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Why does Women’s Hair Loss Happen?

It’s true: the numbers of women who experience hair loss is about the same as men. In fact, there are more things that have an effect on women’s hair loss than there are that affect whether or not a man loses his hair. So what could all those reasons be for this experience with women? And what can prevent this in women? Is it surprising to hear that hair loss happens so much in women and for many reasons? We’ll talk about the many reasosn women suffer from this debilitating condition.

There are a various medical procedures involving treatment for cancer that can produce this effect in women. The primary treatment that causes this is chemotherapy. Women who are in this group can easily find more than enough information and support for their hair loss. There are even charities that are devoted to helping women find wigs that are made out of real hair so that they can look as “natural” as possible while they wait for their hair to start growing back on its own.

It’s no wonder with all the incredible changes occurring during pregnancy that a woman’s hair is also greatly affected. The change is different for women, for some there’s an increase in the rate of growth, and for others there’s some loss of hair. After childbirth, the hair will begin to shed pretty fast for the women who experienced more hair growth.

Obviously, mothers experiencing pregnancy for the first time may be a bit alarmed with this. However once the body chemistry and hormones return to normal then things will settle down with the hair. All you need to do is be patient and try not to freak out too much.

Unfortunately, genetic influence is a major leading reason for hair loss in women. Your family doctor can help you with more information in this regard, but we’re talking about an estimate of your chances for having hair loss. This is hard for many women to accept because it is one of the few causes of women’s hair loss that they can do nothing about. It is hard to give up that control over something that causes you so much embarrassment. Perhaps the only option for most women is they have to hide and conceal the hair loss. You might want to buy a hair loss brush to help your hair grow. There is no doubt that women’s hair loss is not viewed in the same way as it is for men. The sad part is that the same numbers of women have hair loss as do men. There are so many conditions and causes for hair loss in females. But we wanted to discuss some of the more commonly seen reasons.

PCOS Hair Problems

Hormones indirectly or directly control the various bodily functions and systems. Therefore a disorder whichs affects the parts that produce hormones may entirely affect the whole body too.

The Hormones that control the sexual characteristics of women as well as their ovulation cycles are progesterone and estrogen. While for males, it is the androgen testosterone that controls their sexual development. Both females and males have both female and male hormones; they will only differ in their concentrations. A minor imbalance or an increase in one of these hormones could have a drastic effect to someone’s body.

Direct Cause

Due to PCOS causing over secretion of the male androgen women may have secondary male characteristics. A big problem caused by this is the hair loss which women with PCOS sometimes experience.

The testosterone in the woman’s body is changed to dihydrotestosterone. Then it binds itself to the hair follicles and this will cause the new hair to be a lot much thinner. Each cycle of hair growth produces thinner hair until it becomes unnoticeable and falls off.

This increase in the male hormone is part of the syndrome; therefore PCOS hair loss is merely an effect of the hypeandrogenismincreased levels of the male androgen. Do note though that this problem is not permanent. This means that in the treatment of PCOS, if the testosterone-estrogen balance is restored or the testosterone levels are restored, the hair loss side effect can gradually disappear.

Women’s Hair Loss – Tips You Can Use Today To Help Prevent It

Can the appropriate and proper hair care prevent women’s hair loss? Well, you won’t see that happen very often. The main culprit is usually inherited, or genetic in origin, although there are certainly cases where there is some kind of chemical imbalance. Read the rest of this entry »

Men’s Hair Loss Prevention With Good Hair Care

Can decent hair care prevent men’s hair loss from taking off? An easy answer is: very rarely. A longer answer is: a lot of hair loss occurs because of circumstances not related to the care of your hair or scalp. Read the rest of this entry »

Hair Care Tips for Warding off Men’s Hair Loss

Our hair is often not a top priority. When we start noticing the thinning or disappearance of our hair is when most people begin to worry about it. This is when we kick our hair and scalp care into high gear to avoid further loss. Read the rest of this entry »

The things One Require To be aware Regarding Hair loss Treatment Items

There are actually hair thinning remedy which have been shown to work in possibly restoring or at the very minimum stopping hair from falling excessively. Should you be considering about ordering one of these hair thinning therapy products, bear the following things in your mind.

To begin with, try to remember that it usually takes a long time to see results. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get Rid of Hair Loss in Natural Ways

Hair loss problem is the common problem faced by every man and woman. Hairs are important part of beauty. Hair problem caused due to the thinning of hairs, bald. Baldness can be caused to the adults but now baldness can be occurs during teen agers also.

Excess consuming of antibiotics and any illness also causes hair loss. Diseases like thyroid and diabetes can also cause hair problem. Hair treatments and styling can also cause the problem of hair fall. By having your hair chemically treated, bleached, colored, permed and straightening all these can irritate your hair and cause hair loss.

Poor nutrition or bad habits of eating can also cause the problem of hair loss. Change in lifestyle can also have the problem of hair loss like after pregnancy, any surgery and getting anesthesia can stop the growth of hairs. There are many drugs are
available to get rid of hair loss but excess consuming can have many side effects. The best effective method is herbal or natural treatments as they do not have any kind of side effects.

Take proper nutritious diet because hair loss problem can be due to the malnutrition. Take vitamin c and vitamin e are the most beneficial to get rid of hair loss.

Stress is also another cause of hair loss. Try to reduce the stress by practicing some exercises and postures of yoga. It helps you in proper circulation of blood as well as in reducing the stress. There are many herbs which help in reducing stress or any kind of worries like ashwgandha, brahmi and gudchi are the best to deal with any stressful condition.

There are some auyrvedic therapies also to get rid of hair loss problem therapies like shirodhara and nasyam are the effective therapies to solve the problem of hair fall. There are some hair oils also which are very effective to deal with the hair loss.

To avoid hair fall try to comb the hairs when they are wet as wet hairs tend to leaves the root and fall. Do not comb your hairs vigorously as they tend to hair fall. Hair loss can also be caused due to the dryness; itchy scalp and dandruff try some solutions like shikakai and lemon are the effective solution to get rid of hair fall.

There are some natural herbs that can help you to get rid of hair loss and helps in strengthening the hair roots. Herbs such as shikakai, amalaki, bhrami and bhringaraja are very effective to get rid of hair loss. These herbs do not have any side effects.

Massage your scalp gently with herbal oil before washing your hairs. This will help you to the blood circulation at the hair roots. Oils like olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil are beneficial for treating the hair fall.

You can also boil the rosemary and strains keep this solution in the bottle and wash your hair with this solution this helps you to get rid of hair loss.

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Facts and Myths about Hair Loss

Everyone has a favorite myth about hair care and generally do not want the truth we break our myths! This article discusses the most popular myths about hair loss.

Wash your hair causes excessive hair loss
FALSE: Frequency of washing does not damage your hair. Wash your hair as often as you like, although it is recommended to do it three times a week. Use the shampoo suitable for your hair type and texture to give it shine, body and moisturize.

More shampoo = cleaner hair
FALSE: Do not waste your shampoo! A portion of shampoo, the size of a dime is usually enough for long hair.

Conditioner helps repair split ends
FALSE: No conditioner can “repair” damaged hair. What it can do is soften the hair cuticle and make it appear to be in better condition. A good conditioner can also prevent the damage occurring in the first place.

The hair dryer helps hair loss
FALSE: The dryer can damage, burn or dry hair, which can cause some hair loss, but the hair will grow back immediately. It produces a permanent hair loss.

Sleeping with wet hair can bring scalp fungus
FALSE: The fungi-related diseases are not caused by sleeping with wet hair. These occur by infections and occur mostly in children who have lower defenses and are more susceptible to skin infections.

To make your hair grow you must pass 100 brushed per day.
MYTH: If you brush your hair a lot can damage the hair cuticle. NOT recommended! Actually, your hair reacts better to a comb than a brush.

Sharing combs and brushes can spread scalp diseases
TRUE: Lice and other parasites can be transported from the scalp through the sharing of combs, brushes and other hair care tools.

Cutting hair makes it grow faster and / or stronger
FALSE: This common error comes from the fact that hair is thicker at the base of what is at the tip, so shorter hair appears and more to be shorter. Haircut does not affect the biological process of growth or texture.

The dye can cause hair loss
FALSE: Most hair coloring products contain chemicals that can damage the hair if not used correctly, but not the cause of hair loss.

The products in the salon hair products are identical to the supermarket
FALSE: Although there are exceptions, the salon products are generally of higher quality. They contain more expensive ingredients and are designed to provide a more intense cleaning, increased hydration and improved performance. The quality of the ingredients found in hair salons products not usually found in the supermarket brands. If in doubt – read the labels.

The long sun exposure favors hair loss
FALSE: Your hair acts as a shield against the sun. Hair loss occurs in the follicle, which is in a deeper layer of skin is the dermis. For that the sun would penetrate the depth to do harm.

The diet is linked to hair loss
TRUE: It is important to eat well to stay healthy in general. However, no food has proven to be beneficial or detrimental to hair.

Stress causes hair loss
TRUE: Severe stress (e.g., surgery, childbirth or a death in the family) can close the hair production, causing temporary hair loss (alopecia aerate).

Smoking causes gray hair
FACT: Smokers are 4 times more likely to have gray hair than nonsmokers. Worse, the consumption of snuff has been linked conclusively to hair loss.

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