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Health King Hair Regeneration Herb Tea, Teabags, 20-Count Box

  • Pack of four, 20-count per box (total of 80-counts)
  • Individual tea bags without metal staples
  • Tastes great for both hot and iced tea
  • Most herbs used are hand picked wild herbs

Product Description
100% Natural. The way to great hair. Hair Regeneration Herb Tea is made of privet, flowery knotweed (he shou wu), eleuthero, black sesame, and Solomon seal. Chinese medicine uses their blood circulation promoting, internal secretion regulating, liver and… More >>

Health King Hair Regeneration Herb Tea, Teabags, 20-Count Box

Health King Astragalus Immunity Herb Tea, Teabags, 20-Count Box

  • proven formula used for centuries.
  • Taste great for both hot and iced tea.
  • individual tea bags without metal staples
  • most herbs used are hand picked wild herbs
  • well sealed to keep freshness

Product Description
Antioxidant, energy, defer aging, detoxify, biological balance. 100% Natural. Flavored with jasmine flower, this herb tea is made of wild astragalus from the pollution-free area of northeast China with other precious herbs. Astragalus contains polysacchar… More >>

Health King Astragalus Immunity Herb Tea, Teabags, 20-Count Box

Best Basic Herb Garden Tips- Talkin Dirt On Planting An Herb Garden With Chives Plants

You can dive into planting a basic herb garden in sublime blissful ignorance. Especially if you choose chives plants as your path into herb gardening. I speak from earthy experience. Despite a bucketful of blunders and missteps, my chives plants were thriving and bountiful.

I admit a happy chance landed chives plants into my life some years ago. Yes, I stumbled into beginning my basic herb garden by planting chives plants aplenty! Usually people are led into planting an herb garden by their love of cooking with herbs. Nope. Not in my case. Although an avid novice gardener, herbs were totally lacking from my cooking. But, an encounter with chives plants in my herb garden changed all that. The entire experience drew me to introduce you to chives as an herb plant for your garden and share my tips and discoveries gardening with chives herbs taught me.

Typically people think of chives as these dried up little green pieces that look like cuttings from your lawn. Sadly little taste survives in this dried version. Most of us get introduced to using chives as an herb simply as a condiment for a baked potato…sour cream with chives. Due to its past classification as a common household herb, the fascinating features of chives as a plant and herb have been much maligned. Here’s what I unearthed as a beginner planting an herb garden when I somehow mistakenly ordered 9 chives plants, but intended to get only 1.

The Basics -Chives Plants In Your Herb Garden

Chives are part of the onion family but the flavor is much milder and more subtle. Until you’ve tasted fresh chives you won’t believe the difference in taste from those dried up commercial counterparts you buy at the store! Chives grow in clumps, which is why they’re always referred to as plural. The upright green shoots that grow from the clumps are really called the leaves of the plant.

Growing chives is a dream for beginners in basic herb gardening. I’m prime proof of how easy it is. In fact, for ease of growing I put them in the category of daylilies because they’re so indestructible no matter the amount of rain or scorching heat. I was clueless how to plant my chives plants (or any herb) in the garden when they arrived. Somehow they’ve survived in the clay soil of hot Kentucky summers for almost a decade now. You can even dig up their roots (actually little onion-like bulbs), divide them, and replant them just like daylilies! Although chives plants are best planted in a healthy mixture of soil, peat, sand and compost, my ignorance proves chives plants do well as long as they have plenty of sun and some water now and then.

In my accidental adventure in herb garden planting, I discovered chives plants are perennial! That means, the plant dies back through the winter and sprouts new leaves in the spring. Perennials make a gardener’s life far easier simply because they do automatically emerge every year without my help. Also in the spring, the chives plant produces a bounty of beautiful purple “pom-pom” flowers that sprout up on tall stems. Who knew growing chives produced beautiful flowers as well? The flowers, similar in shape to the flowers in clover but bigger, can be used in dried ornamental bouquets, too. The bees happen to love those flowers. Just by growing my chives plants, there’s this added benefit of attracting the bees for pollinating some of my other garden plantings. The flowers are edible, but frankly I haven’t given that a try.

Another side benefit for my outdoor garden is the chives plants actually protect my other plants and flowers from unwanted insects–like aphids. Insects apparently find chives to be repulsive. You can also use the juice of the leaves as a repellant. The juice is equally repugnant to pests. The chives plants themselves are very hardy and don’t seem to be prone to diseases (or pests).

Chives Herb Garden Basics – Culinary Gems

Chives are chock full of vitamin A and C, plus calcium and iron. A great choice to flavor foods, cut chives are fat free and combine well with more than sour cream and cream cheese. I found them a winning alternative to salt seasoning. Harvesting chives is a simple task. Simply snip some of those leaves (the soft green shoots) down to the base. The chives plants will continue replenishing itself by regrowing the leaves continuously during its growing season.

Chop the leaves into smaller pieces and use them fresh. The oils of the plants are its seasoning source. By chopping the leaves, the oils are released to flavor your food along with an arresting aroma. Store what you don’t use in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for about a week. Postpone washing the chives until you use them. The extra moisture will make them wilt and decay rapidly.

Add them for flavoring to perk up your soups, sandwiches, fish, vegetable dishes, sauces, and salads. The vast variety of culinary uses can ignite those creative juices and rock your recipes. For instance, I have a friend whose family loves to enjoy ‘chives sandwiches’ every spring. Avoid the mistake of growing chives as a basic garden herb simply for a garnish…it’s so much more versatile. Try using them to make an herb vinegar. A low cost gift exhibiting your new talents in herb garden planting without revealing you’re a beginner!

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Preserve the bounty of chives plantings from your herb garden. Dry freeze and keep them for months using 3 short steps explained for outdoor and indoor vegetable gardening to reap year round enjoyment. Or get more tips from Talkin Dirt On Indoor Vegetable and Herb Gardening to encourage you!

Tribulus Terrestritis – Magical Herb Of Ayurveda

Tribulus terrestritis is an ancient herb popularly known as gokshura in India. It is widely used by alternative medicine practitioners to treat conditions like low libido and to increase stamina. Here in this article we are going to review its efficacy and how it can help one improve his overall health.

How Does It Look Like?
Tribulus is a flowering plant which belongs to the family of Zygophyllaceae, it is found in areas of warm and tropical temperatures basically in Southern Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. It can survive in most difficult weather conditions and has a very hardy look.

Uses of Tribulus Terrestritis
This herb is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective herbal medicine for the treatment of low libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, low stamina and also given to athletes to improve their on field performance.

Other Important Benefits Of Tribulus Include –
Increases blood circulation in the body
Improves sexual performance in bed.
Helps cope with stress, mental tension and helps overcome depression.
Increase testosterone levels in men.

How To Take Tribulus
There are many companies worldwide which are selling this herb in pure capsule form. Just take it as per the prescribed dosage or consult your health practitioner.

Is Tribulus For Everyone?
Tribulus tends to increase testosterone levels in the body. Older men whose natural testosterone levels are always on the decline will immensely benefit by taking this herb, on the contrary younger men in the age group of 18 to 25 will not experience much benefit as their testosterone levels and sexual performance will be naturally at its peak.

Looking at all the benefits which tribulus terrestritis provides it should help overcome a wide array of ailments if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

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Increase Female Libido with Herb Shatavari, Female Libido Enhancement

Shatavari is an herb which is considered as the female libido enhancer or increase female libido. Shatavari is very useful herb for women as it helps in balancing the hormonal system. Shatavari is very beneficial for increasing female libido. It helps to nourishes and cleans the blood and reproductive organs of the female. Shatavari also helps to nourish the womb and ovum which helps to prepare the women organs for pregnancy and avoid miscarriage.

Shatavari consist of phytoestrogens, the precursors of estrogens. Shatavari has botanical name called asparagus racemosus. It is a climbing plant which is mostly grows in forests throughout India. Its roots are very beneficial and used for medicinal purposes. Its roots are bitter, sweet and have cooling effects. Shatavari helps in curing constipation, aphrodisiac, nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, scalding of urine, throat infections, tuberculosis, cough bronchitis and general debility. This herb is very beneficial in improving the white blood count in female. Asparagus racemosus or shatavari also consists of bioflavinoids, vitamin B and essential elements of calcium and zinc, which helps to increase the female libido.

This herb is superb in curing infertility, irregularities in ovulation, excess bleeding, cramps, pain and bloating during menstrual cycle. This herb is also helps in reducing breast milk secretion and also to increase the sex stamina. Shatavari also improve the flow of blood circulation to the female organ and the body. This is the one of the best herbal treatment for all menstrual disorders and deals with all female sex organ problems. It also helps in curing amenorrhea, dymenorrhea, leucorrhea and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Shatavari is also helps in relieving stress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. This herb is also helps to maintain the immune system and helps in destroying harmful organisms. Shatavari also deals with Candida. It is also helps to normalize the changing hormones.

Increase female libido

This is the common problem where women experience a decrease sex drive. There are numerous causes of low libido like excess consumption of alcoholism, smoking, drugs, diabetes, depression, stress and menopause. There are many enhancers to increase the low female libido but excess consumption of medications can cause you side effects or other health problem like skin infection, nasal problem, headache and stress. But shatavari is the excellent herbal remedy to increase the low female libido and also helps you to restores the sex drive. It also helps to increases the stamina and strength.

This herb is very effective and very useful to increase the blood to the female genitals and also increases the sexual sensation. Shatavari is very useful to increases the vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. This herb is very helpful to regulate the hormonal balance. Asparagus racemosus plant not only helps to improve the sex drive but also deals with other health problem like it improves the heart to function better and better and helps to improve the flow of blood circulation. It also improves the physical strength. It has no side effects and has long lasting effects.

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You may be interested in reading Increase Female Libido and Female Libido Enhancement. Also read about Firm Breasts

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