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Gentle Creek Golf Club – Live Where You Play

Gentle Creek – “For those who truly enjoy the game of golf in a private and friendly atmosphere…” This is the branding for the Gentle Creek Golf Club in Prosper and it does live up to its motto.

The Course

Designed by D.A. Weibring, this 7,300 yard, 18 hole course winds through 236 acres of varied landscape that includes manicured fairways, wooded borders, elevation variations, and water hazards provided by a 20-acre lake. It can be enjoyed by average and skilled golfers alike, although beginners should take advantage of the white tees to make the most of their game. There is a reason why Gentle Creek was voted #13 of all 1,100 courses in the state of Texas.

Gentle Creek is especially known for the 9th hole. It may only be a par 3, but you’ll remember shooting over the large pond, waterfall and rock wall to get to the green. There are eight sets of tees for this one.

Another challenging par 3 faces you on the 15th hole. At 139 yards, you’ll be fighting for every one of them. Start by shooting over a huge pond, but don’t go too far or you’ll end up in the sand bunker directly behind the green. Add to this a fairway bordered with Pecan trees that creates a sort of wind tunnel, and make club selection extra important. Don’t fret, the green is larger than most and will allow for some inaccuracy to the right or left.

The stately clubhouse features Lakeside Grill restaurant with covered terrace, full service pro shop, fitness room, men’s and ladie’s locker rooms, card room and steam room. Practice facility includes putting green, bunkered chipping green and over one acre of grass practice tees.

Gentle Creek is a members course and offers different levels of membership:

Full Membership: Includes green fees, locker, shoe care, club storage and cleaning, range balls and handicap service. Club facilities can be utililized by members, their spouse and children under the age of 23, or single, full time students still living at home.

Corporate Membership: Same privileges as Full Membership for designated corporate employees.

Senior Membership: Same privileges at Full Membership for individuals aged 65 and over, with some restricted tee times.

Non-Resident Membership: For those residing outside of a 100 mile radius of the club and any county bordering Collin County. They receive the same benefits as the Full Membership, but are limited to 4 tee times per month.

Homes at Gentle Creek

Gentle Creek Estates: This golf community is set on 630 acres of scenic Prosper countryside. Homesites are a generous 1 acre or larger in sizes with home styles ranging from patio style to custom estates surrounding the course. Custom homes range in price from $300’s to $1.5 million. In light of our current economic times, prices are down in Gentle Creek and it’s never been a better time to buy a place.

Vistas of Gentle Creek offers homes priced from $229,900 to $369,900. Sizes range from 2,103 square feet up to over 4,000 square feet, with 1 or 2 story plans. Standard features of many of the homes include granite countertops, brick front porch, security system, gas fireplace with granite surround, ash, hand-stained kitchen cabinets, granite foyer, ceramic tile flooring in kitchen, utility and baths, high efficiency 13 SEER air conditioning, mahogany front door with beveled glass, crown molding in foyer, living room and dining room, wrought iron stair balusters, full sod and sprinkler systems.

Quality builders in Gentle Creek include Alford Homes, Grand Homes, Perrin Homes, Darling Homes and Dave R. Williams Homes. Make sure you contact them directly to find out about any builders promotions being offered. For instance, Grand Homes has over $50,000 off of select homes, and includes free swimming pool in some homes.

A future phase is being planned along the 18th fairway with many homes boasting lovely views of the lake and golf course. Gentle Creek is run by the Gentle Creek Homeowners Association that manages repairs, maintenance and social activities in the neighborhood.

Homeowners have the option of joining the golf club, as well as sharing an olympic size pool, and amenity center.

Gentle Creek is located north of Fisco at 3131 E. Prosper Trail, Prosper – near Preston Rd. and SH380.

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Work on Getting to The Health Club if Dieting Comes Easily

Some people have no difficulty modifying their diets. Possibly because of prudent dietary upbringing, they can cut the fat and cut calories without experiencing any kind of significant discomfort. While it seems that few are like this, some definitely are.

Yet, these people are often in need of improvement when it comes to exercise. For whatever reason, they cannot seem to stay on a regular workout routine. Sometimes this is because of time constraints, quite often the result of long commutes. Other times it is simply the result of boredom. There is just not enough to challenge them mentally on a ten mile run as there is when they are their jobs.

Even with a reduced calorie plan, these people can still experience weight loss Cutting calories only has limited effects. People still need to burn off built up fat deposits and keep their systems escalated to attain their desired ends.

What needs to happen is that those who have no trouble with their diets need to focus the greatest amount of attention on their workout regularity. That may result in an entire re-thinking of what it means to have fun or what to do immediately after dinner. In other words, time for recreation at board or computer games may need to be converted to after dinner walk times or regular trips to the health club.

Diet and exercise are essential for any weight loss or fitness program. One without the other is never enough to maximize health and cause the desired changes in appearance. Nearly every drug and supplement manufacturer recognizes this, which is why they almost always say when taken in conjunction with a diet and exercise program. Further, anyone who has tried to lose weight by calorie reduction alone has probably experienced a return to previous levels because of extreme disappointment with the result

No weight loss program can be one sided. Certainly one can cause significant changes by consuming a very limited number of calories, but muscle tone issues will sabotage a continuation of these efforts. That is because most of us are interested in losing weight to look and feel youthful or healthy. Often times that is referred to as fit, attractive or even youthful. These will never result from calorie reduction alone.

Therefore, anyone who believes that his condition can be changed by merely going on a diet ought to re-think his or her position
before starting out again. Without an exercise program that is as regular as the brushing of one’s teeth, one’s new diet no matter how promising is doomed to ultimate failure.

Get wealthy while getting healthy. It’s the wise thing to do.

Mark Clemens PhotoAbout Author
Author of “Think and Grow Fit” (a rational person’s guide to getting in shape and staying that way forever.)

How to Know if You Have Chosen The Right Club

There are many different criteria for choosing a club, One is proximity; another is type of equipment for your particular routine. Still another is overall cleanliness and repair. All of those are important. But, for most of us who join at a standard fitness chain, these almost always are adequate.

One of the important points beyond this, is the club membership itself. One really needs to look at who is already
a member as he or she will be sharing equipment with them on a regular basis. Do these people respect you? Unfortunately, you may not actually know until the end of your first month.

An absolute must is that the other members respect you for your program. This means that they do in fact allow you to do your own thing without ridicule or interruption. That is true even if you are new to fitness training and possibly not as adept as more seasoned members. All of us need to work out as we see fit in order that we may grow at our own paces.

One absolutely needs the personal space to do and grow as he or she is able. This is best facilitated by simply doing a routine over a period of time allowing nature to take its course. That will be far less likely to happen if one is continuously interrupted or told to do things differently than he or she deems best.

Common courtesy is so common that it seems almost unnecessary to talk about it. Yet, there are personality types who feel the need to coach beginners or to disturb the concentration of those who are doing their routines. Most likely their motives are very good, but their effects on others is less than desirable. A club with even a few of these types is not a good place for anyone.

If one finds that he or she has joined a club with a considerable percentage of people like this, he or she should consider switching. There is little that is worse than being treated as less than a person when one is trying desperately to stay at a routine. Moving to a club that is possibly 10 or 15 minutes further away is therefore advisable.

The only other alternative is to either confront these obnoxious people with their unwelcome behavior or to complain about it to management. But this type of aggression generally has bad consequences. Further, the club which has a considerable number of folks like these is most often run by someone equally as insensitive. Switching to another place in the interests of hanging in for the long haul is therefore in one’s best interests.

Discount Savings And Benefits Club

I recently became a member of a savings and benefits club that allowed me to save on everyday purchases.

Additionally there is an extensive list for professional services such as dental, hearing, vision, doctor
visits that you can save money on.

Although I do not purchase medications I do buy pet meds which are reduced in price through our membership with significant savings even after shipping cost included [when they apply.] Shopping online saves time and [gas]money, I prefer the convenience of products shipped to my door versus dealing with errands and traffic.

Finding ways to save on the family budget and getting the most value for our purchases has become more important these days for many families with increased cost of living expenses & income earners laid off or jobs eliminated.

Another feature to your membership is savings for office visits on medical, dental, vision etc. Reduced costs can save families money that have lost employee insurance benefits.

Simply print out your membership ID card which is valid for the entire family. When Contacting these DISCOUNTED PROVIDERS, please have your Discount Card with MEMBER ID Available. This is NOT Insurance.

The ‘Savings Spider’ lists all in one location national discounts (varies by region) on commonly bought goods from groceries to toiletries. Weekly specials are listed with additions for promotional free items or ‘double value’ coupon promotions.

There are a number of items on sale weekly that will be FREE after ECB. This is a great time to stock up on more school supplies. An ECB is an Extra Care Buck coupon that prints out at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you buy qualifying items. It’s like an instant rebate. Instead of sending away to get your rebate, it prints out right after you buy the product.

Walgreens also has a rebate program called Register Rewards. Just like ECB’s, the coupon (called a Register Reward and also known as an RR) prints out at the end of the transaction.

Rite Aid
Rite Aid has a rebate program called Single Check Rebates (SCR). With this program, you purchase the rebate items listed in the monthly single check rebate booklet . If you use a manufacturer coupon to lower the cost, you will still receive the full rebate amount listed in the booklet (unless otherwise specified). Sometimes this means you make money on the item. If the toothpaste is on sale for $2.99 and the rebate amount is for $2.99, it will be free after rebate. If you also have a $1 manufacturer coupon, you only pay $1.99 at the register (plus tax, if applicable) but you will actually receive the full $2.99 rebate. That’s known as a money maker!

Need something from the mall? Why drive and hassle with traffic and parking? Participating stores from [A-Z] Automotive Warehouse to (Z) Walmart pay cash back dividends on every purchase.

Membership has many valuable benefits. / List of Member Benefits


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Want To Loose With All Avoidance – Join Biggest Losers Club

All or nothing thinking — that you have to do something perfectly or not at all — can mean disaster for your weight loss efforts. For some, the idea of either doing things to “perfection” or not at all may even keep them from losing weight altogether. Here are a few simple steps to avoid all or nothing thinking.

Step One: Get a Lifestyle (Change)!

The first way to avoid all or nothing thinking is to shake the idea that loosing weight is something you do “right” just temporarily and then the work is done. The fact is, most people who are able to loose weight successfully and more importantly, keep that weight off — make healthy, change their lifestyle such as exercising regularly or joining a biggest losers club or look for weight loss advice from an expert, consciously finding ways to prevent emotional eating.

If you look at your weight-loss efforts as something you’re only doing “for now,” those new, healthy changes won’t be permanent. But if you try to do too much too soon, the changes will last only days. Small and gradual changes are what will work.

Step Two: Give in your Temptations Now and Then

Severely limiting your food intake or completely cutting out your favorite foods sets you up for a binge. Don’t make your life miserable by ever-present sense of deprivation; it will only make overeating a risk. Temptation becomes much less powerful when you know it is fleeting and can be quelled with less than you think. So, allow yourself a small portion of something “bad” that you really love now and again instead of telling yourself it’s off-limits for good. Being part of a biggest losers club, will help you slowly diminish your cravings for food.

Step Three: Don’t haunt yourself with “D Word”

D for diet, at is. Following a strict diet naturally lends itself to giving in to all or nothing thinking: You’re either “on your diet” or you’ve “blown your diet”. That kind of “black and white” thinking can make your biggest loser weight-loss advice and efforts much more difficult and may even prevent you from losing weight at all.

Its is always an appreciated and well followed biggest loser weight loss advice to find the middle ground that lies somewhere between following that overly-strict diet and eating everything you want, there is a point at which you can be both happy and healthy.

Step Four: Do Forgive Yourself

So, you decided to follow that “give in” step last night and allow yourself a cookie. But before bed you enjoyed a few more. Does that mean it’s time to go off the rails the rest of the day just because you blew it this morning? No way!

Not allowing yourself to make mistakes is the worst mistake you can make. Here’s some food for thought: All or nothing thinking is a way to let you off the hook. Subconsciously you think: “Oh, now I’ve screwed up. Glad I don’t have to bother anymore!” … for some of us, quitting something just because we didn’t do it perfectly is an easy escape route.

Step 5: It is good to celebrate small victories

Acknowledging your achievements — no matter how insignificant they seem — with non-food rewards will help you stay motivated throughout your weight-loss journey.

You’re only human … a soon-to-be much lighter human! So better take it easy on yourself and you are in the process of learning how to be new, improved, and healthier you.

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