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Oceanus Naturals M Drive Capsules 60 capsules

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Dietary Supplement
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Oceanus Naturals M Drive Capsules 60 capsules

About Penis Health And Infections – Using Natural Herbs to Improve Sex Drive

The health of your penis is as important as the general health of the body. Penis, being, the important part that it is, needs specific care and attention. The health of your penis or the lack of it can have an effect on your sex drive and your ability to have a satisfying sex life. There are a number of ways and means that you can use to keep your penis healthy. There are various natural herbs available that have a beneficial effect on the health of your penis. One of the more important ways of maintaining penis health and also improving your sex drive is keeping it free from penile infections.

Maintaining a healthy penis

If you have a healthy penis, you are going to experience a high level of sexual satisfaction. The first focus area for maintaining a healthy penis is eating a healthy and well balanced diet. It’s important that your food has a low fat content. You would do well to stay away from all kinds of junk food. There would also be nothing better for your penis then your quitting smoking. Smoking leads to a constriction of blood vessels, leading to a reduced blood flow to the penile region. This could result in erectile dysfunction. It will also be a good idea to say no to alcohol and addiction to drugs.

A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive for a healthy penis. It’s important to exercise the body in order to stay healthy. A combination of a healthy eating plan and a disciplined exercise routine will go a long way in maintaining the health of the body, as well as, the penis. The intake of nutritional supplements is also an effective way of improving the health of your penis. These days, you also get various herbal supplements made from Asian Ginseng Root, Epimedium, Cuscuta seed extract, Ginko Biloba leaf and Saw Palmetto Berry and many more.

Natural herbs that can improve your sexual life

Natural herbs have been used for treating various sexual disorders from a long time. There are a number of herbs that can help improve the sex life of a person.

Asian Ginseng Root

Traditionally used as an energy supplement, the root is also thought to possess the properties of an aphrodisiac. This herb is also seen to work against impotence and the tendency to prematurely ejaculate.


For the Chinese, when it comes to libido supplements, Epimedium has no equals. It is reputed to possess a property that restores the sexual desire of a person by stimulating the sensory nerves of a person.

Cuscuta seed extract

This herbal extract is commonly used as a part of various tonics that need to be consumed over a long period of time. It’s considered effective against urogenital problems like bladder problems, premature ejaculations, sexual weakness and leucorrhea.

Saw Palmetto Berry

The use of this berry goes back a long way, back to the times when Native Americans used it to treat infections of the urinary tract and reproductive system and other genital conditions.

Ginko Biloba Leaf

This Chinese herb has a 5000 year old history of usage. Its intake increases the genital blood flow. This herb, including the ones listed above, and many others come together in natural penis pills like VigRX.

Signs of penile infections

It’s important to identify the various signs of penile infection so that you can treat them immediately and in an effective manner. If the tip of your penis is emitting thick, green, yellow or white discharge, then you might be suffering from Gonorrhea. Scabies is characterized by rash around the penis. As a result you will also face irritation and itching. A series of ulcers on the penis could be the sign of syphilis. Genital herpes is characterized by penile blisters and red spots. The red spots and blisters can also appear on the scrotum and surrounding areas like buttocks and thighs.

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Author of this article provides information on herbal penis enlargement like VigRX Plus and VigRX pills which helps in natural enlargement.

Discussing Sexual Health And Sex Drive of a Man

The sexual health of a man refers to his ability to have a sexual relationship that satisfies him and his partner physically and emotionally. Sexual health of a man is gaining lot of importance these days as both men and women have become more demanding in sexual relationships.

Sexual health of man – An introduction

Even the most affectionate and caring men may suffer from relationship issues if they are unable to satisfy their partner sexually. Today, sexual health of a man is a broad term that refers to the state of sexuality related to physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. To be able to have a healthy sexual relationship a positive and respectful approach towards sexuality and sexual relationships is of utmost importance.

However, most men who indulge in sexual activities suffer from sexual problems at some points in their life. Most of these problems can be resolved with better communication with partner and by making efforts to understand each other’s sexual needs. If this does not resolve your sexual problems, please consult your doctor. Safe and effective medicines and therapies are available to treat most of the problems that affect the sexual health of men including erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation or low sperm count.

How does ageing affect your sexual life?

As opposed to what many young people believe, sex isn’t merely an activity for the young; old people too lead an active sex life and engage in sexual activities at least once or more in a month. Some old men also report that sex gets better with age. However, sex is not as easy in old age since ageing does have an effect on a man’s sexual abilities.

The male sex hormone called testosterone plays a critical role in a man’s sexual life. The level of testosterone which is the highest in late teens gradually decreases throughout the lifespan and is comparatively much lower as men age. For this reason, old men notice a difference in their sexual response. The penis may take longer to become erect and erections may not be as firm. Besides, old men may also take longer to achieve full arousal and to have orgasmic and ejaculatory experiences.

Since old men are more likely to suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases they are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and face difficulty in achieving or maintaining erections. In fact, erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem that affects the sexual life of large number of ageing men.

Things needed to improve the libido of men

Low libido is a common sexual problem that affects men of all ages. It has been found that lifestyle changes may help to improve libido in men. Given below are ways that will help you increase your sex drive:

Increase physical activity – Regular physical activity helps to reduce stress and also boost testosterone production, this helps to improve your sexual life.

Improve diet – Eat a balanced diet and avoid foods rich in fat and carbohydrates specially those that contain sugar and starch. Some foods such as avocado, celery, banana, oysters and almonds are known to improve your libido, incorporate these in your diet.

Reduce stress – Stress has a damaging effect on your sexual life. Make efforts to reduce stress in your life through meditation, yoga or any other therapy that suits you. Reduced stress affects your testosterone production positively and helps you enjoy sex better.

Take herbal supplements – You may also take help of herbal supplements that aim at improving your libido. These supplements are free from side effects and are available without prescription.

A good quality herbal supplement such as VigRX utilizes best quality herbs that help to improve your libido and enhance your sexual performance.

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Author of this article also provides information on penis pills like VigRX pills which are used for natural and herbal penis enlargement and Viapro which is considered as herbal sex enhancer.

How To Sustain Your Personal Growth Drive

Unless you understand what personal poise really means you may not be able to build and sustain self confidence or self esteem. This may even hamper your personal growth for self actualization.

You may find yourself limited in self realization or your ability to attain your potential if you are guided by any misleading ideas on this. To avoid false or misleading ideas about personal poise, it will be worthwhile for you to examine, explore and understand the fundamental elements of poise as will be highlighted here.

To sustain your personal growth or esteem/confidence building for self actualization take a first step by listing 3-5 characeristics you believe are linked with personal poise. This step will help you see that a root cause of limited attempt in self improvement aE” particularly regarding personal growth, lasting confidence or esteem building, and self actualization aE” is poor definition of the key terms. So, at this point, just take a few minutes to itemize 3-5 characteristics you think are linked with personal poise.

Have you done that? Great! Now, among the 3-5 items you listed is there any connected with a person’s appearance? Does any of them relate to elegance or charm? You may even ask a few of your friends or associates to each give you their lists. You may realize that more than 50 per cent of the items listed by them deal with a person’s appearance, comportment or elegance.

Interestingly, this is what you find even if you ask many other people. Why is this so? You see, most people are influenced by personal appearance and so tend to associate this with with qualities of personal poise and personal competencies. The point is that they confuse personal poise with such features as charm, personal magnetism and elegance! They have been influenced largely by such media as films and TV commercials.

In real sense there is a whole world of difference between elegance and personal poise. Simply put, elegance or charm is largely a matter of appearance but poise is much more than that. Personal poise has to do with the inner mind, or the heart if you prefer that. Thus, essentially, personal poise is more about the heart-and the mind-than about the body.It is seen in mental strength and emotional calmness.

You may find it hard to accept or appreciate this difference. Nevertheless, if you want to move in the direction of personal growth and self improvement for self actualization accepting this key difference is important. If you do not use this difference in the way you go about your self improvement or self esteem/confidence building you will be hindered along the way.

So, what are we trying to arrive at? The point is that personal poise, in real terms, means emotional soundness, mental strength, and calm inner assurance. Focus on these aspects in your confidence or esteem building for self actualization. Building emotional soundness, mental strength, and inner assurance first is critical to your personal growth and self actualization. If you do this you will make great progress in your self improvement and self actualization drive. Good luck!

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Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, leads, helping people in self-estem development to be on top of their world. Better Poise Builder offers insightful self-esteem training.

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