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Celiac Support Comprehensive Gut Health – 120 – Veg Cap

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Product Description
Celiac Support Comprehensive Gut Health As with all Pioneer products it is a clinician developed formulation, specifically designed to support individuals with a wide range of common intestinal issues. This comprehensive gut health support formula contains Glutamine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Mucin, Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL), Marshmallow, Quercetin and Vitamin A. Gluten-Free… More >>

Celiac Support Comprehensive Gut Health – 120 – Veg Cap

Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach

Product Description
Concepts of Fitness & Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach provides readers with self-management skills necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This well established text uses a proven conceptual format, brief concepts rather than chapters, to provide information in a useful and concise way, and is organized to focus on “process” or lifestyle changes with early coverage of planning so students can apply the concepts immediately…. More >>

Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach

Chipchecker: A Comprehensive Electronic Component Distribution Company

Whether you are a manufacturer of automobiles, medicines, telecommunication equipment or textiles, you need a reliable electronic components distributor. The electronic components distributor should be highly competent in terms of quality and timely delivery. The distributor should be capable of handling high volume orders as well. A good electronic component distributor should have team of expert sales engineers to educate the customer about the products they are offering. ChipChecker is one such name of high repute in the field of electronic component distribution.
ChipChecker is in the field of electronic component distribution from last 35 years. You can rely on them for cheap prices, lasting quality and delivery at the shortest possible notice to any distance.

ChipChecker has an in-house state of the art electronic component testing laboratory to provide electrical testing services to their valued clients. They are the most trusted electronic parts supplier when it comes to electrical devices. They invest a lot of money and time for upgrading their quality inspection procedures and techniques. This ensures that they maintain their reputation as top of the end and highest quality electronic part supplier in the industry and also protect their valued clients from unsafe, inferior and forged parts.

In simple words, any electronic contract manufacturing company’s capability depends upon the kind of production facility, productions engineers and management ability they have. ChipChecker has all this and more to meet the client’s expectations. ChipChecker’s ability to provide highquality components at a low price makes them the most sought after electronic contract manufacturing company. For your entire electronic component search you can

Electrical inspection services provided by ChipChecker are world class. In electrical inspection services, they not only provide reports about the health of your electrical devices but also suggest how to keep them in good shape to avoid any mishap. Insurance companies demand a periodic inspection report of yourelectrical devices if any mishap occurs. In such cases these electrical inspection service reports play a vital role in getting your insurance claim for approval by the insurance company.

Printed circuit board manufacturing is one field which requires high level of expertise. ChipChecker possess high end technology for printed circuit board manufacturing. Let it be single sided, double sided or multilayered PCB, they have all that it needs to delivery high quality PCBs at low cost by using minimum and low cost components without compromising on quality.

Chipchecker has best electronic components testing equipment to test electronic components accurately and to identify faults for any electronic repair. With their superior testing equipment they ensure that no fault is ever missed during testing of the electronic device.

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Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: A Comprehensive Approach

Everyone is trying to get stay in shape, but most people go about losing weight in a piecemeal fashion. Keeping a balanced approach is the best way to lose weight, and to stay balanced you need to engage your health comprehensively. Here is an important set of steps to help comprehensively lose weight and keep it off.

You need to get proper exercise and physical activity. Contrary to popular opinion, the best way to do this isn’t to join a gym. Instead, find a physical activity, sport or game that you enjoy, and jump head first into it. Having a physical hobby or activity can burn as many calories as ab-busting at the gym, while still being something that you want to do. When is the right time to finally take up tennis or softball? The right time is the moment you decide you want to START losing weight. Don’t fall into the trap of saying that you’ll start tennis or golf after you’ve lost a few pounds; the best time is at the beginning so that it helps you lose those pounds.

Diet is the second step behind exercise that most people think about when it comes to weight loss, and is clearly a part of a comprehensive approach. It’s essential to cut out empty calories. Avoid high calorie drinks like beer and soda, and pick healthy snacks rather than empty calorie snacks. One can of soda can have as many as 200 calories…200 calories with almost no healthful nutrition. Eliminating empty calories is an essential step for having a balanced comprehensive approach to weight loss. However, simply avoiding empty calories isn’t the proper way to balance a comprehensive approach to healthful eating. You need to maintain a balanced level of nutrition while cutting calories; and this is a mistake many people make. It’s difficult to get the right amount of nutrition while avoiding high calorie foods and the biggest problem most people have is creating a stale and stagnant diet. The last two steps will address this issue and help you find the room needed to have a varied and interesting diet; the sort of diet that people can continue and live with.

Step there, take a multivitamin – Seriously. A multivitamin will give you a calorie free way of getting all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. By getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need each day in one dose, you have freedom to eat those foods that you want to eat. Instead of being stuck to a diet that is nutritionally sound but boring and stagnant, multivitamins can give your diet the wiggle room that allows for variety.

Finally, make sure to eat your fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low calorie and high nutrient foods. Adding new and different fruits and vegetables to your diet creates a diversity ways to get the nutrition you need. Instead of tomatoes on your salad try avocado. Instead of mashed potatoes try some mashed parsnips. The different flavors will help keep you eating. And because you’ve taken the multivitamin of step three, you know that you are covered on your nutritional needs.

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Doctor Joins Comprehensive Alternative Medicine Center

LifeWorks Wellness Center announces the addition of Dr. Dean Silver, a board certified specialist in internal medicine and cardiology who will be a new doctor on the LifeWorks medical team. Adding Dr. Silver’s expertise in many different alternative and complementary modalities, including anti-aging medicine, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and natural hormone replacement, helps LifeWorks remain one of the most advanced, cutting-edge alternative health care clinics in the country.

Clearwater, FL August 2, 2004 — LifeWorks Wellness Center announces the addition of Dr. Dean Silver, a board certified specialist in internal medicine and cardiology who will be a new doctor on the LifeWorks medical team. Adding Dr. Silver’s expertise in many different alternative and complementary modalities, including anti-aging medicine, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and natural hormone replacement, helps LifeWorks remain one of the most advanced, cutting-edge alternative health care clinics in the country.

Patients arrive from all over the country to benefit from LifeWorks’ comprehensive set of powerful diagnostic tools and therapies. The comprehensive grouping of therapies removes the hassle patients often have of running around from clinic to clinic, or of being referred or sent from one place to another, sometimes with contradictory philosophies and advice.

At LifeWorks, patients are able to received integrated care in one place. The fundamental strategy for treating illness at LifeWorks is to correct all body systems that are not functioning or which are performing poorly. As the body’s systems are all brought into optimal condition, the body can naturally heal itself. Dr. Silver oversees all the different modalities/therapies and coordinates them effectively for optimal treatment.

One of the many diagnostic tools available at LifeWorks is “Genetic Testing.” This diagnostic examines your DNA to see if any poor health genes have the possibility of expressing themselves later on, perhaps leading to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or some other illness. Then using specific physiological, biochemical, and environmental treatments and strategies, Dr. Silver helps patients avoid the illness.

Dr. Silver is particularly interested in taking on tough cases, and those “unsolvable” health problems that patients have been unable to remedy elsewhere. His many successes in this area have made him highly regarded in both conventional and alternative medical fields.

After earning his doctorate in medicine from the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Silver completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He also completed a fellowship in cardiology at the Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

Dr. Silver has received further training in Anti-Aging and Nutritional Medicine, Complementary Cancer Therapy and Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Detoxification, Chelation Therapy, Hormone Balance, Thermographic Imaging, and much more.

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