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Leucoderma and Eczema – An Health Astrology Examination

Sagittarius native suffering from skin based diseases like Leucoderma, Eczema, and Itching from long time. A Health Astrology Examination.

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Leucoderma is not just a skin disease. It is the external appearance of the internal derangement of the body. Thus, the treatment at curing this internal problem only would provide permanent relief from white patches. It is a chronic disease and may take considerable time to heal even with the best remedy. You should keep this in mind and should be ready to co-operate with your doctor.

Astrology Birth Chart

Capricorn in an astrology chart governs the skin and the knees, Hence afflictions in Capricorn sign produce Eczema, Leucoderma and Itch and other eruptive or inflammatory skin diseases. Libra rules the kidneys, the lumbar region of the spine, and the skin, hence afflictions in Libra produce eczema and other skin diseases etc. Jupiter afflicted in Libra in astrology chart gives a tendency to melancholy due to diminished adrenal secretion, skin eruptions due to sluggish action of kidneys. Swathy star rules skin, kidney , Uretar and Bladder. Mercury rules disease of the mouth and skin disease, Leucoderma, itches etc. Uthrashada 2,3,4 padas represent eczema, skin disease, leprosy etc. Sravana represents Filaria, eczema, skin disease etc.

For a Sagittarius ascendant in an Horoscope, Mars and Sun are benefics. Venus, Saturn and Mercury are evil. Jupiter and Moon are neutrals. Mercury is severely afflicted here by Rahu, Saturn and Mars and Sun. Capricorn is afflicted by Mercury and Venus. Mercury is placed in Uthrashada star and Venus is placed in Sravana star. Capricorn is also afflicted in Navamsa[D-9], Drekkana[D-3] and Dwadasamsa[D-12] by the placement of Mercury. Jupiter is also afflicted by Ketu ,Moon and Sun and ascendant involved in RKA in the astrology chart.

Moon in 4th house aspected by Mars in an astrological birth chart cause Leukoderma. Jupiter is afflicted here by Rahu and Mars cause one of the reason for Leukoderma. Moon in Pisces[watery sign] aspected by Mars and Saturn in an astrology chart will produce skin disease. Libra is also afflicted by the placement of Jupiter and placed in swathy star. The affliction of Moon by Saturn, Mercury or Rahu(Node) in astrology birth chart cause eczema. Moon is aspected by Saturn and Mars in personal astrology chart will give mental worries too. Saturn rules over skin. Moon rules disease of the skin. So affliction to these planets by malefic planets and Mars and a connection with Virgo sign in an Horoscope produce skin disease and itching.

According to Prasna Marga, the leading astrology text, Stealing the wealth of the Deities and Brahmins and eating forbidden foods give rise to Leucoderma. Performance of Kushmanda homa and gifting of gold are the astrological remedies.

Yoga cures Leucoderma, if proper yogic therapy is given by Experts, in a natural way like Ayurveda, without side effects. Your faith on the treatment, diet, lifestyle etc plays a vital role to overcome this disease.

Pradeep Muthukulam PhotoAbout Author
Pradeep Muthukulam is practicing as a Qualified Professional Consultant in Astrology, Counselor and Advisor to Corporate and Individuals . CEO of THE ASTRO CLUB.COM and Managing Director of THE HOME DESIGNERS. Website:

Medical Problems And Astrology

Most of the people who believe in astrology and go to the astrologers usually ask the first question about their carrier or income related issues, then probably about their love life or marriage, then about the scope of a child or about the future of the child and some other things like this. But I have seen very few people going to an astrologer and asking about their health unless they are suffering from a really serious disease. For example a person who is constantly suffering from problems in his stomach or a person suffering from migraine on a regular basis would usually ask about other things and not raise these issues at all. And while it was said long back that Health is Wealth, it looks like that Wealth is Health has become the quote of the day. Why do people going to the astrologers for finding solutions to many problems in other spheres of their lives not ask a question about their health or a disease. And at the same time this very aspect is usually ignored by many astrologers also. In many cases, even the astrologers don’t take interest in telling their clients about the diseases they might be suffering from already and the diseases they are very likely to get in the coming future. Is astrology, which is expected to predict every rise and fall, every success and failure, every good and bad, every may be and may not be in the life of a person, not capable of predicting the diseases.

Well, for the people who don’ know, let me tell you a secret. The horoscope of a person is like an X-ray report for his entire life and diseases are usually very easy to pick from this report. Many diseases can be predicted at the birth of a child after analyzing his or her Horoscope which would otherwise be known only when the symptoms would appear and the doctor would examine and confirm them. These diseases may include upset stomach scientifically known as Irritable Bowl Syndrome in which a person suffers either from Constipation or from Diarrhea, Extreme weakness in the body, Piles, Skin Diseases, Backpains, Heart Troubles, Mental Diseases, Serious Migraines, Irregularities with the Periods and excessive bleeding, some defects in the Ovaries and Uterus which may cause problems in conception in case of Females, and so on. On the other hand sometimes a disease may not be very much visible even to an expert Astrologer. But in any case, an expert Astrologer would tell you about some of your diseases or most of them after analyzing your Horoscope. And regarding the non prediction of some of the diseases you may have, Astrology is a very vast and deep science, and there are always so many permutations and combinations which simply means that there are so many good and bad Yogas in a Horoscope. Some of them are instantly visible to an Astrologer while some of them may need a very detailed analysis of the Horoscope, which would mean that the Astrologer would have to devote a great deal of time to one Horoscope to find out some problem or disease which is otherwise not very much visible from the standard analysis of the Horoscope. But once you tell him about your disease or problem, it is comparatively very easy to find the reason or the Yoga causing that disease as most of the astrologers know which diseases are caused due to which Yogas. And once the problem has been detected, only the treatment or remedy is left to be discussed.

And coming to the remedies part, the question arises whether the diseases can be treated or prevented with the help of astrological remedies or not. Well in my personal opinion and experience, so many of the diseases can be treated much more faster with the help of astrological remedies than by using medicines for them. For example people suffering from extreme weakness and fatigues for many years who have been taking supplements and medicines for so many years, have recovered in a matter of days and gained good strengths. In the same ways people suffering from chronic gastric troubles, and constipation have recovered in a matter of days and weeks and the results obtained with the help of astrological remedies have sustained almost permanently. So what are these astrological remedies. Well, the Gemstones are leading the charts when it comes to treating and preventing diseases. Application of Gemstones have given magical results in treating most of the diseases mentioned above. People have benefited a lot with the help of Gemstones and many of them have started witnessing the benefits in a matter of days only or in some cases in a matter of hours also. The science of Gemstones is at its very best in treating diseases provided you are prescribed the right Gemstone with right weight and right ways to wear it. So next time you consult your astrologer, do remember to ask about your health problems because no matter how fast the life may become and however important the money and success may become, Health would still be preferred to Wealth in my opinion, as no pleasure of this world can be enjoyed in its true sense if you are not healthy.


Himanshu Shangari

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Himanshu Shangari is a professional practitioner and researcher in Vedic and scientific astrology and specializes in prescription of Gemstones and astrological remedies after analyzing the horoscopes. Visit for more.

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