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Chronic Fatigue That Developed After the Flu

There are as many reasons for chronic fatigue as there are people suffering from it. How it started in you is unique to you. It may have started after you recovered from an acute disease. It may have started after a medical procedure, such as an operation or a vaccination. It may have started after you suffered a bad shock, after an accident or after a fright.

One of the most common scenarios for chronic fatigue is after you have recovered from a bad dose of a virus, particularly the flu. It is reckoned that over half chronic fatigue sufferers come from this.

It’s bad enough that you had a bad dose of the flu, without complications afterwards. Especially complications that seem to drag on and on.

You can be so debilitated that you have to give up hobbies and pastimes or even work. Your social and family life suffers as a result. Your partner may not be very sympathetic, thinking you’re putting it on to get those extra hours in bed.

You miss out on your children’s activities because you have no energy either to take an interest in them or to muster up the energy to take them out.

The good news is that there is highly effective and totally natural help at hand.

In the form of homeopathic remedies.

Which you can buy over the counter inexpensively and treat yourself.

The homeopathic remedy Gelsemium is a great candidate for resolving your chronic fatigue if it started after a bad dose of the flu. But your symptoms do have to match those of the remedy to affect a healing.

So lets look at some of the most important keynote symptoms you might have or had during the flu for Gelsemium to work for you.

  • never well since the flu or flu vaccination
  • a great heaviness, even your head, eyelids and/or tongue feel heavy
  • trembling of your arms or legs especially after slight exertion
  • chills down your back or heat alternating with chills
  • you have no desire to drink at all
  • headache which is better after you have urinateddizziness
  • dullness

For any homeopathic remedy to work, you only need three keynote symptoms. Bearing in mind you already have one, the first one, you only have to pick out another two.

Another symptom you probably have is the heaviness or dullness so typical in chronic fatigue.

If you find you’re also dizzy or thirstless, there’s your third keynote symptom.

You can buy some common homeopathic remedies from health shops, homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies.

For home prescribing, you are limited to the potency (or strength) of the remedies you can purchase. So you should only be able to purchase low potencies, such as a 6c or a 30c. 30c is more powerful than 6c.

Directions will be on the bottle, so follow them. As a general rule, take the 6c twice a day or the 30c once every day or every other day.

Within about a week, you should be noticing some change, if only small. The changes may be subtle, but you should be noticing that you have a bit more energy. If this is the case, carry on. Stop when you have reached your old level of energy.

However, if you don’t see any changes after about a week to 10 days, then you probably didn’t get the symptoms right and Gelsemium is not for you. In which case you should discontinue with the remedy. It won’t help every case of chronic fatigue that developed after a virus. But it will help many.

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