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Calkain Structures Sale-Leaseback for Florida Medical Office

Tampa, FL, – A Tampa, FL free-standing medical office building was recently sold by its owner and concurrently leased-back from the new owner in what industry insiders call a “sale-leaseback” transaction. The asset, located at 801 West Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL is currently occupied by North Pointe Dental Associates, a multi-practitioner dental practice. In the terms of the lease, North Pointe agreed to leaseback the asset for ten years under a triple net lease. The new owner, a family trust, will be a passive investor and have no landlord responsibilities, as the lease calls for the tenant (North Pointe) to pay for all taxes, day-to-day management, and insurance.

David Sobelman, Executive Vice President for Calkain Companies, coordinated the sale-leaseback. “The sale-leaseback structure is mutually beneficial to both the buyer and seller,” Sobelman stated. “The monetization of the real estate is a financial tool that building owners are likely to consider since they are not receiving immediate income from their asset during their occupancy. By selling a non-income producing asset and allowing a business to use the proceeds to pay-down debt or expand their operations is an attractive vehicle for owner-occupied structures,” Sobelman continued.

Sale-leaseback transactions are most common in single tenant buildings, such as banks, medical offices, drug stores, industrial distribution facilities, office buildings and restaurants.

The sale totaled $1.5 million dollars and is currently recorded in public records.         

David Sobelman is charged with the responsibility of managing Calkain Realty Advisors, the private markets division of Calkain Companies.

David focuses on single tenant retail, industrial, and office net leased transactions. He is instrumental in keeping the trends of the national and regional real estate markets in the forefront of Calkain’s client’s overall property evaluation.

Additionally, David is able to advise clients on specific investments that fit their economic objectives. David began his tenure in the Commercial Real Estate industry as a Research Analyst and Associate for Grubb & Ellis Company in the Washington, DC area. It was there that he was responsible for maintaining market data for over 134 million square feet of area properties and accurately forecasting regional trends for client assessments.

Prior to David’s real estate career, he was appointed to several positions within the Executive Branch of the Federal Government; including The White House.

David received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida and is a native of Sarasota, FL.

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Additional information about the firm and its listings may be found at Media Contact: David Sobelman | (813) 282.6000

How a Florida Health Insurance Quote Can Help You

Many people are moving to Florida because of its mild and pleasant weather. The place has acquired such a reputation that people are coming all the way from the colder parts of Europe and Asia to settle in this state. Most people intent on residing here take utmost care to opt for affordable housing but very few among them understand the importance of having health insurance.

As in most states, medical coverage in Florida is underwritten. This means that you will be able to opt for these policies only if you fulfill certain conditions. Some insurers will require you to undergo a medical check up. If you have been prescribed a medication for diseases like blood pressure or heart complications, it is advisable to carry the prescription with you.

If you are not a citizen of United States and are moving to Florida then you will have to fulfill the following conditions to qualify for medical coverage:

* You will need to get a social security (SSN) number
* You must have your medical records in English from a U.S. physician
* You should not be over the age of 64
* Lastly, you need to be in the United States for at least 6 months

If you want to know how much you have set aside to meet medical expenses in Florida, you may get in touch with an insurance provider to get a Florida health insurance quote. There are several advantages of getting Florida health insurance quotes. Individuals, families, small and large business groups, and self-employed people can use this quotes to choose the right policy.

If you are thinking about moving into this state, you may also use these quotes to determine the living expenses in the state. Remember that you will have to opt for some medical insurance or other if you want to stay in Florida. It is very difficult to meet all medical expenses without coverage. While advanced medical treatments for numerous ailments are readily available, some of these are prohibitively expensive. If you do not opt for medical insurance, you may find yourself saddled with a hefty bill in case you or any of your dependents fall severely ill.

Companies usually do not charge for health insurance quotes. If you haven’t already made provisions for medical expenses, do not wait for disaster to strike, because by then it will be too late!

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VitalOne offers you Florida health insurance quote to understand every aspect of choosing the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

Compare Health Insurance To Find The Best Florida Individual Health Insurance

Many people today think that getting Florida individual health insurance to cover their insurance needs if they do not get this from their employer is out of the question due to cost. There are a great many people who feel that health insurance is too costly for them to afford and go without it. This can not only be detrimental to the health of any individual, but can also end up costing someone their life savings or their home if they wind up in the hospital and face a mountain of medical bills. For this reason, it is important to have health insurance as well as compare health insurance coverage.

When you compare health insurance coverage, you can see the difference in the coverage that different companies will offer you as well as the rate for the coverage. When you are looking for Florida individual health insurance, it pays to make sure that you compare health insurance by way of coverage that is allowed and the amount of the monthly premiums for the coverage. The more comparisons you do when you are looking for Florida individual health insurance, the more you will see that having health insurance is affordable and usually a lot more affordable than you think.

You want to compare health insurance coverage by way of what they will allow you. Some companies have a network of doctors from which you can choose when you are getting Florida individual health insurance. Other companies allow you to choose your own doctor. The type of coverage that you pick depends upon your own personal preference. There is also a difference between co payments for some companies as well as deductibles. The higher the deductibles, the lower the health insurance quotes, so this is something that an individual might want to take a look at if they are looking for a way to save on monthly premiums. It is much more affordable to have high deductibles when it comes to health insurance than low deductibles as you are basically getting Florida individual health insurance in this way to make sure that you are covered for a hospitalization.

It is important for everyone who lives in the State of Florida to have Florida individual health insurance as this can help them not only prevent massive medical bills in case they have to go to the hospital but will also induce them to seek out medical care if they should need it. Many medical problems can be avoided by seeing the doctor before they become a problem that requires surgery or hospitalization. The more someone sees the doctor for regular checkups, the more they can enjoy good health. Those who are looking for Florida individual health insurance should make sure they compare health insurance that not only allows them to be covered in case of a major illness or accident, but also allows them to a see a doctor for preventative medical care. Both aspects of health insurance should be reviewed by anyone who is seeking to compare health insurance quotes.

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Those who are looking for Florida individual health insurance can find it when they go online.

Finding Cheap Florida Health Insurance Rates

Being a resident of Florida, you can avail two types of health insurance policies—individual health insurance and group health insurance. Group health insurance is offered by employers while individual health insurance has to be bought privately from insurance companies.

If you want to find cheap health insurance plans or are looking to save money on health insurance rates, the following tips should work for you.

  1. Association plans are one of the catch that lots of residents of Florida fall into. If you want to avoid ending up on higher premiums, you should stay away from association plans because they are not native Florida health insurance plans. These plans actually allow the insurance company to alter your premium each year, which means that after few years, you will be paying a lot more than you think.
  2. Most consumers think that higher deductibles would be a mistake. However, if you go for a health insurance plan that has higher deductibles, you can save money on monthly premium. Just compare some health insurance plans that have higher premium rates or higher deductibles. You will notice that health insurance policies with higher deductibles have lower premium rates. The idea is that if you raise your deductible to be $1000 but end up saving $750 on monthly premiums, you should go for it.
  3. It is good to have a health insurance plan with a prescription deductible. Health insurance companies in Florida charge a lot for brand name prescription coverage, but if you have higher deductible for brand name coverage, you can save a good amount of money on premiums. Generic prescription cover is very low but you should also think about going for brand name deductible.
  4. If you are buying a health insurance policy from an agent, you should check if he/she offers policies from different companies. If you are buying it from a particular company’s broker, you are not offered choices and face a salesperson that has a motive to sell the policy. So, if the agent offers plans from different companies, you can compare them and choose the best one.
  5. A generic advice to have lower rates on health insurance policies, you should stay fit. In order to do this, avoid alcohol, smoking and do exercise. This ensures that you keep your body fit and in good shape.

There are lots of private health insurance companies in Florida that offer different kinds of health insurance plans. Aetna, AMS, Assurant, Avalon Healthcare, AvMed Health Plans, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Celtic, Cigna, Coventry, Golden Rule, Humana One, IAC, Solera Dental, and Vista are some of these companies. You should ask for some free online health insurance quotes also from these companies so that you can compare them on your own. This helps greatly because shopping around is the best expert’s advice given to consumers while buying health insurance.

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Shaun Mike writes about topics and tips that help consumers to find cheaper health insurance plans in florida. His articles are widely read and appreciated.

South Florida: The Skin Belt

South Florida offers so many different types of skin care treatments that residents are starting to refer to it as the “Skin Belt.” The moniker “Sun belt” definately had an impact on this nickname, but the amount of skin care companies and treatments that are accessible in South Florida is off the charts. People are flocking to South Florida to treat their skin and get some of the best skin care products and treatments available today.

If you open up any City Pages, New Times, or other locally made publication, you will see a plethora of advertisements from cosmetic surgeons and skin care manufacturers alike that are helping people look younger. Of course, places like Aventura are popular with women who are looking at skin and cosmetic surgeries from breast augmentation to Dysport. Every high-end hotel on the Miami skyline has some sort of wellness spa, and many of them come with some of the best follow-up skin care treatments that are aimed to reduce wrinkles, help get rid of dark circles around the eyes, and smooth out skin on the neck.

So why do so many skin care professionals choose to set up their operation in the Skin Belt? Here are a few reasons….

1. Miami’s location makes it very simple to import ingredients from laboratories overseas. Many of the best ingredients come from labs in other parts of the world, such as Europe.

2. Companies can deliver to international customers much faster than their competitors outside of the “Skin Belt.”

3. Many local companies and spa’s are business-to-business customers private labeling or distributing the locally made skin care products.

4. The local population is affected each and every day by the sun. Skin care consumers are very abundant in South Florida.

About Author
Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging creams author who often reports on skin care. Her columns can be found online at major health portals and also by reading her articles on the Examiner. You can see her covering topics in skin care each week, such as how to find the best eye cream.

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Tampa, Florida – Cookson Hills Toy Run

Tampa, Florida -Is the Cookson Hills Toy Run a Scam?
By Michelle Burgess
Scam? One women told Sheri Brown as she was dropping off T-shirts and pictures from the event…my friends were telling me I just wasted my money, it’s a scam. I’m telling you say it isn’t so…for 16 years, The Cookson Hills Toy Run has provided toys and goodwill to the children of eastern Hillsborough County. They help some of the community charities by sharing the generosity of those who attended the auction and raffles. “The Cookson Hills Toy Run is about the Kids”, claims Sheri Brown, who started the event with her husband, Bill Brown in 1993.
The event starts every 1st Sunday in December at the Veteran’s Memorial Park, located at 3602 U.S. Hwy. 301 N. in Tampa, Florida at 10 AM, silent auction from 10:30- 12:30 PM and the “Country ride” leaving at 1 PM. Then the fun starts at 2 PM with the arrival of the bikes and vehicles at Evans Park, located at 1104 N. Kingsway Road, Seffner, Florida. The “gift unwrapping ceremony” takes place at 2:30PM. The children not only receive gifts, but also they and one parent or guardian are also provided a free meal and drink. “Every year, Bill and I are astounded at how the community becomes involved,” said Brown. This year, proceeds from the event will be going to the Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO), Brandon Medical Center and back to certain area schools. Thank you all once again for a fantastic 2009 Event”, said the Browns.

Michelle Burgess PhotoAbout Author
Michelle Burgess author – Sheri Brown asked me to film the event this year. I was glad to be able to capture the moment. I’m not a professional in any way. Just a volunteer! call Sheri Brown at 813-643-5758.

South Florida Employers Sound Off on Healthcare Reform

As President Barack Obama pushes Congress to pass a healthcare reform package in the next two weeks, South Florida employers have two main messages to the nation’s top policymakers: Reduce costs and don’t mess up small businesses.

Some Congressional leaders say Obama’s timetable won’t be met, but much of the nation is watching carefully. Doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies all have huge stakes in the outcome, as do the estimated 50 million uninsured.

But so does a group that has been fairly quiet until now — the nation’s employers.

“There’s change that’s needed, but there are moving parts that need to be examined,” said Publix spokeswoman Maria Brous. “We want to make sure we are doing things that are well thought-out.”
Publix and many other companies say that whatever is done to extend coverage to the uninsured, the government needs to cut healthcare costs.

“Get the costs down!” pleads Marlene Bernard, co-owner of Apricot Office Supplies in Miami Gardens. She recently paid $300 out of pocket for lab tests. “Who can keep affording this?”
Larger employers are generally able to continue to provide quality health plans even in a recession, and the bills aren’t likely to affect them, but for small employers, it’s another story. Many can’t afford to pay for insurance now, and they fear the consequences of some proposals, such as the one that would add an 8 percent payroll tax to companies with payrolls of more than $250,000 a year that don’t provide insurance.

“Oh my Lord! We couldn’t survive,” said Miriam Vilariño when she heard that proposal. Her family owns 14 restaurants, most called Las Vegas Cuban, in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. “The only thing we could do is hike our prices and our customers are already suffering to the max. We are a very budget-priced family enterprise.”

A study this month by the U.S. Public Interest Research Groups found that 76 percent of small businesses surveyed said their interests are not being recognized in the healthcare debate.
The study reported: “Small businesses who do not currently offer coverage would overwhelmingly like to, but are stymied by high costs, complications and red tape.”

Some proposals would provide tax credits to employers of fewer than 25 full-time workers (House of Representatives) or 50 (Senate) to help them buy insurance, but that wouldn’t help Las Vegas Cuban, which has more than 250 low-paid employees.

Steven Ullmann, who directs health policy programs at the University of Miami, said the details about how to reward or punish small businesses are still being hammered out in the halls of Congress.
A critical issue is what happens to those businesses on the edge of any new healthcare law, said Ullmann. If a firm’s payroll or number of employees meant it might required to provide insurance or be taxed, the easy solution would be to lay off people to get below the threshold. “The consequences of these things can get complicated,” said Ullmann.

One example: The payroll tax proposal was intended to encourage companies to provide insurance, but the co-owners of Apricot Office Supplies found themselves wondering if the tax wouldn’t be cheaper than offering employees insurance — the opposite of what policymakers had planned.
For a small-business owner like Vincent T. Brown of Grace Funeral Home in Miami, the view can be simpler.

Brown offers health insurance to his four employees, paying 70 percent of the premium, because “it’s the right thing to do.”

But he knows that there are many self-employed or small-firm workers who have no insurance, and a major illness could be catastrophic for them. “It’s critical this country find a way to protect them.”
What follows are snapshots of a survey of South Florida employers’ healthcare situation and their views about what Washington should be doing to improve the situation.

Health Insurance PhotoAbout Author
Quoting and Saving on your health insurance has never been easier…EasyToInsureME Florida Health Insurance Texas Health Insurance

Get Your Florida Health Insurance Quotes Online

In US the insurance laws vary from one state to another. It is very important to understand the laws that are regulating the medical coverage in each state. It will be beneficial for you to understand these before you ask for a quote. It is better to take the help of an online agent who can give you independent Florida health insurance quotes by presenting comparative rate of the companies operating in Florida. If you are living in Florida and want to buy an affordable health insurance Florida you have to be aware of the basic health insurance options that are being offered in the state.

Before getting Florida health insurance quotes it is important to understand the health insurance system in Florida. There are two types of insurances—group and individual. The preconditions which are followed by Florida insurance agencies for individuals are quite different from that of a group. For individuals they will scrutinize the health condition of last ten years and if you had some severe illness they may refuse to cover you. For milder problems like high blood pressure they will either give you a temporary coverage or raise the premium amount of the Florida health insurance quotes.

It is easier to join a group insurance scheme through your company as the scrutiny by the agency is not so strict. Here, the premium cost is higher and a group of employees are covered by a certain pre-decided amount. In case you have a pre existing health issue this could be good for you as it would be difficult otherwise for you to get an individual insurance.

Healthy persons have more affordable health insurance Florida. With insurance business going online there is transparency in the price structure of all the insurance companies operating in Florida. It becomes very easy for anyone to obtain Florida heath insurance quotes from top companies within minutes. Now it is the companies which seek you out to sell their policy and not the other way round. You have an easy option to select the most affordable health insurance Florida.

Considering that you are a reasonably healthy person it will not be difficult to find a top Florida insurance company covering your health expenses in future. These companies will quote a higher premium than discount health plans or indemnity plans but they will cover you for any unfortunate mishap and you will not have to pay a penny from your pocket even if the bill amounts to a huge sum. Therefore, it seems more affordable health insurance Florida to sign up for such policy which takes care of your future.

There are independent agencies or brokers online who are actually dealing with health insurance. They will bring you Florida health insurance quotes from all companies operating in Florida and you can save time by comparing the quotes in one site. These quotes will be same as that of companies’ own website as all insurance premium, though set by the company, is regulated by the state of Florida. These agents will guide you to shop for best insurance policy in Florida at the same time will give you advice as to the most affordable health insurance Florida.

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If you want to save time and money browse online for Florida health insurance quotes. There are a number of top insurance companies that are offering affordable health insurance Florida.

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