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Can Stress Cause Severe Headache?

When you’re having headache attacks, you often pondered over various medical factors. But maybe it’s time to consider stress as one of the underlying causes of headache.

One of the major contributors for different types of headache is stress. Headaches even originated from stress and is proportional to a person’s level of stress. It could be acute headache if you’re out of stress or persistent headache if you’re always under stress. It could even turn out to be a recurring headache if you experience one stress after another, in continuation.

For these types of headache, the solution isn’t taking medication. Instead, you should try to find out the actual reason that is compelling you to remain under stress. After you’ve learned why you’re under stress, you can try to change your lifestyle to help manage or curb your stress. This is the way in which you would be able to control your headache.

A persistent stress takes the shape of anxiety that weakens you internally and limits the blood supply to nerve cells. It may also be a cause of headache. A workaholic person often remains under stress due to constant pressure of work that may trigger off severe headache. Here, it’s the pressure of work that works as stress. When examination is impending, students would usually end up having headaches. Because of pressure of examination, there may be temporary stress that causes headaches.

Because of psychological traumas, some people are compelled to live in constant stress that becomes a form of depression. Headaches would then be a constant companion of a person who’s depressed. Such headaches could only be curbed when the root cause of the problem is addressed properly.

So folks! First you must check tensions and stresses in your life before you take headache medication. Once you are sure that you are free of stress, you can go ahead with pain killers as your headache is a result of certain causes other than stress.

The stress of everyday living can take its toll on our bodies. And one thing that often goes along with stress is back pain. A body inversion table is a excellent treatment for back pain. Relax even more by wrapping yourself in a plush blanket showcasing your favorite color or artwork.

Long-Term Stress Headaches

Long-term anxiety complications happen for at least 15 times per month and as much as three months. Long-term anxiety complications cause a moderate agony, which has a constant pressing sensation which could final for times. Long-term anxiety complications may possibly leave you sensation slightly nauseous but not ample to begin vomiting. Read the rest of this entry »

Migraine headaches and cure


The pain that causes migraine interferes with your regular activity, sometimes you have to lay down until the migraine has gone or you can not do any physical activity.

In order to have a normal and nice lifestyle, if you have headaches with any of these symptoms several times a month or one or twice times a year you should visit you doctor. He is the only one that can prescribe you an accurate drug to at least relieve your pain and let continue with your life.

Migraines can be difficult to diagnose. It is important that the patient visit the doctor without headache to describe the symptoms in a clear and precise way. Often patients who experience migraine find that treatments are not a hundred percent effective at preventing it or worse, they are not effective at all. Pharmacological treatments are considered to be effective when reduces at least fifty percent of the frequency or the intensity of the attack.

Before starting a drug treatment you should check your lifestyle and diet. Sometimes, if you are under great mental tension and stress or eat fast food, chocolate, hot dogs and candies everyday may trigger the migraine attack. Avoiding stresses activities or bad food and starting relaxing activities, such as yoga, walking, you could have at least a migraine relief.

A total migraine cure does not exist yet, but you could complement a good lifestyle with a pharmacological treatment and this could reduce migraine attack. To minimize the painful tension headaches you can use paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin or other analgesic. For the reduction of nausea symptoms and prevent vomiting you can use an antiemetic. Pharmacies often offer medicines that combine analgesics with antiemetic drug for migraine headaches.

Sometimes several migraines do not respond to traditional medicines mentioned above. There are other kinds of drugs that are widely prescribed and can reduce migraine, but they are not approved by FDA for migraine treatment, these medications include sumatripan and related selective serotonin receptor agonist and antidepressant drugs.

Despite drug treatment, are natural treatments good? There is an herbal supplement that contains ginger in its composition. People also eat or drink particular food such as the juice of ripe grapes, ingests of niacin (you can find this vitamin in tomatoes, whole wheat, green leaf vegetables, nuts, sunflowers seeds, liver and fish), vegetables juices (carrot juice with spinach or beet and cucumber juice) to minimize pain.  Cannabis is also used for relieving migraine headache.





The Various Curbs on Cigarette Smoking Result in Other Headaches For The Governments

Today despite all the measures like banning cigarette advertising and setting purchase restrictions, the most effective way to preserve the health of the nation is raising the taxes and the price of a cigarette pack. Scientific researches show that the raising of the cigarette prizes results in lower overall cigarette consumption. The increasing of prices affects mostly minorities, low-income smokers, and most important the Youth. For example a 10% increase in price, reduces the overall cigarette consumption by 3% to 5%. So the governments try to solve the problem with smoking by raising the taxes on cigarette packs and this triggers another problem –smuggling.

Naturally when the prices are rising, the illegal importers get more and more possibilities every day. When the government is raising the price it is basically rising the tax, the price of a pack remains constant. In the United States this tax can vary from $0,7 to bout $4,0 in different states. So smuggling exists even between the states. But before we move on with this topic let us define the terms. Mostly people view smuggling as similar to illegal trade, but there is a difference. Legally the term is defined as following: smuggling is an international trade through ‘unauthorized route’ (A seaport, airport or land port which has not been authorized by the government for importation and exportation).

If we look through the recent headlines we will see that the number of disturbing cases that shows that Cigarette smuggling has increased in North America and Europe with the latest tax raises. On May, 16 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) seized around 1.75 million contraband cigarettes near Manitoba – Ontario border. On the same day across the border in the United States New York City Police Department (NYPD) also ceased 1.17 million cigarettes. Together it makes around 3 million in one day and the fact that one truckload of smuggled cigarettes can lead to a profit of $2 million dollar increases the motivation of smugglers.

The illegal smuggling of tobacco leads to thousands of dollars in lost tax revenue to governments. In Manitoba for example it is estimated that over $300,000 are lost in tax revenue from illegal cigarette sales. By the way the taxes collected from tobacco sales usually are frequently used to pay for tobacco use prevention programs. Canadian officers ceased not only illegal unmarked cigarettes but also the so called “discount” brand cigarettes.

These types of goods usually come from third world countries and are another way of smuggling tobacco. As for the other recent cases only on this week 90,000 contraband cigarettes were seized from Lithuanian travelers at the Dublin Ireland airport and in Ontario Provincial Police recovered 160,000 unmarked cigarettes from a man in Manitoba. As for the United States in April American officials discovered a warehouse containing illegal tobacco worth about $20 million dollars. So as you see the numbers are dramatically increasing and the more the governments tries to protect the health of the nation, the more losses it brings to them.

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