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Barbecue Grilling and Smoking Secrets Revealed

The art of barbecuing has got to be one of the oldest arts in the world. The first grilled items would have been those cooked over an open fire by the cavemen. Can’t you just visualize the first time they found the charred remains of a Saber Tooth Tiger in the forest? They were probably retrieving burning sticks for the cave fire and were enticed to the carcass by the inviting smell of the cooked flesh. In time they would have realized things like: animals were best cooked without the fur, and that meat cooked with certain woods tasted better than those done over ordinary spruce. This would have naturally led to experimentation with other combinations.

Then, one night as Mama Ugh was preparing some wild boar on a spit over the fire, Papa Yuck arrived home with a honeycomb he had discovered. While he was trying to melt the honey out of the honeycomb some of it dripped onto the hog meat and, ZOWIE— BBQ sauces were born.

This experimenting still goes on today almost every time someone cooks over the open fire or in a state-of-the-art barbecue grill. Barbecuing fascinates us, like camp fires and fast flowing rivers. We long to reach back to ancestral times and explore culinary possibilities as they must have been. Today, however, we normally don’t cook over open fires. Our venture into the past is usually on an ultra modern Weber that operates on some kind of flammable gas and using a variety of choice cut meats and condiments.

Never mind, the thought is still there, and the competition just as intense, to grill the absolutely best BBQ dinner on the cave colony or in the modern day county.

We spend about $250 on a grill and upwards to $100 on accessories, and then experiment for the most part with steaks, ribs, chicken, hamburger, or pork, to try not to make it look like we “throwed it in the fire for fifteen o twenty minutes and then drug it out”. Then we add to the cost of our learning experience every time we fork out another twenty bucks for those choice cuts so that we can eat “primitive”.

Let’s take a look at what we need to consider before getting into barbecuing.

1.) Before you do anything else think carefully about what you want to barbecue or smoke and whether there is one piece of equipment available that is versatile enough to do everything you want your barbecue to do.

2.) If the grill is mainly for barbecuing, the next thing would be the equipment required or desired. I say desired because your individual tastes are the most important when making decisions regarding food. Do you prefer



-or gas grills?

You also need to ask yourself if the grill is to be used for grilling only, or also for smoking meat? Many BBQ’s today feature side burners and warmers, and you might even want built-in igniters if you choose a gas grill. There are even grills that are designed with special smoking features.

3.) Will you need accessories for your barbecue/smoker?


-shish kabob tools,

-corn cradles,

-potato molds,

-fish and/or meat holders,

-shrimp baskets,

-marshmallow and wiener roasting “sticks”,

-tongs, forks, knives, basting brushes, and/or burger flippers,

-cleaning brushes, scrapers, and cleaners,


-barbecue mitts, hats, and aprons,

-smoking rack

There is a wide range of products available and it is probably best to do a little research into these areas before you lay out your hard earned cash. I speak from experience when I say that you can easily spend a hundred dollars on accessories.

4.) Once you have the desired equipment you will need to choose the right type of meat or food based entirely on your personal preferences. A few choices include:





-chicken, duck, or turkey,

-pork chops,

-sirloin strip,





-sausages, or wieners,

-shish kabob products (meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc.),

This list could go on and on. If you have a food that you like to cook you can probably find a way to barbecue it.

5.) Along with that you may want to put a little study into the types of



-or wet or dry rubs

that you and those close to you would prefer. This is usually a matter of personal taste but can also be determined by the type and condition of the meat. Especially if you are considering grilling a lot of wild game meat you may want to use special marinades that will keep the meat more moist or even tenderize the steaks from your trophy animal. You may want to cook your baked potatoes with onion, garlic, and spices, or grill your corn in a butter bath.

6.) Then you will have to give consideration as to where you want to use and store your barbecue. By where you would like to use it I mean, giving consideration to anything flammable that might be too close to it and the availability of water in case of an emergency. For storing you need to decide if you are going to put it under cover such as a tool shed or whether to purchase a BBQ cover if it is to remain outdoors.

7.) Just as we do in our kitchens you will want to browse for the best recipes and procedures to produce the best BBQ food possible possible. The only thing left for you to do is to search for and practice with different procedures and recipes, and then decide which friends you want to invite down and dazzle with your barbecuing prowess.

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