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What are Your Leading Cat Health Questions?

Cats don’t seem to be as healthy as I remember them to be when I was a child, many moons ago.

Now they seem to be prone to any and every disease under the sun, with exotic breeds succumbing the most.

Whether your cat health questions are infertility, upper respiratory issues, “inevitable” ageing diseases, renal problems, fleas, dead babies, or anything else it all comes down to the fact that domestic cats don’t have the healthy immune systems they once did.

You think you’re doing all the right things by taking her to the vet regularly and doing as they suggest, whether it’s vaccinating or feeding the cat food they supply.

But still your cat’s health is failing.

Why is this so?

I think there are several reasons for this, but there is one outstanding reason which you can address without much knowledge.

And that’s diet.

Food is consumed daily. Which makes it the number one area of importance.

If you are feeding your cat a commercial brand of cat food, her health will be deteriorating.


Cats evolved over many tens of thousands of years on a diet of fresh kills, which means fresh, raw meat. Their domesticity is comparatively recent, and commercial pet food only came into being about the middle of the 20th century.

So, think of your most pressing cat health questions and then look at the food you are feeding her? Is the food in accordance with how wild cats eat? If not, then maybe you need to think about a change.

I never expect people to believe me any more than I expect them to believe anyone. But I always try to put forward logical and reasonable arguments to support my way of thinking.

In the 1930’s Dr Pottenger carried out some experiments on cats. He discovered that the offspring of cats who were only fed cooked food were born with immune deficiencies.

He also discovered that within three generations, the immune system would be virtually useless unless some raw food had been eaten.

I suggest to you that no matter what your cat health questions are, the answer is always the same.

Raw meat and bones, just as wild cats eat.

Wild cats are very healthy (they have to be to survive), have few fleas and worms and don’t suffer the chronic, degenerative diseases that so afflict our domestic cats.

However, there is an enormous industry at the heart of cat health. Veterinarians and drug companies make enormous sums of money treating ailing cats. Many would go out of business if you decided to answer your own cat health questions by solid research.

But I’m encouraging you to do just that.

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About Orgasm – Types of Orgasm and Stimulations Leading to Orgasm

When a man or woman gets an orgasm, the good feelings in the genital area or other sexually loaded areas increase to a peak and then settle down to a lower level again. There will also be an increasing mental ecstasy that reach a peak and then settles again.

After the orgasm the person feels satisfied and relaxed, but can feel revitalized in many ways. A relaxed ecstatic state can remain a long time after the orgasm.

Physiological reactions like engorgement by women, erection by men, fluid secretions and undulating muscular reflexes also get to a peak and then settle down again. By men the orgasm usually, but not always have ejaculation of semen as a component.

Orgasm usually occur after prolonged and repetitive stimulation of sexually sensitive body zones, either physically, mentally or both. The stimulation results in nerve impulses being sent to the spinal cord and the brain and good feelings as a result. The central nervous system then sends impulses back to the stimulated area and other sensual zones resulting in all the physical reactions.

The physical reactions increase the impulses sent to the brain and the resulting feelings. The central nervous system respond by intensifying the impulses sent back with more intense bodily reactions as the result. The increased feelings also tempt the person to intensify his stimulating actions.

This way the feelings, behavior and reactions steadily intensify, often in a wave-like manner until the peek is reached. During the peak there will be many subsequent waves of intense feelings, muscular contractions in the pelvic zones and undulating body movements.

Many persons can experience a new increase of arousal when all the orgasmic reactions have settled, and by new stimulation a new orgasm can be reached. When this is possible several times without any waiting time between, the phenomenon is called multiple orgasms. Probably more women than men have this ability. Most persons, however, experience that stimulation just after an orgasm do not result in so good feelings. But with a relaxing pause of some minutes between each orgasm it is possible for most persons to have two or more orgasms.

A women or a man can get orgasm by stimulation many body areas. Orgasm by stimulation at the genital area is the most commonly occurring, but there will be reflexive feelings and reactions in the whole pelvic area and other body parts.

By women, there seems to be three kind of genital orgasm. By clitoral orgasm the process has the clitoris as the origin and the orgasmic process spreads to deeper area like the G-spot, the inner vaginal area and the uterus.

By G-spot orgasm the process seems to start in the area between the vagina and the urethra and the area around the urethra, the so-called G-spot, and spreads to the clitoris and other areas. Some women also report getting orgasm with the innermost parts of the vagina and the uterus as the center.

A man most often gets orgasm by stimulation at the penis, and especially the penile head, but the process spread to all parts of his genitals and backwards along the area around the urethra to the prostate. The whole of this area is involved in the reflexive pumping during ejaculation.

Some men can also achieve orgasm by primarily stimulating the prostate, most often through the rectal wall. In this case the reactions spread forward to the penis.

Some men and women can get orgasm with the rectal and anal area as the center, by stimulating the rectal opening and the inner lining of the anus, and especially if deep anal stimulation is involved.

Many women and some men report having orgasms upon stimulation of the breast nipples, the sensual brownish area around the nipples and the area in a wider circumference around the nipples. This area is sexually sensitive in both sexes.

A stimulation of the breast area, seems however to create reflexive processes in the genitals and in the uterus and inner vaginal area. The orgasms achieved through breast stimulation may therefore often have its centre in the genital zone, even though the breasts are the zone primarily stimulated.

The lips and the deeper parts of the mouth and throat are still a sexually sensitive area. A person can therefore sometimes get orgasm through kissing and oral sex. Also in this case reflections in the pelvic zone plays a great part, and the centre of orgasm lies probably in the pelvic area. When two person kisses, they usually also caress each other and mutually stimulate each other at many sensual body parts.

Orgasms can sometimes occur upon pure mental stimulation or as a result of mental processes. In these cases the mental process usually results in reflexes in the genitals and the orgasm will have the genitals or other pelvic areas as the centre of the process. Mental stimulation leading to orgasm is especially common during dreams. By teenage boys and men such dreams can lead to ejaculation and subsequent wakening.

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Bronx Dental Care Has Established Itself as a Leading Dental Services Provider

It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple tooth transplant or a big dental surgery. The Bronx Dental Surgery has established itself as one of the most dependable dental services provider. The present times require an individual to present himself in the most cogent manner. The need to be at one’s physical best also includes the all important and the all too visible mouth. People now not only want to, but sincerely desire to have a beautiful and an attractive mouth. As a result the dental professionals all across the globe have seen an exponential increase in demand. The Bronx Dental Care is no exception.


Whether it is a simple dental implant or a complex dental surgery that needs to be carried out; the dentists in Bronx are quite competent in carrying out the requisite operation. People from all over the world have realized that the Bronx dental care can provide one of the best dental cares in the world and thus have started utilizing their services. Even the services like Bronx family dentists can now be availed in the area of Bronx. One can find the dental health professionals that are the best in their business in comparison with the other notable locations.


The dental care has seen an altogether new dimension being added to it. Quite unlike the earlier times when the least attention was paid to this all important part of the human anatomy, now it has assumed one of the most significant standings. Hence the Bronx dental care is going to play one of the most important roles in this transformation.

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