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Essential Beauty On A Budget

How to look like you came from the beauty salon without ever leaving home!
Everyone knows how important waxing is in order to look and feel your best. Nothing gives your face more of a clean appearance more than shaping your eyebrows. Some women have to do this once every two weeks or once a month. This sometimes becomes time consuming having to make appointments, going to the Beauty Salon and not to mention how much money you spend on these waxing procedures.

Most Beauty Salons have an Aesthetics specialist, who has training in waxing techniques. Asimple brow waxing can take about 5-10 minutes, but depending on the Salon it can cost you anywhere from $8-$50.
So, let’s take a look at what you may spend on Eyebrow waxing alone:
Let’s say you have a Salon that does this service for $15
$15 X 2 brow waxes per month = $30
$30 per Month X 12 months = $360 per year
That’s a lot of money per year just for eyebrow waxing.
If you are a busy Mother and don’t have time to run out to the Beauty Salon every two weeks, or once a month, you may resort to good old plucking with a pair of tweezers. This is effective, but time consuming and very painful.

I recommend purchasing a professional waxing kit to use at home! These kits cost anywhere from $40 – $150, but last for a long time and you can purchase refills if you run out. You can also purchase smaller waxing kits at the local pharmacy, but the professional ones work best. It is also very important to purchase a pair of good tweezers for plucking out the stray hairs left behind by waxing.
Having this kit in your bathroom will give you the opportunity to wax your brows whenever you please. You can also use it to wax your legs, arms, upper lip or whatever you need waxed. It is very easy to do yourself and it will save you time and money.
The average leg waxing price is $50 – consider having to do this monthly.
$50 X 12 months = $600
$600 + $360 for Brow waxing = $960 per year
Think of what you could do with $960.
Not to mention all the time it takes you to go to these appointments.
Never Waxed your own eye brows before? Be brave, it’s easy. There’s only one rule – Never wax above the eyebrow, wax below the eyebrow to shape the brow. Don’t worry, most waxing kits come with instructions, and if not.. there are many online guides to give you the proper “how to wax” instructions.
With one of these professional home waxing kits, you can save money and look Salon perfect everyday without ever having to leave home.

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The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances

Product Description
Go green and get gorgeous The promise of beauty is as close as the drugstore aisle—shampoo that gives your hair more body, lotions that smooth away wrinkles, makeup that makes your skin look flawless, and potions that take it all off again. But while conventional products say they’ll make you more beautiful, they contain toxins and preservatives that are both bad for the environment and bad for your body—including synthetic fragrances, petroche… More >>

The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances

Five Essential Changes For Good Health

There are a few simple changes you can make in your lifestyle that will benefit your health. Simple things tend to have the greatest impact. Adapting and adding these essential five things can help you meet your fitness goals and to live a longer and healthier life.

Drink more water! Water is essential to your body’s health. You extract water from the food you eat, and from the beverages you drink. Nothing you can drink will be as good for you as clean, pure water. Bottled water is an alternative if you do not like the taste of your local water, or you can add filters to your sinks and pitchers for very low cost. The benefits of drinking water though are innumerable. Water is good for your skin, making it soft and clear. Water is good for your blood; it helps keep the balance of chemicals circulating in your blood stream at the appropriate levels. Water is good for your kidneys as it keeps the volume of blood up. If you drink adequate amounts of water your urine will be clear to light yellow and shouldn’t smell strongly. If your urine is dark or very yellow, you need to drink more. Water keeps you hydrated and can help prevent headaches. It can also help your muscles to recover after exercising.

Get in the sun! Sunlight is essential to the formation of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important to your bones. It helps your body absorb calcium. If you don’t have enough vitamin D your bones could weaken and you could be at risk for broken bones. Vitamin D inhibits inappropriate cell division, and can inhibit cancer growth. Vitamin D deficiency is a major contributor to chronic low back pain as well as persistent, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain. Vitamin D helps maintain adequate blood insulin levels, improving health for those with diabetes and preventing it in those who don’t have it. Vitamin D is also important to your heart. Activated vitamin D has been shown to increase survival in patients with heart disease. Getting direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes a day usually fulfills your daily requirement. In our society and during certain seasons sun exposure is less than required. Many people have a vitamin D deficiency without realizing it. Supplementing with a multi-vitamin is suggested.

Sleep! We live in a busy society where we run 24 hours a day. Getting sleep is vital to health. If you get less than your body requires you could be at risk for illness, injury and diseases. Brain function is decreased with insufficient sleep and you could experience muscle aches. Everyone’s individual sleep needs vary. In general, most healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness and need an average of eight hours of sleep a night. However, some individuals are able to function without sleepiness or drowsiness after as little as six hours of sleep. Others can’t perform at their peak unless they’ve slept ten hours. And, contrary to common myth, the need for sleep doesn’t decline with age but the ability to sleep for six to eight hours at one time may be reduced. Making time for sleep can help you have the strength and energy you need to do your daily tasks and to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

Move! Your body was built to move. Activity is important to health and longevity. Those who exercise in some form with regularity have better health, less illness and disease and have a better quality of life than those who are sedentary. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, if you exercise regularly your risk for obesity is lessened. Your lungs, blood vessels, bowels, brain and muscles are all able to work more effectively if you get some form of exercise every day. Your heart benefits from aerobic exercise which raises your heart rate and breathing rate for a sustained length of time. Discussing exercise options with your doctor is important for safety and best effect.

Eat a well balanced diet! Make sure your diet is rich in low fat proteins and high fiber whole grains. Vegetables and fruits in a rainbow of colors can help prevent cancer. Plan for 9 fruits or veggies every day, and try to eat some with each meal and snack. Fresh is always best for you. Often it is hard to get all of your nutrition needs in, taking a multi-vitamin is an easy way to guarantee your nutrient intake. If you can’t afford meats, or don’t like soy or beans and rice consider whey protein shakes. It can really help give you the protein you need to build muscle and curb your appetite.

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Make Your Fat Loss Program Successful With Essential Fitness Supplements

Whenever you adopt a plan to go for weight loss, the first thing that you have to consider is your fat loss. Try to burn the excess fats in your body. This will consequently help you to lose weight. Try to go for foods and exercises that will essentially help you in fat loss.

When it is the question of fitness of any kind, you may consider the consumption of the fitness supplements. It is true that the fitness supplements are an addition to an already existing good nutrition. These fitness supplements are an important component of the fat loss programs. However, only the fitness supplements would not work. Before that you need to follow regular workouts and the other programs so that your body remains fit. Diet, nutrition as well as the supplements for fat loss goes hand in hand. The fitness supplements cannot work if you do not follow a proper dietary regimen and if your body lacks essential nutrition.

If you go for the fitness supplements, you can be assured that your body will not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies. As a result you can safely carry out your program of fat loss. As the level of activity in your body will increase while you go for fat loss, your body will require more vitamins and minerals. Without the fitness supplements, your body may suffer from some deficiencies.

However, all the fitness supplements are not the same. Some supplements are made according to the requirements of your body while some are more dependant on the goals which you set for your fat loss. There are different types of fitness supplements available for different requirements of your body.

The protein supplements are very popular and are in more demand. With these protein supplements, you can get back your body to a perfect shape and consequently achieve success in your fat loss program. You will get essential amino acids which will help you to build up your muscles.

The creatine fitness supplements are also quite popular. Creatine is an essential nitrogenous, organic acid which is found naturally in the skeletal muscles of the human beings. Creatine supplies essential energy to the muscles so that you can work out more. Most of the creatine in the body comes from food and is found in the liver as well.

When you intake the creatine fitness supplements, you can be assured to see improvement in your performance. The creatine supplements will help in the contraction of the muscle. Your muscle will get built up and this essentially will help you in fat loss.

If you want to purchase any fitness supplements products like the creatine supplements or protein supplements for your fat loss program, you can visit the online sites. In the online sites you will get any kind of fitness products that you require at reasonable rates. Therefore without any delay, visit the sites and consequently lose your fat.

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Essential Tools For DIY Nail Manicure at Home

Our beauty nails, like our hair and face, need special care and attention on regular basis. Nail manicure can not only make your nail pretty but also make them grow faster and be stronger. When many people are still crazy at going to nail care salon for nail beauty, DIY nail manicure at home can be advisable for you, no need to spend gas, time and money going to salon but get the same effect. The essential tools which will be used for you are a set of manicure drill file kit, nail polish and nail dryers.

A set of manicure drill file kit contains the main electric drill machine, hand piece, foot pedal, nail drill bites and manicure set which almost contains nail scissors, tweezers, nail file, clippers, nail pliers and nail cleaners. This kit can help to manicure the nails to be a beautiful square and clear appearance. You should read the instructions carefully before usage. It is easy for nail manicure but you should practice more. This kit often coats only US$40 but brings good effect.

After nail manicure, nail polish should be used. There are so various colors, types and brands of nail polish for you to choose. You can choose some in accordance with your favorites. It is easy and you can even by these in the small shop your home nearby. The only tip for choosing a nail polish is the coloring and how it matches with your dressing, makeup and skin.

Nail dryer is the final step and also very important. Many people don’t care much for the nail dryer and it troubles them a lot. If you go out anxiously without the nail getting dried, the nail polish will look clutter and dirty. It is often takes at least half an hour to get the nails dried without any drying tools. So a nail dryer is necessary for a perfect nail beauty process. Nail dryer is said to be a manicure miracle. You can buy one UV lamp nail dryer which can protect your nails and the nail beauty effects.

The perfect manicure starts with the right tools! So knowing these tools you should use is essential for the manicure well done. These three basic tools used in giving a manicure are suitable for both the professional and home manicurist. But not every time you will feel comfortable to using all these tools. Just make some adjustments and feel comfortable with them.

Nail manicure/ nail dryer:


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3 Essential Tips To Help You Against Weight Gain!

If you thought losing weight was difficult, maintaining that ‘lost’ weight is even more difficult. I cannot tell you how many of my friends were able to lose weight successfully, only to regain back all the ‘lost’ pounds after a few weeks. It is not the fault of the diet program they followed. They gained weight for two reasons: they got back to their old lifestyle habits-that is, regular junk food intake, and they started living a sedentary lifestyle and forgot all about exercising!

People have a misconception that once they lose weight successfully, they think that they won’t gain weight any further, no matter what they do! This is totally untrue! Even after you have lost weight successfully, you will have to follow the same diet and exercise routine to maintain that weight! I can understand if you don’t want to go back to your rigorous gym routine, but you can definitely do some walking, can’t you? Follow these three walking tips to help you get started!

1. Consult with your doctor: Before you start walking on a regular basis, I would recommend you visit your doctor and have a word with him. Your doctor will be able to structure a regular walking schedule for you based on your current health situation. Your doctor might also recommend some other activities for you besides walking.

2. Track your steps: Simply walking is not enough; if you walk just five steps one day and fifty steps on another, then you won’t know how many steps you actually need to walk to maintain your slim body. For this reason I would advise that you use a tool called pedometer. It is actually quite affordable and will measure your walking steps everyday.

As you check your daily walking stats, you will want to increase the number of steps on a regular basis because no one likes to sit on their past laurels; once you achieve a position, you would want to get higher and higher!

Just remain committed to your walking schedule and see how better you feel!

3. Put on the right clothes: For walking to become an enjoyable experience, put on loose-fitting trousers that allow free movement of limbs. Don’t wear any tight-fitting dress that makes you uneasy! Also be sure to put on athlete shoes that make your feet comfortable. If you wear the wrong shoes you will soon get bored of walking. Worst, you could end up with muscle injuries!

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Dog Grooming is Essential

Dog grooming at home, as seen by many pet owners, is a great alternative for professional pet grooming services. It is also an excellent way for them to save some money. Other pet owners also see it as a good bonding time with their favorite pets because it gives them more quality time to be with their dogs.

But grooming your dogs at home presents certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Indeed you will save some money, but doing this kind of activity will require a lot of time and effort from you. Grooming a short-haired dog will be easier compared to dogs that have long hairs. You will need to exert greater effort and grooming will be more complicated. Your lack of skill may also present a problem, so it’s better to take your dog to a professional dog grooming specialist to avoid any hassle.

If you have decided to groom your dog at home, you should consider buying grooming equipment. Basic essential equipment consists of clippers, grinders, brushes, combs and even grooming table. Special shampoos and cleaning solutions are also very important. Scissors may also come in handy. Dog grooming at home should be taken seriously because it can affect your dog’s health if you are not careful.

You can always check the internet for helpful dog grooming tips and safety precautions that you may need in maintaining your best furry pal’s hygiene. You can also ask your dog’s veterinarian for guidance and helpful advice on how to take proper care and grooming for your dog. Mishandled grooming may lead to bumps underneath your dog’s hair which, if not noticed and treated immediately, will cause serious health problems.

Proper dog grooming also means that you should also pay great attention to your dog’s eyes, teeth, ears and nails. Set a schedule for their bathing time and make sure that brushing your dog’s teeth will not be forgotten. Depending on how short you cut the claws of your dog, trimming the nails can be done once or twice a month. Take extra precaution when doing your dog’s nails because it can hurt your dog severely if you don’t take extra precaution. Cutting it too short will result in vein injury. The process of nail cutting can be very laborious considering the time spent and the patience required. Also, some dogs like does not like it when you cut their nails or clean their paws. They can be very stubborn so you need to be very persuasive about this. Take short breaks and give them rewards so they can cooperate more freely. You have to understand that the process of nail-cutting is not a usual routine for your dog that’s why it will require you a lot of patience to actually make your dog feel comfortable about it. If you are really decided to groom your dog at home, you have to make all the necessary effort to properly perform these specific activities with him/her. Try to make it more fun and exciting so that you and your dog will have a more enjoyable grooming time.

As a final note, dog grooming at home may give you a sense of accomplishment and pride, it may also save you some money and give you more quality time with your dog but you will certainly need tremendous effort to be successful with it.

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