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PCOS Fertility Issues

Irregular menstrual periods are often related to fertility problems and are also another symptom of PCOS.

Fertility gives life. Therefore when one has fertility issues this could mean that she is infertile and cannot get pregnant or is having problems getting pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

Factors That Effect Men Fertility Problems

Factors that Effect Men Fertility problems

Fertility problems in men approximately one in six couples will face a fertility problem. This means that after at least one year with regular relation, no pregnancy occurred. In about one third of cases are due to the woman in the third lies on the man. In other situations, the cause in both is whether they are unclear.

Semen quality
Semen consists of sperm cells (spermatozoa) and liquid. The production of sperm occurs in the testes (testicles). Then the sperm to the epididymis. They are then in the latter part of the seed storage leader.

At ejaculation, the sperm through the urethra (urethra) pushed out. Along adding the seminal fluid vesicles and prostatic fluid to the sperm. Sperm and fluid called semen together. Between the production of sperm and the time they come out with ejaculation are two to three months.

The quantity, motility and shape of the sperm to determine the quality of the seed. Impaired semen quality often involve a combination of these three factors . A man with few sperm that little mobile, makes a smaller chance of achieving fertilization than someone with a little good but motile sperm. Most men with optimal seed there is a combination of a low, low motility and many different types of sperm cells.
Even with a reduced sperm quality, a pregnancy occurs, although less likely than whether it takes longer.
Seed of reduced quality shows no increased risk of malformations in an infant.

The number of sperm cells is an initial factor. Normally, on a 100 until ejaculation 200 million sperm cells Fri Per milliliter are that 20 to 50 million. In less than 20 million sperm per milliliter is called oligo-zoosperm (few sperm cells). Sometimes there are no sperm in the semen. One speaks of zoosperm (absence of sperm). Factors that may play a role in sperm quality:

* Heat – The testicles have a temperature of 35 degrees. That is lower than body temperature (37 degrees). For maximum seed production is important that temperature. Wearing tight underwear or very often taking a hot bath or sauna can increase the temperature. Even in a tangle varicose vein in the scrotum, the temperature of the testicles may increase. Or providing a lower temperature contributes to an improved quality of seeds and a greater chance of pregnancy was never properly investigated.

* Smoking and drug – Smoking may adversely affect the quality of seed.

* Vitamin C -A lack of vitamin C in the diet may contribute to a deterioration of the seed.

* Alcohol -Excessive use of alcohol (more than two drinks per day) can adversely affect semen quality.

* Fever – Fever is sometimes a temporary cause of reduced sperm quality.

* Frequency of ejaculation- Very few of those most often have an ejaculation; some men play a role in reduced sperm quality. In general, promotes the “savings” of seed quality is not prolonged.

* Hormonal causes – A low production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates the testicles that can lead to poor sperm quality, but this is very rare endocrine disorder.

* Other factors – Industrial chemicals such as lead and pesticides may have an adverse impact on the shape of the sperm. Even some drugs (including beta-blockers) are known to not be good for the seed.

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How Fertility Is Affected by Rest and Sleep

Fertility is a very important aspect of human life. This is because fertility is directly correlated to the ability to give life. As such, it is no assurance that couples copulate in order to conceive. Fertility is also very important because even if frequent copulation is practiced, there is still the possibility that a woman may not conceive due to low fertility rate. On the other hand, it is fertility that makes the life of any couple complete as it will help them fulfill their mission of giving new life.

What Is Fertility?

Just what is fertility and why is it so important? Most people are hesitant to discuss the matter as most consider the topic to be too personal, and they would not want to divulge any of the most revealing details in their lives. However, it is important that couples do discuss the matter in order to tackle some problems that beset a lot of relationships. As mentioned earlier, fertility is the capability to give life. This may sound simple in itself, but there are also different factors that affect fertility. One of these factors is rest and sleep.

How Do Rest and Sleep Affect Fertility?

Rest and sleep is a decisive factor in determining the fertility rate of a person. Although most people may not think that the two factors can have such an impact on fertility, scientific studies suggest that they indeed do affect a person’s fertility. The following are some of the reasons why fertility is affected by rest and sleep:

Sleep and rest decides a person’s energy reserves. The ability to conceive or to father a child do depend a lot on the person’s energy reserves. And if that reserve is allowed to dip so low as in the case when a person gets little rest or sleep, fertility is severely restricted.

Vitality of a person’s body system. When a person ignores getting adequate rest and sleep, the result is a body system that is severely overworked and sluggish. In this case, fertility is likewise affected.

Low metabolism rate. This might be thought of first as very far in affecting fertility. But when a person is deprived of rest and sleep, digestion likewise suffers. When this happens, the person is not able to absorb the needed nutrients. In most instances, failure to obtain the needed nutrients is likely to affect the immune system, which is also a very critical system when it comes to deciding one’s fertility rate.

Physical and mental well-being. A person that is deprived of rest and sleep or does not get the right amount of it is likely to become sluggish and prone to suffer a decline in mental alertness. When this happens, frequent mood changes will be observed, and this may be a result of certain hormonal and bodily changes brought about first by deprivation of rest and sleep and later by being mentally and physically listless.

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Increase Sperm Count -Improve Fertility Must For Couples Trying To Conceive

An increased sperm count has many positive effects on men’s life, it increases his confidence, improves his sexual life, satisfies the partner by lasting longer in bed and is very important if you are trying to conceive, but due to some factors men start to suffer from low sperm production. In this article we are going to point out all these factors and how to overcome them.

1.  The most important factor responsible these days for low sperm count is over exertion of mind and body both physically and mentally, this is due to increased work load, long working hours and depression.

2. Frequently ejaculating out your semen can also leads to low sperm production and can even lead to infertility, so it is advisable to at least keep a gap of 2-3 days before semen ejaculation.

3. Medications used for maintaining cardiovascular health have also been reported to cause infertility as one of their side effects.

4. Wearing tight pants and sitting for long hours reduces blood flow to the penile area; this is also a very common factor resulting in low sperm count.

5. Smoking and alcohol consumption are the biggest factors responsible for low sperm count, impotence and other sexual problems.

Looking at the above five points you can easily make out what you have to do in order to increase your sperm count. It is very simple, give up smoking and alcohol, wear loose pants or trousers to make your genital organs relax, do not work continuously for long hours it is better to take short breaks in between,  avoid steroids.

In addition to the above points you should also do the following

1. Loose that extra weight on your belly, as it creates imbalance between oestrogen and testosterone levels.

2. Avoid frequent masturbation because the more you ejaculate the less dense your semen will become.

3. Start meditating as it helps calm the nerves and helps in overall bodily functions.

4. If you are trying to conceive have sex in the morning as sperm levels are highest during the morning time.

5. Try natural herbal supplements which do not carry any side effects like niagra and kamaraja as both these products contain tribulus terrestris a popular herb used for increased sperm count and erectile dysfunction problems.

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Want Baby? What About Fertility

The desire for children to start a pregnancy, the road is sometimes long. Because the fertility of a couple is subject to many factors. Age e.g. decreases fertility. But there are many other things to consider if your baby does not come: exposure to environmental factors, medical history, behavior, etc…

When baby does not come, what are the solutions?
Ovulation: Know determine the big day of your cycle
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1) At what point does this on infertility?
After two years of unsuccessful attempts.
After a year of unsuccessful attempts.

In world, it is determined that we talk about infertility after two years of unsuccessful attempts at a couple having sex at a normal frequency. But according to the Health Experts, speaking of infertility when couples failed to post a pregnancy started after one year of regular sexual intercourse.

2) When you want to put a baby on the way, what is the frequency of intercourse called normal or recommended? – Once or twice a week – Everyday essential.

3) When your baby does not come, it is recommended to consult:
From 6 months to one year of infertility if it exceeded 35 years.
It was not until two years of infertility regardless of age.
If we talk about infertility after two years of infertility, however it is recommended for women above 35 years of consulting from 6 months to a year in order not to lose too much time.

4) At what age does it become fatal hard to be pregnant?
From 35 years. – From 40 years.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant decreases with age because the fertility decline gradually. Each month, the probability that a woman is pregnant is 25% at 25 years, 12% at 30 years and 6% at 40 years.

5) Smoking reduces fertility: 5 to 10%. – 15 to 40%.

The smokers were therefore almost twice as likely to get pregnant than non-smokers. But smoking also increases the time of conception from 6 months to a year. The risk of miscarriage also increases, while the success rate is worse.

6) The hot baths and saunas decrease male fertility.
True.- Wrong.
A high local temperature decreases the amount and mobility of sperm. So, if baby does not come, we can advise people to limit baths, and showers at high temperature and avoid session’s hammam and sauna.

7) More than half of pregnancies occur:
In the first 6 months. – In the first 3 months.

70% of pregnancies are initiated in the first 6 months, 20% from the first month, while 10% of couples are infertile.

8) The time of fertilization is optimal:
Between 4 days before ovulation and 2 days later. -The day of ovulation and 3 days later.

9) Supplementation with folic acid is recommended:
Early in pregnancy. – Even before conception.

The folic acid supplementation prevents abnormal neural tube closure, causing serious birth defects. It is recommended several months before conception, even a year before.

10) The causes of infertility are mainly:
Originally Women.- Men and women equally.

It is estimated that one third of the couple’s infertility are male-only, one third are from women and one third are from male and female.

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