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Medical Assistant Salary

Medical assistants in the United States are registered under the American Association of Medical Assistants. This organisation regulates and administers the medical assistant profession in the country. One role the organisation plays in its capacity as overseer is to monitor and compile medical assistant salary statistics. They do this once a year and at the end of it publish a report outlining some of the major issues that surround medical assistant salary ranges. In the CMA (AAMA) salary survey that was carried out in 2009, some of the following issues were highlighted.

In the survey compilation, over 9,000 electronic questionnaires were sent out to a similar number of AAMA members countrywide. More than 2,800 CMAs completed the survey. In the survey, annual gross salaries as well as hourly rates were evaluated. Of the full time employee respondents, over 90% were paid on an hourly basis while the rest were paid in annual salaries.

The median annual salary for a full time CMA (AAMA) in 2009 was pegged at $30,834 with an average hourly wage rate of $14.98, up $1.35 since 2004. It was also noted that there was a slight incremental difference with an increase in number of years of experience.

In addition to this, the survey also noted that salary ranges were also affected by geographical displacement. East North Central attracted the lowest salary of $27,903 while the Pacific region had the highest salary of $31,833. The practice location played another role in determining the salary range with those working in major metro–downtown earning slightly more than those working in the major metro–neighbourhood areas.

Specialisation is another factor that affects the medical assistant salary. Most of the respondents who sighted ‘other’ specialisations also had higher wages than those who had the usual practice roles. These specialities included surgical specialities and others such as anaesthesiology, dermatology, psychiatry and urology.

About 86% of the full time practitioners who responded receive benefits to augment their medical assistant salary. In as much as the statistics are somewhat similar to those of 2004, individual benefit rates have drastically increased. The most prevalent benefits include major medical cover, dental cover, vision cover, disability insurance, discount prescription, basic hospitalization, accidental health and professional liability. However, the percentage of those covered decreases in tandem with this list, from 75% to a paltry 21%. Nevertheless, there was still about 10-14% of respondents who had no benefits.

Training also plays a big part in the CMA (AAMA) salary earned by an individual. According to the survey, 60% of the respondents had a certificate or diploma in medical assisting, and 42% had an associate degree. Fourteen percent had on the job training, 6% had training in a related field, 1% had had gone through a high school medical assisting program and 6% had other qualifications. This shows that the survey results for the medical assistant salary are majorly indicative of the first two levels of qualifications.

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Personal Care Assistant Service For Surgeries & Treatments Abroad

Personal Care Assistants, often also referred to as caregivers, typically work in patients’ homes or in residential care facilities. They assist the elderly, mentally disabled, ill and people with physical handicaps to live in their own homes or in a residential care facility instead of in an institution or health care facility. The Personal Care Assistant is an important member of the health care team who often holds a high level of experience and ability, but without qualification is unable to often perform some tasks due to issues of liability and legality. Perform health care related tasks, such as monitoring vital signs and medication, under the direction of registered nurses.Personal care, such as ambulation and personal hygiene assistance.Prepare and maintain records of client progress and services performed, reporting changes in client condition to manager or supervisor. Factors that have led to the increasing popularity of medical travel include the high cost of health care, long wait times for certain procedures, the ease and affordability of international travel, and improvements in both technology and standards of care in many countries.

Duties of Personal care assistant:

  • Explain treatment procedures, medications, diets and physicians’ instructions to patients.
  • Help physicians examine and treat patients, handing them instruments and materials or performing such tasks as giving injections and removing sutures.
  • Authorize drug refills and provide prescription information to pharmacies.
  • Prepare treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean.
  • Clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies.
  • Schedule appointments for patients.
  • Change dressings on wounds.
  • Perform routine laboratory tests and sample analyses.
  • Set up medical laboratory equipment.
  • Keep financial records and perform other bookkeeping duties, such as handling credit and collections and mailing monthly statements to patients.
  • Operate x-ray, electrocardiogram (EKG), and other equipment to administer routine diagnostic tests.
  • Give physiotherapy treatments, such as diathermy, galvanics, and hydrotherapy.
  • Greet and log in patients arriving at office or clinic.
  • Contact medical facilities or departments to schedule patients for tests and/or admission.
  • Perform general office duties such as answering telephones, taking dictation and completing insurance forms.
  • Inventory and order medical, lab, and office supplies and equipment.
  • Show patients to examination rooms and prepare them for the physician.
  • Record patients’ medical history, vital statistics and information such as test results in medical records.
  • Prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician.
  • Collect blood, tissue or other laboratory specimens, log the specimens, and prepare them for testing.

Personal Care Assistants help patients with some of the most basic and personal tasks .To be successful as a Personal Care Assistant, one should treat their patients with empathy, dignity and respect. Basic safety and emergency skills, like CPR and first aid, will also help them in a career in Personal Care. Medical assistants must work under a physician’s direct supervision when performing clinical duties delegated by the physician. Many Asian countries are fast developing into popular destinations for medical tourism for the rest of the world. In the coming years, these countries are expected to earn millions in revenue, thanks to the superior healthcare facilities and the highly affordable healthcare costs

You can get this service at one of the best service providers across the world,Surgeryplanet which has acquired accreditation from well known international organizations all over the world such as JCI, JCAHO and ISO to express their dedication to excellence where you can get information about this service by contacting case managers who assists,supervise the delivery of healthcare.SurgeryPlanet also provides best Surgeries & Treatments for Dimple Creation, Cosmetic procedure, Dental Procedure, Rhinoplasty, Breast Implant, Spine Surgery, Hip Joint Replacement , Herbal Facial, Angioplasty, Lasik Eye Treatment are the surgery & health care service at international hospitals and JCI accredited hospital abroad at low cost.

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Improve Your Prospects With Medical Assistant Training

Medical assistant training can do wonders for your career as it gets you job of a dental assistant, medical office manager, ultrasound technician, radiologist or a nurse. It is known to be the most versatile training in healthcare industry. For a god and successful career in health care industry it’s important that you should find a premium institute to get good medical assistant training. The curriculum of the training is organised in such a way that it polish your skills, hones your critical thinking and improves your knowledge about basic medical concepts. The Pharmacy assistant training is not require only to extend your understanding of medical concepts but also to turn that acquired knowledge into problem solving ability.

During the course of your pharmacy assistant training, you get opportunity to work with experienced professionals who help in developing your decisive thinking along with your creative skills for effective communication. Training period is a good time to quell all your doubts by analysis or evidence. Alongside learning about various responsibilities related with front desk, examination room and medical lab, pharmacy assistant training also allow you an opportunity to practice your expository skills to give information and argumentative reasoning to express your views.

Certified Nurse Aide Training demands lots of discipline and you must bear it in your mind that you need to do your duties sincerely. It’s all about understanding your responsibilities and following strict time management. It is important that you must find a Certified Nurse Aide Training school of high repute that keeps you focused on learning. You can get in touch with experienced technicians and seek their help to prepare well for your on-job duties. It’s important that you expose yourself to latest techniques and study material. So joining a Certified Nurse Aide Training group helps you to keep yourself updated and learn from others by discussing your problems.

In case you are good with numbers, then Medical Billing Training can be a lucrative career option for you. This course teaches you to manage the finances of the medical facility and can easily land you a job at medical institutions, hospitals, nursing homes or a pharmaceutical industry. Medical Billing Training trains you to keep records, manage finances and filing for medical insurance claims.

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Shine Out With Medical Assistant Training

If you are looking for a career as dental assistant, medical office manager, ultrasound technician, radiologist, or a nurse, you need to have medical assistant training from a reputed institution. Health care industry is expanding and new jobs are added to it every year. Good medical assistant training from a premium institute helps you find job easily in hospitals, clinics and with private practitioners of your choice. Medical assistant training is important to hone your skills by improving your knowledge and basic medical concepts. Premium institutes plan their curriculum to sharpen the critical thinking and make their Alma mater thorough professional.

Pharmacy assistant training is not only meant to expand your knowledge of medical concepts but also for the application of that knowledge to solve practical problems. In the course of your pharmacy assistant training, you work under experienced professionals who help you widen your thinking and your creative skills for better communication. You can also find answers to all your questions by both reasoning and evidence during the training. Along with providing training to handle the duties of front desk, examination room and medical lab, pharmacy assistant training also gives you a chance to improve your communication skills to give information, reasoning and to express your views.

If you are planning to go for Certified Nurse Aide Training you have to discipline yourself to perform your duties sincerely. You must have clear understanding of your responsibilities and manage your time deftly. Certified Nurse Aide Training school from a reputable nursing school can help you can stay focused on learning the necessary skills. You can also take the help of experienced technicians to prepare well for your on-job responsibilities. Using the latest material as a source is important for learning about the most recent techniques. Joining a Certified Nurse Aide Training group helps you in keeping yourself updated and learning from others.

If you are good with numbers, then gates of another lucrative career, medical billing, are open for you. Medical Billing Training teaches you how to manage the income of the medical facility and you can easily find a job at medical institutions, hospitals, nursing homes or pharmaceutical industry. Medical Billing Training trains you to maintain records, finances and medical insurance claims.

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Dentist Marketing Reveals Dental Care Assistant Training

Keep in mind that a good dental marketing company won’t just stop at providing you with new business but instead they will ensure that you get excellent clients who will be big assets to your business. Lastly, your Dental marketing company will do all the strategizing for you so it is important that you have an open communication with them and you know each and every bit that’s going on rather than being kept in the dark. Many discounted dental plans provide ways to bring down more than dental care, providing discounts on drugstore medications, vision etc.

Dental care services become less expensive with discount dental plans for families inside the cheaper income bracket. If you use the discounted dental plan, ensure you call up the empanelled provider dentist for a visit. While taking a choice on a discounted dental plan, you should be fully informed so that one can make a confident decision. Being a consumer, one just has to present his or her membership card while going to the provider. These types of discounted dental plans do not purport to insurance by any means, they are simply discount programs.

Once you sign up for a discounted dental plan, you can start using the plan immediately without waiting. After you have built trust with these clients, they can quickly recommend you to other people and hopefully in a couple of months, you’ll have a regular stream of clients coming in. What a dental marketing company can do for you is streamline all the potential patients that you could get and send them your way. Always keep these in your mind while evaluating the plans.

Many of these packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning in case you are not satisfied with the bundle or services, you can get a refund within 30 days with no questions being inquired.Transparency can be as essential as the brilliance of the company you’re going to employ.

When you reach the dentist to keep your appointment, make sure you show the discount dental plan card to the assistant to avoid confusion, it will ensure that you are charged the discounted rate in the first place.

Guarantee that the business you seek listens to your issues and confronts the idea directly. High quality clients that you won’t find if you just choose to sit inside your office and wait for clients to miraculously show up on your doorstep.

The payment with the discounted rate is to be made during the time of taking the service. Whether you are a small company just barely starting in the business or a veteran but requires a bit of pick me upper, you’ll absolutely want a Dentist marketing company to fix up your organization. A great portion of those patients might not return so it is important to get as much new ones as you possibly can. What can a Dental marketing company do for you? You might think that you will not need such services because dental service is a highly sought after business wherever you go.

After they locate one whom they are most comfortable with, they don’t look for other doctors anymore. The important thing here is to always get a continuous supply of new clients arriving through your door. What exactly exactly should you go around looking for in a dental marketing company? You will need a team which recognizes your distinct demands. Normally Dental plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance. A dental plan is a type of club you join where we have a portion of companies and customers. The World Wide Web would be a great tool to search for various plans in your area and evaluate them. This could be the case but understand that folks treat their dentists just as they treat their doctors. There aren’t any problems of paperwork and statements as in insurance plans.

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Medical Assistant

Becoming a Medical Assistant is an excellent investment in your future. Medical assistants are projected to be among America’s fastest-growing occupations through the year 2018, so people with medical assistant training will continue to be in high demand. Within less than a year medical assistant training classes can provide you with all of the skills you need to become certified. Depending on the size, location and specialty of the doctor, the roles of trained medical assistants vary from one workplace to another. In smaller offices, assistants will frequently perform both administrative and clinical duties. In this case, you would generally report directly to a physician or other health practitioner. Medical Assistants in larger practices tend to specialize in a particular area under the supervision of department administrators. Assistants who specialize have additional duties. Podiatric medical assistants make castings of feet, expose and develop X-rays, and assist podiatrists in surgery. Ophthalmic medical assistants help ophthalmologists provide medical eye care. They administer diagnostic tests, measure and record vision, and test eye muscle function. They also show patients how to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses; and they apply eye dressings. Under the direction of the physician, they may administer eye medications. They also maintain optical and surgical instruments and may assist the ophthalmologist in surgery.

Becoming a trained medical office assistant is easy to do. All you need to do is take medical assistant classes or enroll in a medical assistant program like the one at Ross Medical Education Center. They offer all ranges of medical assistant classes and medical training for those interested in the field. Learning to become part of a team is a great way to earn a living in the medical field. Medical assisting careers are always in high demand because there are always doctors who would benefit from having a great medically trained staff. Formal training in medical assisting, while generally preferred, is not always required. Some medical assistants are trained on the job, although this is less common than in the past. Applicants usually need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Recommended high school courses include mathematics, health, biology, typing, book-keeping, computers, and office skills.A Medical Assistant program from Ross Medical Education Centers can help you get there.

Medical Assistants work in well-lighted, clean environments. They constantly interact with other people and may have to handle several responsibilities at once. Most full-time medical assistants work a regular 40-hour week. Some work part- time, evenings, or weekends. The earnings of medical assistants can vary, depending on experience, skill level, and location. The median annual income for medical assistants was $27,400 in 2007. The middle 50 percent earned between $22,900 and $32,200 a year. Positions often also include medical and dental insurance. It is a great way to enter into the medical field without years and years of school. Some schooling is required to train the basic medical assisting skills but mostly anyone can become a skilled medical assistant. There are a few different certifications for medical assistants.The classes from Ross Medical Education Center can help graduates get on the right path to achieving those certifications.

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Medical coding in the dental world.: An article from: The Dental Assistant

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Medical coding in the dental world.: An article from: The Dental Assistant

Nursing Assistant Burnout

Nowadays, being a nursing assistant has a hell lot of benefits and rewards, such as highly respectable and paying job profile, chance to serve others, working for a cause apart from other fringe and infringe benefits. But as a part of their daily routine most of the time they need to work in shifts and odd hours. In case of emergencies they may have to work for extended hours. That may cause them to get stressed and burnout.


However, technically speaking stress and burnouts are two different mental and physical conditions that need to be understood clearly with a sharp demarcation between these two. Though, stress and burnout are totally different but as their signs and symptoms are same so often even sufferers don’t know for what they are suffering from. In simple medical terms stress is something which is temporary in nature.

It may come and go, whereas burnout stays for a longer time even for the lifetime. Due to burnout they are affected severely mentally, physically and emotionally. As result they may not be able to perform their tasks properly, so eventually either they leave their current job or sometimes hired by the administration. So at one hand they are negatively affected due to financial problems while on the other due to their poor mental condition sometimes their family life is disturbed.


Believe it or not, it is quite pathetic to see some of the bright, compassionate and ready-to-serve others nursing assistants leaving their job due to burnout. Once what they saw as a perfect job becomes a strong reason for their mental, physical and emotional condition.

Psychologist and researchers are constantly finding ways to overcome this problem to save a majority of nursing assistants who are increasingly being affected due to burnout. Nowadays management and supervisors seem to be really serious issue and they are showing positive interest in nursing assistant counseling. Most of these counselors help these disturbed and adversely affected nursing assistants to understand the causes of burnout and eventually help them overcome this dangerous symptom.


These counselors work in coordination with nursing assistants and other staff members to impart different training programs and ask management to offer different reward programs and salary hike so that these nursing assistants can feel better inside-out.

To save them and to help save the lives of diseased people in hospitals we certainly need to take care of these nursing assistants who are often get exhausted or drained out to perform their highly demanding and complex tasks. Otherwise a day will come when we won’t see much of these nursing assistants to look after us when we may need their timely care and service.


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