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Hepatitis A: The Liver Killer

Diseases that have an impact on the liver are some of the most feared diseases. You can find the liver’s location in the upper right portion of your belly. The liver may not receive as much attention as the heart or the other organs but we must not forget that it performs vital body processes too. Without the liver functioning in top form, our body will succumb to easy infections and even death.

Despite the delicate functions of the liver, they are not given enough importance. To prove this point, one of the top communicable diseases of all time is a liver disorder. Hepatitis A ranks as one of the top killer disorders affecting the liver.

Why is Hepatitis A a top liver disorder?

Hepatitis A belongs to a family of diseases under the hepatitis category. The several subtypes of hepatitis are bound by a common viral agent and target organ of destruction. However, the hepatitis A differs from others in its group on the primary mode of transmission and the severity of disease symptoms. Hepatitis main mode of travel and transmission is through unsanitary practices. When compared to the other hepatitis subtypes, hepatitis A is the least severe. Hepatitis A produces symptoms but they are less severe than the other types. Hepatitis A may be considered less severe but the possibility of a repeat infection and the damage it does to the liver is extensive. The reinfection and damage to the liver could build up to a more serious disease. These recurring infections would make the liver less capable in its work. When this essential organ malfunctions, the entire body will suffer.

If Hepatitis A is prevalent in an area, what does that mean?

A place where hepatitis A cases abound is reflective of the place’s problem on sanitation. One must look into the possibility of improper practices on a place’s sewerage and other sanitation procedures. It was believed that hepatitis A would occur on underdeveloped places and those without proper sanitation. Having Hepatitis A cases in a place with a high degree of sanitation is ironic and points to a potential problem.

What can we do to help prevent the spread of Hepatitis A, is there a Hepatits A treatment?

We should all start with understanding what hepatitis is and how it affects the body. When we know that hepatitis A is quickly spread in a dirty environment, we can take the needed steps to control or stop it. Understanding Hepatitis A should lead people to act and be more strict in implementing cleanliness. Even simple measures like hand washing could help a lot.

The communicable nature of hepatitis A and its potential for liver damage makes it a liver killer. Despite these characteristics of Hepatitis A, winning the fight against it is not impossible. Enforcing strict hygiene measures on everyday tasks like coking foods can help in fending off hepatitis A. People need not be scared of this liver killer because it can be controlled if people follow good sanitation practices.

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Could It Be Ovarian Cancer Malignancy?

As soon as referred to being a silent killer of ladies, ovarian melanoma was thought to be to get warning sign free of charge up for the point that the cancerous growths had achieve vital mass and most possibly previously metastasized to other organs. Diagnosis would then be created as a result of signs the other organ techniques provided up, so leading medical doctors for the source on the trouble as well late for a lot of a sufferer to undergo effective therapy. Nevertheless in current many years specialists and researchers have determined that when comparing circumstance histories of numerous sufferers presenting with ovarian melanoma, across the board there appeared to get a standard consensus about equivalent feelings of discomfort that took spot nicely just before the diagnosis. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
In the United States, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease affects millions of women each year. It is an infection of one or more pelvic organs, including the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes.
PID occurs when a bacteria or organism enters the cervix and spreads Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is caused by an infection that starts in the vagina and spreads upward into the uterus, fallopian tubes and pelvis. Most often, it is caused by a sexually transmitted disease. Women who use intrauterine devices (IUDs) are at increased risk for abortion.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease include:

Lower abdominal pain; Fever, Rapid Pulse; Chills; Back Pain; Painful Intercourse and Vaginal Discharge. If PID is not treated, pain may be so intense that it is hard to walk. The infection may spread into the bloodstream and throughout the body.

PID is a serious condition and requires immediate medical attention. If you are experiencing pelvic pain or symptoms of PID, you should see your gynecologist immediately. If at all possible, maintain a record of your pain and take it with you to your appointment. This will help your physician to know when your pain occurs, where it is located, and the severity. Left untreated, PID can become life threatening. 

Pelvic inflammatory disease is usually contracted through sexual contact. Untreated Gonorrhea and chlamydia cause an estimated 90% of all PID cases. It can also sometimes be caused by childbirth.

Current treatment and prevention recommendations:
PID can be diagnosed through a new procedure called falloposcopy. Falloposcopy is a visual examination of the inside of the fallopian tubes. It is a simple procedure performed on an out-patient basis.

If PID is diagnosed and had not progressed to a stage severe enough to require major reconstructive surgery to repair the fallopian tubes, antibiotic therapy made be used. Floxin is now approved by the FDA as the first oral medication sanctioned for independent use for treating pelvic inflammatory disease. Previous recommendations included the use of intravenous antibiotics which required hospitalization. 

Just prior to, during and after a menstrual period, the cervix dilates slightly; increasing the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease by making it easier for an organism or bacteria to enter the cervix and cause infection.

Extra care should be taken during these times to prevent PID and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Douching significantly increases the risk of developing PID and other pelvic infections and is not recommended. Douching removes the natural, protective mucous from the cervix, giving bacteria a more receptive place to grow. Always use caution if douching must be done and be aware if the risks. 

Getting prompt treatment and follow-up care can cure pelvic inflammatory disease and keep it from causing further problems. Follow your doctor’s advice closely, finish all your medication and return to your doctor for all scheduled checkups. To avoid reinfection, your sexual partner(s) also should be treated, and you should follow all of the recommendations for prevention.

The best protection against PID and other sexually transmitted diseases is to always use a condom unless you are in along term, monogamous relationship and both you and your partner have been tested for HIV and other STD’s. A little inconvenience before sexual intercourse can prevent a lifetime of pain and even death. Remember! Condoms prevent disease and can save lives.

About Author
Orlando Women’s Center Second, And Late Term Abortions Clinic. Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women’s Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including abortions, physical examinations.

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