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Beauty For Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing

Product Description
Bestselling author Joyce Meyer explores the true path to emotional healing through God’s love. Many people seem to have it all together outwardly, but inside they are falling apart,crushed and wounded by their past. But God has a plan to heal the broken-hearted and the victims of abuse. For over 30 years, Joyce Meyersuffered the devastating effects of verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. Today, she has a worldwide ministry of emotional healing for others like herself… More >>

Beauty For Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing

Scar Healing Silicone Disc 4.25 CM and Plastic Surgery Procedures to the Eyes, Chin or Ears. Excellent for Scar Management, Scar Therapy and Scar Removal.

  • Clinically proven scar management for all scars regardless of type and location
  • Eliminates itching and pain that so often accompanies problem scarring
  • Economical, save over gel products with superior results
  • Cost effective, easy to use, soft, pliable and durable medical grade silicone
  • Reusable and washable, just one sheet needed for up to 6 months of treatment

Product Description
ReJuveness silicone sheeting is a FDA Class-1 medical device clinically proven and guaranteed to provide results with our non-invasive scar treatment. Topically applied ReJuveness has been shown to be effective for scar therapy in over 100 studies, regardless of the scar type, location, or age. An international panel of scientists and experts on scarring, reviewing all the studies and literature on available scar treatments, determined silicone sheeting to be a lead… More >>

Scar Healing Silicone Disc 4.25 CM and Plastic Surgery Procedures to the Eyes, Chin or Ears. Excellent for Scar Management, Scar Therapy and Scar Removal.

Australia Spa Beauty Therapy – Spa Aromatherapy – Natural Healing Therapy Currumbin Valley

The History of Aromatherapy?

The use of Aromatherapy actually predates written history. Combinations of resins, oils and fragrant plants were used in some form – for ceremonial, medicinal, or pleasurable reasons – in most ancient civilizations. Perfumes and aromatic plants were the basis for many of the early trade routes established among ancient civilizations.

Spa Aromatherapy Treatments:

Aromatherapy is an ancient yet timely and stunningly modern approach to total well-being that is in tune with nature. A body massage with essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers and dedicated to a specific purpose such as relaxation or stimulation.

Aromatherapy is a unique branch of herbal medicine that utilizes the medicinal properties found in the essential oils of various plants. Through a process of steam distillation or cold-pressing, the volatile constituents of the plant’s oil (its essence) are extracted from its flowers, leaves, branches or roots. According to Dr Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, the term “aromatherapy” is somewhat misleading, as it can suggest an exclusive role for the aroma in the healing process. “In actuality,” says Dr. Schnaubelt, “the oils exert much of their therapeutic effect through their pharmacological properties and their small molecular size, making them one of the few therapeutic agents to easily penetrate bodily tissues.”

Holistic Body Therapies and Treatments:

Holistic massage is a deceptively simple but powerful form of healing, involving touch, movement and energy, qualities long associated with well-being and good health. It has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years. Today it is recognized increasingly as a powerful aid to the body’s own healing mechanisms, it has a profoundly calming effect on the neuromuscular system bringing about deep relaxation and restoring energy. It is used both as an adjunct to conventional medicine and as a therapeutic tool in its own right for maintaining the body’s natural balances.

Spa Beauty Therapy Treatments:

Here at Camp Eden Health Resort away from the pressures of daily life you can truly enjoy the relaxation and pampering that is an added bonus of our face and body skin care treatments. At Camp Eden Health Resort we put a great deal of emphasis on ‘being comfortable within our own skin’, but it is also important to feel good about the ‘skin we are in’.

Stress Management Therapy Currumbin Valley:

Stress or the bodily reactions and response to emergency or difficult situations, is a natural instinct that is embedded within all individuals in this world. A small dose of stress not only helps the body in functioning perfectly, but also enables an individual to be most creative and efficient at work when in stress. However, when stress becomes too much, the body reacts in an extremely negative manner, leading to numerous disorders and diseases, besides disrupting normal functioning and activities of life.

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Here at Camp Eden Health Retreat away from the pressures of daily life you can truly enjoy the relaxation and pampering that is an added bonus of our face and body skin care treatments. If you are interest, then please log on to site:Australia Spa Beauty Therapy

The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care

  • ISBN13: 9781594202346
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
Bestselling author T. R. Reid guides a whirlwind tour of successful health care systems worldwide, revealing possible paths toward U.S. reform.

In The Healing of America, New York Times bestselling author T. R. Reid shows how all the other industrialized democracies have achieved something the United States can’t seem to do: provide health care for everybody at a reasonable cost.

In his global quest to find a possible prescription, Reid visits… More >>

The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care

Surviving and Healing After Rape

According to survey of the country’s leading rape experts, one in every five women is raped once in their life. This is regardless of their age, race, weight, financial status, and economic standing. Most women may or may not realize that she is being raped already; this is due to the fact that a woman is more likely to be raped by someone she knows making the acceptance process more difficult to bear. 

The Rapist

A rapist is a stranger who forces to have sex with someone. It can be a form of seduction even. It is important to know that when a woman is forced to have sex and she doesn’t want it that time, it will be considered a rape—whether it is done by a stranger or by a friend. Rape is one of the few crimes in which there is a risk for the victim to be blamed for what happened to her or to him. This may be the primary reason why many rape cases are not reported: because the victim is often held responsible for what happened to her.

The Events After the Rape

After the incident, the woman will most likely keep on thinking if the situation was her fault. She may be thinking of the following:

* What signals did she communicate?
* Why did she decide to go to a certain place?
* Why did she have to go with this person?
* What did she do wrong?

 These are often the questions that will bug a victim and keep her thinking of what she did wrong for the incident to happen. There are many people in the society who often blame a victim for what happened to her. She may be blamed for getting drunk, for wearing aggressive clothes, and even for not fighting back. Many victims of rape struggle with guilt for what happened to them and even with self-pity.

Rape causes a woman serious trauma. Rape is ranked second to military combat to have a great impact on a human life. Here are some important points to remember when dealing with surviving and healing rape victims:

* Rape victims experience a lot of powerful emotions after the incident. Help her express what she feels or just listen to her stories and validate her fears and feelings. Help her make the necessary changes she wants in order to make her environment safe. Give her encouragement and support and help her make decisions on her own.
* Remind her that what happened to her: the rape was not her fault. Put your trust and support in her and give her time to heal and survive—just stand by her.
* She may be suffering from trauma so it is possible that she too is suffering from some disorders like stress, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and even physical trauma like health regression, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. Help her cope with the situation and remind her to check her mental and physical health regularly.
* Encourage the victim to go to a rape crisis center, which will really help her in dealing with her problem and recover from the trauma.

About Author
Florida Abortion Clinic. Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Abortion Clinics Orlando in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including Florida abortion clinic, physical examinations and counseling.

The Healing Seed Of Oil

Black Seed Oil is an excellent health supplement for all ages and gender and is highly known to maintain a healthy immune system because of its high concentration of essential fatty acids especially Linoleic and Gamma Lonolenic Acids (GLA). Made from organic Plantain leaves (Plantago major) infused in organic Olive oil, a soothing skin lubricant with beneficial properties for the outer skin tissue.

This natural healing agent is excellent, within its areas of applications ranging from external skin care (psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, joints & scalp massage) and to internal use as a treatment for various complaints (asthma, arthritis, immune system and infertility).

Traditionally, uses for black seed are numerous and range from digestive complaints and skin problems. Black seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the black seed plant and the black seed oil benefit is quite amazing from cell-protecting to controlling allergic reactions and anti-fungal effects.

However, this is a relatively new discovery in the natural skincare world here in the US, but in Egypt its benefits have been passed down for generations. This natural healing agent is a cure all.

Black seed oil is great for healthy hair (taken internally) by regulating various bodily functions and is utilized to beautify skin, nourish hair, and regulate hair growth and may also be used topically in daily skin and hair care routine, as a therapeutic massage oil, and/or as a chest rub for respiratory support.

Skin research shows that black seed oil helps skin resist the ageing process through the presence of a water-retentive protein. Now, this healing agent may offer you an alternative to the anti-fungal medications and the potential side-effects they can bring like skin irritation.

I also found that applying a little amount of black seed oil to my face as part of my night care routine, it cleanses, nourishes and smoothes normal and sensitive skin. As a result, my complexion and skin has cleared and brightened.

In addition to being a 100% natural lubricant for dry and mature skin tissue, crafted from the finest organic botanical herbs and oils, this natural healing agent is highly praised by those with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments

Highly recommended to those with sensitive skin, problem skin and other irritations that require vitamin rich oil.

The Natural Black Seed Oil is extracted by the cold process in which the oil is extracted mechanically without the use of any chemicals additives or heat. Recently independent clinical studies published in the Archives of Aids also established some astonishing effects of Black Seed on the defense system by improving the ratio between helper T-cells and suppressor T-cells by a significant amount while also enhancing the natural killer cell activity.

Supplying the body with the optimum resources it needs from a healthy diet and supplements such as the Black Seed Oil will assist the body sown natural healing process in overcoming illness and maintaining health.

My assessment of the black seed oil, is that it should be regarded as the most natural healing agent approach for remedies toward maintaining good health.

Marc Jackson PhotoAbout Author
For more information visit:

Hands-on Healing

Do you believe that you can be healed of sicknesses by someone laying his or her hands on you? You may have read accounts of this in various religious books like the Bible. Anything is possible and these days, we are seeing more and more of such practices. One such example of hands-on healing is in Reiki.

If you have never heard of Reiki before, allow me to introduce it to you. Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of healing using the hands, thought, symbols and other techniques. It was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui who was very intrigued when he read the Bible about how Jesus Christ could heal people when He laid His hands on them. This led him to do his own research into the phenomenon. As a result, he formulated a set of beliefs, principles and techniques we know as Reiki today. Reiki itself has evolved over the years primarily due to other practitioners after Dr. Usui who further developed the techniques. In the original Reiki teaching, Dr. Usui had 3 levels of training. But today, it is not unusual to find Reiki trainings that have 7 levels or more.

How does Reiki healing work? As you can imagine, there is no correlation between Reiki and modern medical science so there is no way to explain Reiki methods physiologically or scientifically. But basically, Reiki centers on the principle that the human body is a field of energy that gives it life and health. When this energy is disrupted or blocked, the body becomes sick. This belief is also found in other ancient therapies like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese acupuncture. The function of the Reiki practitioner is to restore the flow of life energy and thus bring healing to the sick.

Reiki is able to bring about the same benefits as traditional massage. It can alleviate pain, lower stress, increase energy, strengthen the immune system and improve symptoms of acute and chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis. It can also speed up recovery from trauma and surgery.

Besides the physical healing benefits of Reiki, there are also emotional and mental benefits. You can experience emotional healing and mental wellbeing through Reiki. In Reiki, it is taught that the body has 7 energy centers called chakras. When these chakras are properly energized, they improve your senses of security, pleasure, creativity, intuition and focus among other things. It also brings about a release of pent-up negative emotions due to your past experiences. All these lend themselves to your emotional healing and mental stability. The result is that you will become a more balanced, stable and wholesome individual that knows how to relate to the world and people around you.

About Author
Greg Li
A Reiki master, Healer and Reiki Teacher

Join The Healing With Group Psychotherapy

With increasing issues about a range of mental health worries, Group Therapy has been gaining wide attention in the recent times. The modern remedial experience is making a noticeable shift from the long-established outlook about therapy, which typically involved a unison by probing conversation between a clients and the therapist. This shift in the regular view is significantly contributed to the novel concept of Group Therapy wherein, the clients benefit by working as a unit and as a result, realize the numerous options of overcoming ordinary fears. There are numerous ways that lots of group therapy clients experience a personal gain through collaborative sessions, but one of the greatest resource of cure may come from the ability to be part of the resolution for other individuals.

In fact, lots of individuals enjoy the part of having to meet supportive group members who are enthusiastic and mentally relieved to share their private anxieties about matters of clash faced by them. Quite often it turns out that listeners are less receptive to the experiences meted out by their group member. The knack of listening can be greatly honed in group therapy activities, where demonstrating serenity, perception, and values for the person talking are encouraged and regularly flourish. Being able to provide an intuitive thought or comment or to communicate a sense of friendship or common concern can guide clients feel that they are contributing to the healing process, a mind-set that is inclined to engender a great deal of positive vigor and impetus.

The very idea of modern positive therapy envisions mutual participation by which, the clients no more depend entirely upon mental health practitioners but rather take up considerable active roles intended towards their own recovery. Group therapy takes this appealing principle to the subsequent level, helping beneficiaries not only to take active roles in their personal journey towards better mental health and prosperity, but also to take part in the journey of others, as well. Though having a long way to travel towards establishing itself as a core remedial essentiality, this appealing principle is bound to reach out to innumerable therapy seekers, offering them great results.

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If you’re taking into account a course of healing process with therapy, get to know more about group therapy. From time to time healing is bigger in numbers.

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