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Sleep Habits

Bedtime and children’s sleep habits can cause nightmares – for parents, that is! Often at the end of a long day all you want is a little peace and time for yourself. After all, you have probably devoted the entire to the service of children in some form.

During deep sleep brain activity that controls emotions, decision-making processes and social interaction shuts down. Though these areas become inactive other areas of our brain that are usually dormant come to life. It is also at this stage that cell growth and cell repair takes place.

Many times babies will develop problems with sleep between six and nine months of age. This is even true for those babies that were sleeping well up to this point. It is believed that these problems arise because of the cognitive and physical developments that are occurring at this time.

You can talk with your child about what foods are healthy for our bodies to grow and be strong. Children love to do many forms of “exercise” and play and then hear how good that is for their bodies! While it is important ingredient in our overall health, be careful not to place any more emphasis on this area than on the others.

While traveling try to honor your child’s sleep schedule as much as possible. Afternoons can be a great time for the entire family to take a siesta and have quiet time. If a nap is missed then try to get your child to bed earlier that evening. Also, keep your sleep rituals the same as at home.

Another technique is called “wearing down.” This can be especially effective if a baby has been active all day and is too excited to be put to bed easily. Put the baby in a sling or carrier and “wear” him or her for approximately 30 minutes before bedtime. Perform your usual tasks.

Although Insomnia plays some part in this equation, probably brought on by other sleep influences like kids awake at night or tossing and turning on the old mattress. It’s amazing to see that the majority of sleep deprivation is voluntary. With 43% of adults polled saying they spend more time than they should to stay up either watching television or using the Internet, the other whopper being 45% reporting staying up later or getting up earlier to get more work done.

Teen sleep deprivation is causing not only poor performance at school, but is contributing to higher rates of mental issues like depression and ADHD. Scientists that study sleep have noticed that lack of sleep is a large factor in the development of these disorders and affects mental development in a variety of ways.

Sleep is not a time when we shut down and do nothing. Our brains and internal organs are very active during sleep. It is a time for vital body functions, such as cell growth and repair, and hormone release and rebalancing.

Sleep hygiene encompasses all of those things that you can do which can help you to get ready for a restful nights sleep. It involves getting ready for bed, and preparing to easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Bad sleep habits such as sleeping or eating late, and drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages can also hinder, or affect your sleep. A disruptive sleep environment such as a noisy road, snoring partner or hot room can also disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm. This prevents you from getting to sleep when you want to.

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How To Rid Yourself Of Negative Diet Habits In Five Easy Steps!

The power of the human mind has been well known to successful people from the beginning of time. Experts of the sub conscious mind, such as hypnotists, have come up with ingenious ways that bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the sub conscious. Often hypnosis is used to help people achieve their weight loss goals. In this article, I will show you how to do that without any fancy hypnotist or high fees.

The sub conscious mind is the most powerful force in any human being. When you first learned to drive you had to think about every single thing to keep that car driving in the way you wanted to. Gears, mirrors, indicators and steering were constantly thought about. After a while driving becomes a habit. You repeat them so many times that your conscious mind no longer has to think about them. Your sub conscious runs you on auto pilot to carry out the manoeuvres.

So what does this have to do with weight loss? Well by using a concept called “auto suggestion” you can help your sub conscious mind “reprogram” yourself to stick to diets, eat healthier foods, enjoy working out and much, much more.

The reason so many people fail to lose weight is because they program themselves for failure each and every time they try a new diet. Due of bad experiences in the past with shoddy diet programs, they often tell themselves, “This won’t work for me” and give up a few weeks in. Think about whenever you have tried to diet in the past. How long did you stick at? Probably not long enough if you’re honest with yourself.

The technique I am to teach you now will enable you to rid yourself of these negative thought patterns that you are constantly bombarding your sub conscious mind with. You will be retraining yourself to be more positive about your weight loss. In turn you will develop a thick skin that won’t give up whenever a diet does not show instant and massive results.

Your emotions and thoughts are like signals. Whenever you feel bad about weight loss or dieting and have thoughts such as “I’m always going to be overweight” stop what you’re doing and follow these steps.

Step One. Think about what it is that makes you feel you’ll always be overweight. You’ll get an image come into your mind. Maybe it’s of you feeling down about a diet or you in the future and you haven’t lost any weight.

Step Two. Pay attention to this image. This is your unconscious telling you what thought is holding you back in your quest for dieting. This is the image that you consistently put into your sub conscious. You have programmed yourself to think this way and that’s why it is so easy to give up on diets when things get a little tough.

Step Three. Drain the entire colour out of the image. Shrink it and move it into the distance. If it happens to reappear repeat the process. Drain it, shrink it, and put it into the distance.

Step Four. Replace the image with an image of what you really want to be like. Fit, healthy and at your perfect weight. Get emotionally involved with the image. Think of how great it would feel to have lost all the weight you want to. Make it full colour and bring it closer to you.

Step Five. Hold your thumb and middle fingers together when you feel that rush of excitement about the new future you.

This may all sound a little crazy. However, this very cool technique for programming your sub conscious mind. Do this every time you feel a down about weight loss or have any negative thoughts. Before long it will become a habit.

Eventually, you will have created “a mind anchor”. When you press your thumb and middle fingers together, you will get the rush of excitement about your new, slim self. Any time you feel negative about weight loss you put your fingers together and your sub conscious will recognise this habit and use it to your advantage.

Ok. I do understand that this may seem a little “out there”. However, this is based on the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is not some pie in the sky idea thought up by a lunatic. It is based on the science of the mind and it works in reprogramming yourself. Give it a go and stick at it!

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Kicking Bad Habits

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. In other words, if we practice something long enough, often enough and on a consistent basis then it becomes a habit; it takes over us, it controls us and we do it without conscious thought or questioning.
We also need to understand that we engage in habits of doing and not doing. In other words, if you do not exercise, then that is also a habit – not exercising.
Recently, the US government applied the largest tax hike ever on cigarettes and combined with other state charges and taxes, suddenly, I have been inundated for requests by people for help to kick the habit of smoking.
People often speak in terms of ‘breaking a habit’ but the actual process does not simply involve pattern interruption, it involves replacing the habit with something else which still meets the benefits originally offered by the first habit. For example, instead of inhaling poisonous smoke, you now inhale fresh air, take a long walk or engage in other ways that relax you, ease your stress or give you a short break from your daily routine.
Almost all of our behavior is driven by the “Pain and Pleasure Principle” – we move away from pain and we move towards pleasure. Once the pain in any activity overrides its pleasure, we are compelled to change our behavior or habits.
In other words, to change any habit, we must first associate massive pain with that behavior and associate massive pleasure with our new consciously desired habit.
For example, every habit began because of an association with pleasure. Most people began smoking as teenagers because of peer pressure: they wanted to be accepted, liked and be part of the group (pleasure) and they feared rejection, mockery or humiliation (pain.)
Almost all addictions offer some sort of benefit (even in spite of the obvious painful consequences.) Many people become addicted to various behaviors as a way of escaping some pain (facing themselves, their past, their present life or some other reality) and as way of experiencing pleasure (numbing the pain, being accepted or feeling happy in the moment.)
Our habits and addictions are not though limited to just chemicals. Too many of us engage in various destructive habits – overeating, overworking, obsessing, ruminating, criticizing, judging, blaming, hiding, staying stuck in our comfort zone, avoiding people, lying, spreading gossip or bad news, holding resentments, living in the past, etc.
The key to changing those habits and replacing them with new and empowering habits is to first identify the benefits of your present habit or behavior. A benefit can be any result that is perceived as advantageous, positive or good. For example, one of my clients was a “Cutter” – she would cut herself on the arm. We uncovered that her subconscious motivation to cut was caused by her desire and need to feel in control of the pain that was inflicted on her (in contrast with the other people in her life who were inflicting pain on her) and; her desire to actually be able to feel the pain.
So if you are ready, take a look at your life and habits. Ask yourself, “How does this habit serve or benefit me?”
For example, one of my clients came to me to help her “find love.” As we reviewed her habits, we identified a pattern that she would always find something wrong with her date, no matter who they were. So what was the benefit of finding something wrong with every potential suitor? It kept her safe: She would reject the man before he could reject her. Thus, she felt that she could avoid the hurt of rejection by criticizing the man, pushing him away and thus remaining single. But after years of being alone, the scales were starting to tip. My client wanted a family; she wanted someone that she could love and someone that would also be there for her.
Thus, for us to help her to change her habit and replace it with a better habit, we had to:
1. Identify her fear
2. Establish where and when she took on the habit of criticizing
3. Help her to feel good about herself so that she could associate lots of pain with staying the way she was (criticizing romantic partners) and;
4. Now associate pleasure with dating and love once more.
This approach and strategy can be applied to any habit. However, if you have a heavy chemical addiction, then you will need a comprehensive program which also includes detoxification, consistent counseling and ongoing support. If you would like support and assistance to end the habit of cigarettes and replace it with something much more beneficial, try my hypnosis CD. It works on a subconscious level to change what you associate with smoking, shift you to focus on the extraordinary benefits of being a non-smoke, while also helping you to relax deeply and soothe away stress.

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Hemorrhoids Remedies: Healthy Habits To Cure Hemorrhoids

There are foods that are cool and food that our body congested. Those are cool crude in nature including fruit, seeds of trees, stems, green leaves and some roots.

This type of food is a trainer of vitamins, minerals, fiber and helps clean the body and cure hemorrhoids, but any cooked food, requiring prolonged effort digestive, congested mucous membranes of the stomach. Grasp food as they have been given by nature, full of energy and vitalized by the sun.

The cooking kills the man, disintegrates and degenerates food, the kitchen of the energizing nature, accumulated energy and seasoned fruits offered to man.

Stomachs are so degenerate that do not support the raw power like the alcoholic who does not support the fresh, clear water of the fountain, in these cases to support a comprehensive reform must proceed cautiously, starting with changing the breakfast, after lunch, after lunch and before a month, they will have to accept the change of regime.

In the human body can achieve effective cleansing detoxification with fasting, when we clean the body, we are correcting the acidosis and the body responds immediately before the break and this cleaning.

“My hemorrhoids are gone.”

Once again, thank you very much for your wonderful advice … I also like your newsletters and I agree with much of what you say, especially with regard to what doctors know and how pharmaceutical companies. I know you agree that most doctors value the money more than the noble cause of helping people. After being plagued by a persistent cough for nearly 30 years and 2 operations, find a cheap and simple remedy. Relieved my cough just 2 doses … it’s unbelievable! My hemorrhoids are gone, also a mild case of psoriasis, and all this [system] …

He recommended this remedy to my family and friends …

G. Chadwick Nanuet, New York

“Second day, do not bleed any more ‘
Holly, I must tell you that your handbook and methods have been a lifesaver. Thank you for sharing this information. My doctor just told me that surgery was my only option. I could not bear. I tried soaking your choice of glass (crystal soak remedy) and on the second day, no blood.

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