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Find Suitable Exercise Machine That Suits To Your Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. By doing regular exercise you can get a good health. It will get your blood pumping and your oxygen will start flowing through out the body. Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. Health and fitness magazines cover a variety of topics including physical fitness and well-being, nutrition, beauty, strength, bodybuilding, and weight training. Physical exercise helps in physical fitness and overall health or wellness. You can do exercise for make yourself healthy and fit. Achieving and maintaining health is an ongoing process. These are lots of fitness equipment available to achieve your goals. By using these equipment you can improves your physical appearance, and feel good about your body. There are lots of advantages of Health and fitness Equipment. 1.Reduces fat from your body. 2.Maintains and increases bone density. 3.This equipment’s boosts the immune system and improves the resistance to the diseases. 4.Reduced estrogen level in the body as a result the hormones are corrected. 5.Help you to Over come from various diseases like ( Hypertension ,High blood pressure, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, breast cancer, Colon cancer, Coronary heart disease ,etc) If you experience chest pains, nausea, dizziness or shortness of breath, stop exercising immediately and consult your physician before continuing with this equipment. There are lots of benefits to have your own house equipment for exercise. You can use your equipment number of time whenever you want to do exercise without any time limit. By Health and fitness technique you can reduces stress, anger, and it relieves anxiety. Your mind will be active only when you will be physically fit. Due to the numbers of applications and benefits of the fitness equipment they make an invaluable addition to your home gym that cannot be matched by conventional training apparatus. You can improve your physical appearance by using these equipment’s which makes you feel physically fit .By using your vibration machine exercise you can achieve results faster. This exercise is the revolutionary way to stay healthy and fit.

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Vibration Machine: Vibrate Your Fat Away Forever

With the emergence of latest techniques in the fitness industry, it has now become possible for everyone to loose the weight in less time and with fewer efforts. Vibration machine which is one of the most effective weight loss source take just 10-15 minutes a day from your busy schedule. Vibration machine is popularly known as home based equipment. You can exercise with all the comforts and needs at your home only. You need not to go for any weight loss programs or gym with the restricted time period. Whenever you are getting the time, you can have the advantage of vibration machine. This is one of the reasons that it is well appreciated and used by well-known sports teams, individuals, entertainers, medical / rehabilitation / therapeutic centers, universities, hotel spas & fitness facilities.

A vibration plate machine basically consists of a vibrating platform over which a person performs static or dynamic movements such as standing, sitting, kneeling or other exercises. Besides this various exercises such as crunches, lunges, squats, push-ups can be done on this machine. In fact one can also passively sit on the machine or rest your feet over it in a comfortable mode.

Exercising on the vibration machine burns up a large amount of calories in a very short period of time and following are some of the important fat burning functions performed by the machine:

Supports lean muscle mass– The rapid vibrations help to maintain and build lean muscle mass. Boosting lean muscle mass means your body burns fat throughout the entire day and not just during the workout. The more fat you burn, the higher the potential is for dramatic weight loss.

Boosts Human Growth Hormone- It boosts Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 361%. HGH is a hormone that decreases as we get older. This decrease causes weakening of muscles and increased weight gain. Whole Body Vibration increases your HGH and helps to create a more toned, muscular, and lean body, along with the other benefits of HGH.

Lowers stress hormone- Cortisol (belly fat hormone) is known as the stress hormone promotes fat gain particularly around the belly. Vibration exercise can reduce your circulating cortisol levels by 30% which is really beneficial to loose the weight.

Improves Blood Oxygenation and Circulation-Vibration helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite (which inhibits overall circulation) and these causes proper distribution of oxygen all over the body which further promotes circulation of blood completely.

Boosts lymphatic health- Lymphatic system plays a vital role in detoxification. It functions as to remove the fat deposits, toxins, and metabolic waste products from the body Waste means weight. Rebounding or power-walking while swinging and pumping your arms on the vibration machine is one of the recommended ways of flushing out waste products from the body easily.

Moreover Research has demonstrated that

  1. One 10 minute whole vibration workout delivers the equivalent of 1 hour of weight training
  1. Whole body vibration builds muscle mass 1 ½ to 2 times faster than conventional weight workouts.
  1. Vibration in the whole body work as a strong anti-aging source

But don’t forget to combine healthy eating along with the whole body vibration and then you could be on your way to loose weight and staying healthy.

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Sanjana Sharma is the author of this article. For more information about vibration machine, vibration therapy, whole body vibration training, whole body vibration and whole body vibration equipment please follow this link vibration exercise machine.

Whole Body Vibration Machine: Best Home Gym Equipment That Can Fulfill Your Needs

No doubt that we are becoming more and more concerned with our health. Home gym equipment can be considered as a resourceful, comfortable and inexpensive way to stay in shape. There is huge selection of home gym equipment available in the market that’s why it becomes difficult to find the right one. Well, Whole body Vibration Machine is one of the product that can meet your ever changing needs. Even, the vibration machine has become popular in many fitness centers also. You will see lot of whole body vibration machines varieties in the market and out of these, commonly two types of machines are marketed at the highest demand:

  • Linear Whole Body Vibration Machine: It includes vertical or tri planar vibration action.

  • Oscillating Whole Body Vibration Machine: It involves see-saw or teeter-totter action.

More importantly, the variety of machine depends upon your need. Besides, you can easily avail the service provided in the net. It can be easily installed at the home areas but preferably open spaces are considered to be the right place. And you can get more information about its usage with the help of CDs and DVDs available with the machine.

The way how it works is very simple. You have to stand or sit on a vibrating platform and as this platform vibrate; your muscles are forced to react to the vibration. This process will help you to burn extra calories without any effort. Just 10 minutes workout on machine has the same effect as 50 minutes of exercise at the gym. And this is the major reason to have this as your home exercise equipment. More than this, starting from a common man to any celebrity, all have now become its daily users. You can measure the following benefits in your self just after 5 weeks of its regular use.

Following are the major benefits of this machine:

  • It brings an amazing flexibility and maintains a complete balance in the body.

  • It includes vibration therapy and hence the muscles get well toned. As compare to traditional ways, this equipment can increase the muscles 2X faster.

  • One can perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with it.

  • Vibration training increases blood circulation lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation in the body. It also results in the diminishing of the harmful cellulite content from the blood and hence promotes good oxygenation and regeneration of healthy tissues. Indirectly, this process makes your whole neurological system more improved and well stimulated.

  • Its normal use also increases your metabolism rate and also normalizes insulin level in the blood. Because of which, you feel more energetic as more energy is released for every movement you do.

  • It smoothly aligns ligaments and tendons by strengthening joints and reducing swelling. It can enhance the proper muscle repair and an increase the potential for injury recovery.

  • This equipment has been proved to be beneficial for all body types, ages and even physical conditions. Basically, its usage slow up and repair the aging process.

Overall whole body vibration equipment is beneficial, safe and convenient to use and hence it can very well tailor to your needs to achieve the desired result.

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Jessica Whatson is an author of this article. To know more about Home Gym Equipment, exercise equipment, fitness equipment Australia and fitness equipment, please follow this link exercise equipment fitness

Guitay Wellbox Lipomassage Machine

  • Fights cellulite
  • Streamlines figure
  • Relieves tension, aches and pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Instructional DVD

Product Description
Guitay Wellbox Body Optimizer Tissular Rejuvenator Therapy Machine with 5 custom heads and a 2-Year Warranty. Wellbox Tissular Therapy pioneers a new, superior generation of regenerative face and body care. This is a state of the art endermologie technology system. Its principle? Wellbox Tissular Therapy mechanically rejuvenates what is arguably the most fundamental component of the human body: the connective tissue. Akin to its name, this tissue is the link that co… More >>

Guitay Wellbox Lipomassage Machine

Things That Should Be Known Before Buying Vibration Machine

When it comes to the best vibration exercise equipment, it has a number of misunderstandings and false truths related to it. This is because the reality of whole body vibration is relatively new in Australia. People who are new to the thought of vibration fitness have been misled by false information. Misleading concepts is much online and almost everywhere. So to you make a wise buy decision, you should know in advance that which vibration machine is working well and efficiently. What’s more, you must have self-knowledge of what to consider when choosing a series of vibration equipment. This is very important; so that you do not buy a machine that can not help you achieve the results you want.

You must ensure that vibration training machine has been created out of high quality steel. There are plenty of units derived from plastic. Avoid these, because they break down easily. Secondly, you need to buy a vibration training machine, only from reputable manufacturers. Make sure that the manufacturer has been available for several years. Learn more about the reputation of the manufacturer through Customer Testimonials. These can be found on its website and can be positive or negative. You might check out a useful place like Hyper Vibe vibration exercise machine if you are interested in the body vibration fitness.

Remember that Warranty Period of the company also counts. When the time is long, this is an indication that manufacturers are dependent on the quality of vibration training equipment. Another factor is the movement of the machine. Some of the machines, which have just the basic functions of up and down motion. But these days, with advancement in technology, you have the opportunity to take advantage of gravity and acceleration of the vibration training machine. Do not buy these machines that make noise every time you turn them on.

There are a lot of vibration training machines in the market and the Hyper Vibe is just one of them. But unlike its competition, it is not priced too high.

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Shilpi Sharma is the author of this article. For more information about health and fitness and Australia fitness please follow this link exercise equipment fitness.

Vibration Exercise Machine: Stands up to The Highest Possible Weight Loss Standards

Vibration exercise machine has become so popular and beneficial that even for the sports persons and celebrities, this equipment has now become a daily routine’s workout. Infact, recent publications in leading medical research journals suggests that people with debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and stroke victims may yield the benefits of exercise while working within their personal limitations and minimizing stress on the joints and ligaments. If this machine is installed at your place, you can exercise whenever you get time or at anytime of the day. You can find numerous varieties of vibration equipment in the market with different prices. And prices changes dramatically on the basis of the model and manufacturer. If you can’t afford to purchase this machine, you can also join nearby fitness centers and gym centers where vibration equipment are one of the major part of fitness programs and weight loss plans.

Using a vibration fitness machines is basically a method for fitness and exercise that many people have sworn by for years. Vibration fitness machines possess a vibrating plate on which people stand on in a positioned manner. User can perform both the static and dynamic movements like standing, sitting, kneeling etc. Along with this you can also do a number of other exercises using this machine such as crunches, lunges, squats, push-ups, etc. And you can also passively rest your feet over the machine or sit on the machine in a comfortable mode.

Well, surely after weighing the following factors, you can make the decision about whether or not vibration fitness machines would be a helpful addition to your weight loss plan:

1.Weight loss
2.Burns whole body part’s fat

3.Adds flexibility and suppleness

4.Cellulite reduction and hence keeps your body more active.

5.Improved muscle strength

6.Maintains the insulin level in the blood and hence keeps you away from diabetic problems

7.Maintains proper blood circulation

8.Increases energy levels

9.Increases metabolism process

10.Decreases blood pressure

11.Maintains the level of serotonin (known as ‘happy neurotransmitter’)

12.Encourages digestion and proper colonic movement by washing out lactic acid and other acidic waste products from the body

More importantly vibration fitness machines itself seems to be user-friendly as it take up little space and do not require much maintenance. From the above mentioned amazing health benefits, it is apparent that this machine not only helps weight loss but also gives various added benefits.

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Vibration Exercise Machine Provides Many Health Benefits

Vibration Exercise Machine is really a great tool for those who want to get in shape. Today, most of the people are not able to follow their fitness routines due to lack of time or due to other hassles in their life. But having vibrating exercise equipment at your own home easily eliminates this problem. More than this, with numerous positives weight loss results; one can say that Vibration machine is really a great invention for many people. Results will be even more amazing if you will perform exercise with proper and nutritious diet. The endorsement given by many professional athletes and celebrities has further given its popularity a boost. People can easily carry out their fitness routine using vibrating equipment while watching television, listening songs or simply relaxing. You have to simply stand on the vibration platform and even better, you can do many other movements also like sitting, slight walking etc. Multiple varieties of vibration equipment are available in the market and on the basis of your choice and need; you can choose the best one for you.

Using a vibration machine may be the discussion you have been waiting for. No doubt, it will provide you numerous health benefits. Vibration equipment basically functions on the basis of vibration therapy according to which exercising on the vibration platform smoothly transforms fat to muscle with the release of energy for movement. Hence Vibration therapy burns the fat more effectively. You can measure the noticeable weight loss results just after four weeks of its regular use.

  • It can build the muscle mass faster than a traditional weight-lifting resistance exercise. And, it also results in an increased muscle tone with better definition, shape, and appearance.

  • Stronger muscles lead to stronger bones. Vibration therapy successfully protects the bone health by providing enough resistance to increase bone density.

  • It has been proved as a drug-free treatment for osteoporosis (weakening of bones) patients

  • It can result in an accurate body flexibility by improving a range of motion in muscles and joints giving better mobility, reducing stiffness and tightness. This happens as the machine recruits 99% of our muscles during exercise with a fast twitch reflex and simultaneously increases flexibility. Moreover, flexibility will also increase as you get stronger.

  • Exercising using this machine increases blood and lymph circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and diminishes cellulite. Therefore toxins are easily expelled at a cellular level.

  • It also increases proper oxygenation in all the cells, promoting healthy tissue regeneration, boosts energy levels and successfully stimulates the neurological system.

  • The vibration equipment usage very well balances various hormones of the body like it can increase the production of Human Growth Hormone and decreases cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the blood.

  • It can also relieve you from the chronic pain and enhances muscle repair, speeds injury recovering.

  • Apart from these benefits, it also helps in the improvement of sleeping habits in people suffering from insomnia.

Latest scientific research on the effects of vibration equipment has been conducted all across the world. And a recent resulting publication in leading medical research journals also suggests that people with debilitating conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke victims may produce the benefit of exercise while working within their personal limitations.

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Whole Body Vibration Machine – Rocking in The Fitness World

In today’s health conscious world, whole body vibration machine (also abbreviated as WBV) have become the latest craze everywhere. The first applications of vibration machine for the improvement of human health performance were developed successfully in ancient Greece in 1880s and hence it will be right to say that it is the most reliable fitness source. Basically it is a body vibration exercise and therapy for whole body healing treatment. A particular form of vibration machine is vibration training, which is becoming increasingly popular. Initially, vibration training was mainly used in the fitness industry, but the use of vibration machine using latest techniques is expanding quickly. Now days it is widely used in physical therapy, rehabilitation and professional sports. Besides it is also increasingly use for beauty and wellness applications. Moreover, Vibration machine is known as the useful and recommended home exercise equipment.

There are various kinds of machines available in all different price ranges to allow any consumer to purchase the machine at the affordable price. The type of the machine depends upon your requirement. Currently there are many whole body vibration brands available in the market according to the quality. Most of the machines are able to provide the numerous benefits that are described in the recent studies and one of the facts is that the vibration machine gives the same output, 10 minutes on machine show the same effect as 50 minutes of exercise at the gym.

Generally there are two types of body vibration machines available in the market:

  • Linear type- It is also known as vertical or tri- planar vibration
  • Oscillating type- It is very much similar to the action of see-saw or teeter-totter

It is a unique machine made to cause muscle contraction and stimulation while standing on a vibration machine platform. Whole Body Vibration Machine works in a very sophisticated way. Its clear from its name, Whole body Vibration machine, the entire body is exposed to vibration where an isolated muscle or muscle group is stimulated by the use of a vibration device. When the machine vibrates it causes muscle fibers to contact as they do during resistance training except at a higher frequency. It’s this vibration that is commonly used to build body’s strength. Vibration machine functions on the principle of super compensation which adapts the body for heavy loading by activating the bone building cells and therefore increases the energy level of the body. And due to this vibration action mainly in enhancing the bone and muscles, Vibration machine also resists the body against falls and the bone fractures.

Whole body vibration exercise machines can benefit all body types, ages and even physical conditions. It is known that aging occurs when there is a loss of proper oxygenation, nourishment or circulation to any part of the body. Whole body vibration machines improve circulation and oxygen delivery to feet, hands, skin and hair, as well as organs, glands, muscle and bone which improves the body cells ability to eliminate waste to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Thus vibration machine is very advantageous to slow or to repair the aging process.

The benefits, safety and convenient use make whole body vibration machines a useful and effective package to everyone’s fitness and wellness plan. Thousands of consumers know that whole body vibration exercise really maintained them to stay as fit as a fiddle.

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