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Looking For A Personal Training Course In The UK?

If you are looking to start out in a career in the personal health and fitness industry, why not consider becoming a professional personal trainer? Not only is it one of the most fulfilling and personally satisfying jobs out there, but there is an ever increasing market for such services as people are becoming more health conscious. With more than enough fields to specialize in, you are sure to easily find a niche field which holds your interest. Completing a professionally recognized personal training course is the sure fire way to gain an advantage over your competition and will set you on the road to becoming a successful personal trainer.

Discovery Learning has developed a professionally accredited personal training course diploma aimed at novices wanting to enter the professional world of personal trainers. On completing the diploma, the student will receive a level 3 REP (Register of Exercise Professionals) status, including various other skills and qualifications that will put them at an advantage in the employment market. With the qualifications afforded by Discovery Learning students will immediately be able to start earning a salary as a qualified industry professional personal trainer, or even open their own business.

Discovery Learning’s flagship master personal trainer diploma is presented by industry professionals with many years of experience in tutoring aspiring personal trainers. The diploma was designed with the input from top employers in the industry so as to ensure the students receive industry relevant training that will actually benefit them when they start their search for employment. Students will also get to use state of the art equipment during the course of their studies so that they can familiarize themselves with equipment they will be using in their everyday career.

When the student completes the personal training course from Discovery Learning, he or she will be equipped with industry recognized qualifications which will completely set them apart from the crowed and increase the demand for their skills and services.

Personal Training Course For You

At Discovery Learning we teach you how to become a personal trainer in a professional enjoyable environment that will leave you feeling happy with your choice of a personal training course or something similar in the line of fitness.

Discovery Learning’s are the leading provider when it comes to a fitness instructors, a personal training course or other available fitness orientated courses. Discovery learning is based in London but has academies throughout the United Kingdom, based in Manchester, Birmingham and Bournemouth. All of Discoveries academies are equipped with the latest in equipment and has classrooms to ensure you find it easy to absorb the theory you need to for the practical’s. Discoverys most popular course which will get you right the way to the top of the fitness industry is the master personal trainer course which will leave you with a huge earning potential.

Discovery Learning realises that not everyone has a lot of time available to study, this is why Discovery Learning offers both part time and full time studies. Discovery Learning offers training of a high quality from the very start of your career to the final stages all the way up to REP’s Level 4. Discovery Learning is also the first and at the moment the only learning institute to offer a Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management, training for this is offered to both personal trainers and NHS staff. Other courses available offer a Level 3 GP Referral and a Level 4 Management of Lower Back Pain that helps you expand both your knowledge and client base.

To find out which academy is the nearest to you and what they can offer you contact Discovery Learning and speak to their friendly and informative staff to see when you can book the next course available.

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