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Plano Cosmetic Dentist – The Path to a Whiter And Brighter Smile

Anyone walking through a Renaissance portrait gallery will notice quickly that while almost every pretty girl and handsome man is smiling at the viewer, none of them are showing their teeth. The reasoning behind this is obvious: before the modern era, it was not unusual for even wealthy and healthy adults to be missing most or all of their teeth. George Washington famously had to wear dentures made from ivory and carefully strapped to his one remaining molar. World militaries demanded that their soldiers have at least three consecutive teeth somewhere in their mouth so that they could tear open packages. Even as late as the 1940s, it was not unusual for persons to have crooked or deformed teeth, often horribly discolored or chipped.

The advent of toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and fluoridated water has done much to permit people to keep their teeth. This has led to an interesting phenomenon: because many humans once had fewer teeth than they do today, it is not unusual for our teeth to become crowded or deformed as they pile one on top of the other. Additionally, the sort of foods and beverages people now enjoy tends to discolor teeth. This has led to the invention and upsurge of cosmetic dentistry, which focuses on making teeth beautiful and more functional as opposed to merely present and accounted for. Healthy teeth are linked to overall health and good body image, and many teens find their lives happier and more fulfilling if they have better smiles. A mouth of straight, white teeth is also helpful for those who want to be more friendly and approachable, as it helps others to feel that the person they are talking to is healthy and well cared for.

The most famous procedure conducted by cosmetic dentists is the installation and later removal of braces. Braces have become extremely common among first-world teenagers, since humans, like most mammals, rarely have a perfect set of straight teeth. Braces are painful and at times humiliating, but in the long term they provide the patient with perfectly straight teeth that are not only attractive, but also much less painful and much more useful. Bent and misaligned teeth make chewing and biting difficult, and as the teeth push up against one another they are extremely painful. Thankfully, modern braces are not only effective, but they are increasingly becoming less and less obtrusive. While some kids can select to have braces with colors or designs they happen to prefer, there is also the option of having almost invisible braces, which are mostly transparent.

Cosmetic dentists also perform teeth whitening procedures. As previously mentioned, much of what humans eat tends to discolor their teeth. This is also happens to some people due to genetics or childhood diseases. White teeth trigger a natural sense of good health in the observer, making anyone with white teeth appear more friendly and approachable. For this reason, cosmetic dentists use very gentle bleaching agents or, increasingly, lasers to whiten the teeth. This is done by delicately removing the outermost layer of the tooth in order to expose the brilliant white enamel beneath. Improved techniques and equipment now make this procedure safe, effective and inexpensive, allowing almost anyone to have the sort of bright, shimmering smiles that they see in the movies and on television.

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