than I am now.” For example if you have set a goal of benching extra 100 lbs, you can break it by lifting 10 lbs extra every week or 1 or 2 lbs every day. This will certainly boost your confidence.

Do not just stop and relax when you get to that extra 100lbs. Now you need to set next goal again and again so that you keep improving constantly. You can have a pause and celebrate your present and past achievements but do not give-up improving. It was said once that if you can just improve ten areas of your training and fitness level by 10% each – you have actually made a 100% improvement in your overall training! You may be a beginner or a highly skilled MMA fighter just imagines how much better shape you would be in and as a fighter you could be if you:

  • Ate 10% better
  • Could lift 10% more weight
  • Could kick 10% higher
  • Could hit 10% harder
  • Could sprint 10% longer
  • Could hold your breath 10% longer
  • Could make 10% more flexible
  • Could take 10% more punishment
  • Could go all out 10% longer
  • Could train 10% longer

Now that you have written your goals, just set a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a dream; it’s the deadline that makes it a goal.

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Tony is the Chief Editor of online Content for The MMA Zone and a leader in Martial Arts Supplies within United States and Canada.

Mixed Martial Arts in Folsom, CA – Find the Best Training Center to Help you

One of the most efficient methods that you can opt for weight loss is to find a gym and start working out. But not all fitness centers around you will be able to help you. When you choose on a gym, you need to be extra cautious about the place you choose as a bad choice will always affect your body. You might be working out hard, but with no results.

If you can find a training center that provides the facility to learn mixed martial arts, this is the best place that you can choose. The reason behind this being classified as the best is that it gives you exposure to several different areas of fitness maintenance and you can choose and combine what you like the best.

One of the main reasons you choose such a fitness program is to burn calories. You could read reviews of a particular place and decide based on the successful outputs they have provided to people who have joined there. Cardio exercises might look very simple yet is effective, but if you receive the wrong training for this you probably will find that you have no effects and this demands experienced trainers.

It is wise to take this program on a family level as you want your entire family to remain fit and if you can spot such a place, this is what you are looking for. Most of the mixed martial arts centers give you all the facilities to learn several such programs which are admired as a sport by a lot of people like Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate etc. These martial arts will not only help in keeping you fit but also let you learn certain defense techniques which will come in handy at times.

If you have children it is wise to get them to teach kids self defense. This is because most of the times when they are alone, they do face certain situations where it would be very nice if they knew how to defend themselves.

Discipline is something that is most important for you to be physically fit. If you want to be in shape, this means that dedication and discipline are very important. If you decide to work out at home, I am sure that this will ultimately be a soda bottle enthusiasm because; you will tend to sleep late and find other excuses.

Then getting yourself enrolled for such a program will always help because that atmosphere will give you the discipline as long as you get there. It all starts in your mind. You need to fix up the time and make sure that you dedicate resources towards the development of your body. Start visualizing how you want to look like and if this is supplemented with the right calorie burning program you will find that you reach your goals ultimately.

If you are looking for a gym in Folsom, CA you could go online and search for one and if you examine the track record you will be able to take the right decision towards keeping your body fit.

Sofia Thomas PhotoAbout Author
Hi I am citymma Owner of this article. Boot Camp Folsom

Fitness Holiday And Martials Arts Abroad.

My name is Angie and I have been looking into a fitness holiday. I have some time off from school and I want to do something beneficial with that time. The problem is that I am overweight and the rest of my family and classmates and friends are into their fitness. I think getting my but on a few months fitness holiday will be a step in the right direction for me.

OK, so I made my mind up. Three months on a fitness holiday, but what. I did not just want to be in a gym all the time, I want to see some beaches, get a tan and get to know a different culture so I started to look on the internet (I just love the internet!) and came up with some great ideas for a fitness holiday.

I found three really cool options. Because I am into Martial Arts (my whole family is, do not know why), I was looking for a Fitness holiday with martial Arts. I found Mixed martial Arts in Thailand, Kung Fu in China and a fitness holiday programme with capoeira in Brazil.

The fitness holiday in Thailand looks seriously cool, six kilometres from the world’s most beautiful beaches, in the tropical rainforest with national Champions. Here you can train up to eight hours a day without distractions of parties. This might be something for me. Because if there are too many parties to visit, I will never lose my puppy fat, and then after partying and drinking I will not be able to look the Thai champion in the eye to tell him I have a hangover.

A fitness holiday in China also sounds very interesting to me. Especially if I can combine my fitness holiday with learning a new language. At the Xtreme Gap Kung Fu training programme in China you will get lessons in mandarin. Ok no beaches around but during this fitness holiday programme you will staying a world heritage, not bad either. Food is also included here… no pizza and pasta and fries. Oh yes, I will get so fit if I choose this fitness holiday option.

However the coolest fitness holiday programme I found was the one in Brazil. Xtreme Gap offers a Capoeira fitness holiday programme in Rio. Imagining myself in a string on the busiest beach in Rio is still unthinkable but after a few weeks in to my fitness holiday I might give it a try. A Favela tour and an English speaking rep will be there for me to introduce me to Rio. Nice feeling to not be starting off alone.

Since my parents find sports really important and they have travelled the whole world their selves when they were young, I know they will agree on me attending a fitness holiday on my gap year. They also say that travelling alone will make me a better person and although I think this is nonsense, I am fine the way I am, I am going to agree with them so I can be free for a while.

The good thing about booking my fitness holiday through a gap year company is that they can advise me before I go, help me out with visa’s and I know I will have the right support once I am out there. And I will meet lots of other gap year travellers on their fitness holiday. With these arguments I know my parents will agree on me to go, and maybe even pay for it.

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A fitness holiday brings many benefits, check out Xtreme Gap Year for more details.

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