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Never Cancel An Existing Life Insurance Policy Until A New One Is In Force!

Life insurance is a very necessary purchase, and chances are, you already own a policy. The current life insurance rates are at near record lows. Most people, who bought their policies several years ago, are actually paying higher premiums than they would pay if they bought a policy now. It is a good time to review your policy and replace it with one that costs less and provides better protection.

When most people consider replacing policies, they first think of canceling their old policy, before shopping around for a new policy. It is a psychological reaction, because they feel they will be stuck paying premiums for two policies instead of one. However, one must never cancel an existing life insurance policy until a new one is not only bought, but is in force.

The importance of understanding what “in force” means.
What does “in force” mean? It means that your policy is active, and your first premium is paid for. Most consumers think that they can cancel an existing policy and then start looking for a new one, or when a new life insurance carrier approves them for a new policy. However, your new policy will come into effect only when your first premium is in place. Applying for a policy is not an assurance that your policy has been approved, and receiving intimation that your policy is approved, is not enough. It is merely an offer by the life insurance company, and will come into effect only when you accept the offer by paying the first premium.

Why wait until a new policy is in force, before canceling an existing policy?
– When you don’t wait until your new policy is in force, you remain uninsured for a certain period of time, between policies. This is a big risk, because should you die unexpectedly during this period, your loved ones will be left unprotected.
– You may not qualify for a good rate on the new policy, or may even be declined a policy. You may have bought your existing policy a long time ago, when you were in good health. If your health has deteriorated since then, it is possible that your premiums may not be as low as you expected them to be. You may in fact regret letting go of your earlier policy in haste.
– New policies are totally different, and come with new riders and options, but chances are that when your new policy comes into effect, you will realize that the riders on the policy you just let go, in fact gave you unbeatable value. In this case, you can’t go back to the older policy, and you will have regrets.

The conversion feature is a great alternative to buying a new policy
If your health has declined since you first purchased your policy you may have trouble getting a new policy. In spite of poor health, you may still qualify for a new term life insurance policy at good premiums and coverage, but it is fairly certain that your premiums will dramatically increase when your level term period comes to an end.

In this case, term conversion is an attractive option. It allows you to convert your existing term life insurance policy to a permanent one, without having to prove insurability. This takes care of you even if your health has deteriorated, and the new premiums are guaranteed for the rest of your life. However, the option should be exercised no later than a certain age, and conversion premiums depend on your age at the time of conversion; so the earlier you convert, the better.

Think your options through before canceling an existing policy
Life insurance decisions should never be made in haste. You will probably be able to beat the rate on your existing policy by shopping around. Your family comes first, and you owe it to them to act responsibly, and make sure you are covered at all times.

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Upcoming And Existing Solutions For Joint Relief

While surveying among the ailing individuals one can find numerous people suffering from osteoarthritis which actually is the result of improper or no work-out in the day to day life of an individual. However, the painkillers like ibuprofen, aspirin along with other medicines can help but, what about the side effects which becomes the matter of concern, once an individual starts with their intake.

Its been said that the glucosamine along with chondroitin is necessary to avail a joint relief at any point of time. Well, as per the advice of numerous doctors and medical representatives, this fact is very much true but, if the reports are to be believed, many new healthcare players are entering the international market with the view to offer same kind of medical assistance with some herbal advantages added to their products.

There are several medicated products present in the country. If one searches the web to find some solution for his/her joint relief, he would find i-flex among some of the most demanded medical products sold over the Internet. As per their claim, this product is very much beneficial to ailing people who complain about their joints, and the buzz in this section is that this product is manufactured minus the glucosamine.

However, if reports are to be believed, the product actually works similar to the medicines containing glucosmaine in them. Further, they also reveal that the powder is manufactured through herbal exercises with a lot of rosehip used in the manufacturing process. For those who are unknown to the term, rosehip is a herbal product coming out of the rose base when it grows at the fullest.

As per the expert advice, the joint relief can also be availed with the help of some permanent exercises like breathing, where one has to breath properly in order to relieve the stress out of his body, which falls totally in favour of an individual’s body. Further, the proper nutrition is also advised by the medical representatives to keep the joints in their best possible position.

Hence, there are numerous reasons solutions coming out in relation with joint relief, so one have to make selection according to his comfort.

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Health Insurance And Existing Health Issues

Most people are aware that health insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing health conditions. But what does a health insurer really consider to be ‘pre-existing’? We’ll take a look at three common examples…

1. Current health problems

In short, if you’re aware of a health problem (whether it’s been fully diagnosed or not), or have started to develop symptoms then an insurer is going to consider this a ‘pre-existing’ condition, and won’t be able to offer cover under your health insurance.

But what if you didn’t know about the problem?
This actually varies depending on the health insurance plan that you have. Some health insurance plans have a stand-down period during which no claims at all can be made. However most of the health insurance plans that Inform recommends have a better approach. With these plans, if you were totally unaware of an issue (for example had no symptoms and no clue that anything was wrong) then the problem is not likely to be considered ‘pre-existing’. In other words, if you start your health insurance and one day later a brand new health problem emerged, then you’d be able to make a claim straight away.

2. Health problems that have happened very recently

Let’s say you injured a knee a few months ago and had successful surgery to repair the problem. Even if the surgery was a success, an insurer would be likely to put a temporary exclusion on your health insurance policy. Why? Health insurers like certainty, and until time has passed it’s very hard to predict whether a problem really has been resolved. In these situations, time is the key. Once 12 or 24 months have passed with no further problems, you could ask that the exclusion be removed from your health insurance.

3. Past issues that are very likely to reoccur.

An example is if you had a long history of back pain, which has come and gone regularly over a number of years. Given this history, it’s quite likely that the pain will occur again – and so the insurer would probably exclude this from your health insurance.

Discussing any possible existing issues with your health insurance adviser is a smart move. They can help you present these in the best way to the health insurance company – giving you the greatest chance of getting cover and the least possible chance of a nasty surprise at claim time.

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You Can Get Travel Insurance Pre Existing Medical Conditions at a Reasonable Price

You may be under the impression that if you have a pre-existing medical condition then you will not be covered if you purchase travel medical insurance. Luckily, this is not always the case. You can find a travel insurance pre existing medical conditions policy that will cover conditions for which you are being treated. Of course, the precise group of medical conditions that may be covered will vary from policy to policy. So you need to do a little research to make sure that your particular condition is covered.

First of all, let’s define pre existing medical conditions as they apply to travel insurance. A pre existing medical condition is simply an ongoing health condition or dental condition that you know about and has been discussed with your doctor. This may include conditions for which you are taking medication or have had surgery. Pregnancy is normally considered a pre existing condition. In most cases you will be required to complete a detailed medical history that defines the conditions for which you need to be covered. If you are applying for travel insurance pre existing medical conditions online you will probably find out immediately if your condition is covered.

Certain medical conditions will require that you pay an additional fee in order to obtain coverage. There are, however, many conditions that are covered that require no additional fees. This would include some of the more benign medical conditions such as gastritis and asthma. Where a condition may be a bit more serious, you may be able to purchase travel insurance pre existing medical conditions for some extra fees. It will all depend on your particular situation. Of course you will probably not find any insurance carriers that will cover terminal diseases or other fatal conditions. With a little research you will quickly find out if your medical condition will be excluded.

Older travelers, those 81 years and older, will find that many insurance policies have special requirements. That is not to say that pre existing conditions will not be covered but you may find restrictions are a little stronger and there will certainly be additional paperwork required and perhaps a little higher cost.

It may seem at first glance that it isn’t even worth investigating travel insurance pre existing medical conditions because it will be too costly and too difficult to find coverage. This is not that case at all. You can find insurance that covers most conditions that is very reasonably priced. You certainly don’t want to take the chance that you will be traveling overseas and fall ill only to find that you cannot afford to travel home. Having travel insurance pre existing medical conditions can take this worry off your mind.

No matter what your medical situation, if you are planning to travel you need to investigate the possibility of securing travel insurance pre existing medical conditions. It just isn’t worth taking the chance of traveling without it since having travel insurance that covers your medical situations can mean the difference between getting home to take care of your health and suffering extreme financial consequences.

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