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Dynamic Health Mangosteen Gold- 100% Pure Organic Certified Mangosteen Juice, 32-Ounce Bottle

  • Traditional Benefits are Anti-aging and Boost energy.
  • Help control pain and Ward off infections.
  • Our juices are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.
  • USDA Organic Certified Acai Juice Blend is delicious and formulated with beneficial fruit juices.
  • Reduce fever, Protect against disease, Controls blood sugar, Immune system Enhancer and Promotes Vitality.

Product Description
Mangosteen is known as Queen of Fruits and the “Food of the Gods”. It is primarily grown in Southeast Asia. Scientifically its name is Garcinia MangostanaL. It is traditionally recognized for its exquisite flavor and high value in natural healing properties. This product is 100% pure Organic Certified USDA Mangosteen juice, rich in naturally occuring Xanthones which are the “Key Actives” responsible for the multitude of health supporting benefits for which Mangoste… More >>

Dynamic Health Mangosteen Gold- 100% Pure Organic Certified Mangosteen Juice, 32-Ounce Bottle

Moroccan Gold Beauty Oil – 100% Pure Argan Oil – 1/2 Oz Precise Dropper Bottle of Certified Organic Cosmetic Oil Direct From Morocco

  • Excellent for nourishing salon quality hair treatment. Antioxidants protected from damaging light in dark dropper
  • Perfect for stretch marks, pregnancy skin, infant skin, soothing, healthy results
  • Use alone or add this pure concentrate Add it to your own favorite lotion, shampoo, conditioner, skin care product, etc..
  • Glass dropper bottle offers precise dispensing / Richest natural source of vitamin E; fights dehydration, oxidation and premature aging
  • Watts Beauty brand is certified pure 100% Organic Cosmetic Moroccan Oil by ECOCERT, vegan, paraben free, fair trade, NO animal testing

Product Description
READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS… IT IS NOT PURE IF IT CONTAINS ANY OTHER INGREDIENTS, PERIOD… Watts Beauty organic argan oil is great for use on all types of hair, as a cuticle oil, on your face, or anywhere on your body. It is also extremely effective on red, inflamed skin for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rashes. Argan oil slows the progression of lines and wrinkles and leaves skin soft and smooth. It is also used to smooth and detangle hair, minimize st… More >>

Moroccan Gold Beauty Oil – 100% Pure Argan Oil – 1/2 Oz Precise Dropper Bottle of Certified Organic Cosmetic Oil Direct From Morocco

Add Value to the Medical Transcriptionist Profession by getting Certified

Medical Transcription is one area of medicine which plays a very important role in its own way. A popular notion is that a lot of people tend to think that anyone can work as a medical transcriptionist. However, having a professional degree in medical transcription adds more value to the profession in terms of giving a quality output as well as a greater income generation. Moreover, employers prefer hiring transcriptionists who have completed some proper MT course.

A formal degree leads to interaction with the medical fraternity that in turn directs to a better understanding of how medical records management, health care billing & coding and medical transcription – the process of converting the physician’s written and recorded notes into electronic files –  is carried out.

There are many online courses and certifications available on medical transcription. These have a duration that range from a 6-month to 2-year certificate, diploma or associate degree programs that will teach make you adept in a range of skills. Most of these courses include subjects such as:

  • Medical Terminology and Basic Medical Procedures
  • Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology
  • Health Care Law
  • Ethics
  • Business Communications 
  • Office Administration
  • Word Processing

For people who are already actively involved in the field, there are two certifications for available for them to become certified in medical transcription:

  • The Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) which is good for recent graduates of medical transcription programs or those who have less than 2 years experience in acute care medical transcription. They may become a RMT after passing the certification exam.
  • The Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) which is earned after passing a certification examination and 2 years experience in acute care transcription including surgical transcription and the use of different report types. To keep certification current, continuing education credits must be earned every three years.

Having a MT degree will get an annual salary ranging from $33,000 and $40,000. Many MTs are paid on either hourly basis or on the volume of work they complete. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical transcriptionists can also go on to pursue careers like medical technicians, medical coders and other administrative workers.

The current economic scenario does not seem to have ebbed this particular industry as the BLS has predicted that medical transcription field will grow faster than the average occupation until at least 2014. Those planning to join an MT course need to thoroughly research the training companies, check their syllabus and job placement rates. Some “schools” are training centers that don’t really teach what needs to be known to land a decent medical transcription job.

About Author
MTOffshore is a medical transcription website that gives access to medical transcription resources. It includes a comprehensive database of the latest news, articles, blogs and medical transcription companies’ directory.

Be Healthy And Fit at a Certified Core Dalene Weight Loss Clinic

Did you know that it takes more than just a disease-free body to be considered healthy and fit? Every Core dalene weight loss clinic knows this by heart and as such is the all-around resource for a variety of your health needs, not to mention, your need to shed that excess pounds off your body.

The weight loss industry is a multi billion industry that provides products and services that promises quick shedding of excess fat and weight. I guess we do not need to remind you that! From self help books to crèmes to lotions to weight loss pills to rings and earrings, body wraps, and body belts. You name it, the weight loss industry has it!

What may seem particularly odd about all these things is the rather quick turnaround of the promised results. Common sense will tell us that you cannot shed ten pounds overnight and that no amount of dieting alone will be sufficient to merit a significant reduction in weight.

The good thing about every Core dalene weight loss clinic because they not only know this fact, they also provide a more realistic assessment of one’s weight issues.

Now, any healthcare practitioner with a sound practice will tell you that the only way to permanently lose weight is when you have a good integration of diet and nutrition, physical activity, and a change in lifestyle.

Yet there is many a Core dalene weight loss clinic who raise the bar to the next level. Instead of just relying on the good ol’ mix of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, they have inadvertently added science, technology and non-traditional, albeit ancient, methods in shedding excess pounds.

This is done in order to make sure that not only does the person lose weight, all other aspects of his personhood is addressed too.

Consider that you were able to shed your excess baggage will you not feel more confident about yourself? Will this confidence not boost you in your career or even in your personal life?

There have been countless studies into the relationship of a healthy body with the level of self esteem and self worth. The healthier you are, the better is your sense of self worth which can literally translate into a lot of other meaningful things.

Now, a duly licensed Core dalene weight loss clinic can help you discover the joys of such programs. These clinics have a one-on-one weight loss and general fitness program designed specifically for your body type, your lifestyle, as well as your metabolic baseline.

This is what makes these clinics tick and be one of the most sought after even by world class triathletes competing in the annual Core dalene Ironman Triathlon. Bet you did not know that this grueling 140.6 mile race of endurance is done every fourth Sunday of June?

Because of this, health and fitness centers in Core dalene have become synonymous to world class health and fitness. It does pay to achieve general health and fitness in one of the many Core dalene weight loss clinic and centers in the state of Idaho.

About Author
Lynn Rowe specializes in writing fat loss, nutrition, triathlon and human performance articles and invites you to check for the Inland Northwest’s solutions to your fitness, weight loss and sports training needs.

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