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Golden Triangle Tour – Major Travel Circuit of India

Planning to visit India during this holiday? You are most welcome to the land of enchanting attractions and beauty has is not just magnificent but incredible. Due to the unmatched beauty, Incredible India is visited by tourists from all the nook and corner of the world. India has lots of attractions and destinations where you can plan your holidays, but is it very hard to explore all with one tour package or spending time of just 2-3 weeks or even a month. So to see the maximum feature of India, Golden triangle tour packages is the most designed tour package for traveling in India. This most booked travel package gives you an opportunity to see India’s most favored travel destinations Jaipur – Pink City of India, Agra – Romantic City of India, Delhi – Capital City of India. You can also customize this package and add some of the tour and travel destinations like Shimla, Manali or some of travel destinations which you want to visit on your India visit.

Golden triangle is an important tourist circuit in India that offer tourist to see the best of North India travel destination which depicts the true heritage and cultural beauty of the country. You have wonderful opportunity to visit Delhi, Jaipur and Agra which holds the major attraction of the country. Truly travelling in India with Golden Triangle tour will give you an incredible experience which you will love to relish for lifetime.

Along with Golden Triangle tour packages you will find several other packages that are combined with this travel circuit to give you a complete North India tour. You will find packages like Golden Triangle Tour with Himachal, Golden Triangle tour with Rajasthan, Golden Triangle tour with Goa, Golden Triangle tour with wildlife, etc. You can choose one of your choices and enjoy memorable holidays in this country and treasure remarkable experience to relish for lifetime.

Well lets go and see the major destinations covered by this major travel circuit. Most of the travel agents start their tour of Golden Triangle from Delhi which gives you an opportunity to see the perfect combination of modern as well as the past. Here you can see some of the most beautiful architectural monuments made by some of the great rulers who ruled Delhi, now the capital of India. Visit to Red Fort, Kutub Minar – the tallest brick minaret in the world, Jama Masjid, Hamayun’s Tomb, Chandni Chowk Delhi, Birla Mandir, Akshar Dham Temple, Rashtrapati Bhawan and many alike.

Then the travel package takes you to Jaipur – the Pink City of India or Royal City of India. It is well known for its exquisite temples, heritage monuments and many other marvelous palaces, forts and royal gardens. Here one can visit to the most popular attractions like Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal – the palaces of winds, Amber Fort and many others. Tour to Jaipur is made even more memorable by the warm hospitality and the luxurious accommodation facilities offered by the exquisite hotels.

And the last travel package that is covered by this favored travel package is Agra –the romantic city of India. Agra is well known for housing one of the most beautiful monument of the world – Taj Mahal. But by Saha Jahan in memory of his beloved, Taj Mahal In Agra is visited by tourists from all over the world. Built in white marble, Taj Mahal beauty is such that the first sight is enough to leave any one mesmerized and spell bound. Also visit to Agra Fort, Itmad – Ud – Daulah’s Tomb, etc. Taj Mahal Agra and Agra Fort are UNESCO World Heritage site in Agra which lures tourists the most.

Well so when ever you plan for trip to India first think about this travel package or you have other lots of options to choose from. India tour will truly be memorable and lifetime experience travelling with Golden Triangle tour package, the major travel circuit in the country preferred by most of the tourists.

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Ryan Rodick is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Golden Triangle Tour Packages and Tour Packages of Delhi.

The Major Problems With Weight Gain Pills

Before we get specific here let us tell you about the number one danger in all of your muscle building, weight training or fat burning endeavors.

It is failing to train your mind to use proper logic and then feed it with knowledge upon which it will be able to make sound rational decisions.

This is probably the biggest mistake made period.

We see so many people spend so much time, effort and money without taking this first crucial step and then failing to achieve their goals which usually leads to giving up.

Save yourself this frustration by taking some time to arm your mind with facts from which it can deduce correct answers and intelligent direction.

Okay, so weight gain pills. Our opinion is that unless you have a major health problem like a pituitary gland disorder or other disease that makes gaining weight impossible you should stay very far away from any of them.

They are unnecessary and most of them are unhealthy. The only thing that is more of a scam is weight loss pills but both are very unnecessary and usually unhelpful. Don’t fall for the bull crap advertising that tries to suck you in with flashy advertising, outrageous claims and unproven promises.

The major problems with weight gain drugs are these.

1) There are usually some kind of negative side effects with regard to your health.
2) They are unnecessary and don’t work as good as simply combining a good muscle building diet plan with a muscle building training routine.
3) They are ridiculously expensive. Let’s expound on these just a little bit.

First of all, pills in general often have adverse side effects on your health. Weight gain pills are no different.

Many companies use ingredients in there recipes that are known to cause adverse side effects. Many of the ingredients are banned in other countries around the world because of their known side effects.

Long term use puts you at significant risk for health problems up to and including irreversible organ damage. Our bodies were simply not designed to be ingesting many of the ingredients used to try and force your body to grow unnaturally.

Next, they are just not necessary. It is totally possible to gain 15 – 25 lbs of muscle in about 16 weeks using diet and exercise alone. Bottom line, eat like a horse.

Eat like it is your duty. Start with about 16 times you body weight in calories per day, 3 – 4 times your weight in grams of carbs per day, 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day and be sure to consume a good amount of essential fats per day and you will have your body needs to stack on huge amounts of lean muscle.

Train using about 80% of your maximum weight per exercise doing 3 sets of 4 – 6 reps, 3 times a week for no more than about 35 – 40 minutes a time. This will give your body plenty of time to heal and thus grow. We promise you will reap major rewards for following a simple plan like this.

We recommend using whole body exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups into one exercise to help you get in and get out of the gym faster.

Lastly, this ones easy, weight gain pills are a rip off. I don’t know about you but I don’t even like spending a dollar and not getting anything at all for it let alone some kind of negative effect. We’re sure you noticed but weight gain pills are not one dollar. One dollar per pill maybe and probably a recommended dose of 6 per day.

Fact is, they are a lot of money for little to no benefit with negative side effects. That’s just dumb.

So, conclusion, stick with a good healthy diet and do be afraid to EAT! Kick some butt in the gym and you’ll grow…we promise.

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Finally! The whole unbiased truth about weight gain pills & weight gain drugs has been exposed. You owe it to yourself to visit and get the facts today Your Free Muscle Mastery course grows your muscles

Major Depression Treatment

While everyone has experienced depression in one form or another, with clinical or other forms of major depression, sadness and other symptoms that present themselves are intense and last for longer than what is considered normal.

The term “major depressive disorder” was selected by the American Psychiatric Association to designate this symptom cluster as a mood disorder in the 1980 version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III) classification, and has become widely used since. The general term depression is often used to describe the disorder, but as it can also be used to describe other types of psychological depression, more precise terminology is preferred for the disorder in clinical and research use.

The diagnosis of major depressive disorder is based on the patient’s self-reported experiences, behavior reported by relatives or friends, and a mental status exam. There is no laboratory test for major depression, although physicians generally request tests for physical conditions that may cause similar symptoms. The most common time of onset is between the ages of 30 and 40 years, with a later peak between 50 and 60 years. Major depression is reported about twice as frequently in women as in men, although men are at higher risk for committing suicide.

Depression Treatment

Major depressive disorder (also known as clinical depression, major depression, unipolar depression, or unipolar disorder) is a mental disorder characterized by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem, and loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities

There are roughly 19 million American adults living with major depression. Because depression can become a serious medical illness, it requires professional care. Although depression can be mild, it is highly complex in nature, and one that should not be taken lightly. If one is feeling the symptoms of depression for longer than two weeks, speaking to a doctor or online doctor and/or setting up an online medical consultation and/or appointment is recommended.

There are several forms of depression, which include major depression, mild depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder (manic depression), and postpartum depression. While there are online doctor consultation services available for patients to discuss depression or symptoms of depression, seeing a certified doctor or psychiatrist in person is by far the best way to find the right solution for the specific condition. However, there are several online doctors who can offer insight into the causes and methods of temporary depression treatment that may be beneficial to one until he or she is able to consult with an offline medical professional.

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Read About Depression Symptoms and also read about Phosphodiesterases and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

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